If you have purchased the Hot Wheels Car maker, you must be wondering how to make hot wheels car? Although the manufacturer provided instructions in the manual, it is not well explained. Then, how to make a hot wheels car at home? To make a Hot Wheels car, first, turn on the machine and insert the wax sticks, followed by the mold. The machine will go through the heating and cooling phase. Then set the car on the chassis and customize it with the stickers. You also can follow other DIY methods. That was pretty easy to do. Besides [ read more...]

What Do You Need To Know To Make A Hot Wheels Car?

Want to unleash your creativity by building your unique and amazing hot wheels tracks for endless racing fun? If yes, then you are here at the right place. But if you are a newbie and you don’t know the procedures, then making a hot wheels track will be a bit tough for you. You may find multiple DIY hot wheels track ideas. Among these ideas, I will let you know how to make hot wheels track easily and quickly.Firstly, cut the main track 5 to 6 inches wider. Then add supports from both sides depending on the material you [ read more...]

Make Hot Wheels Track and Let Your Kids Enjoy Next Level Fun

Tickling sensation to the kids, and even to the adults for the rush of hot wheels, these tiny racers are ever loved. Selection of model, unboxing, using in multiple ways are most loved when we talk about hot wheels rc cars. When my younger one built up interest, I had to jump into the matter to make it more than just a hobby. The unwrapping led to the very basic question, how to charge the hot wheels rc car?Identify your rc battery type, then arrange the correct charger. Next to that, remove the battery, plug it into the charger [ read more...]

How To Charge Hot Wheels RC Car? Extend Your Bundles of Joys’ Fun

Did your power wheel's wild thing stop working while your kid was driving it? There can be several reasons why it stopped running suddenly.Some of the common reasons why the Power Wheels Wild Thing stops working are faulty wires, damaged battery or charger, and other damages. Troubleshooting the vehicle and checking the different parts such as the connections, the battery, and the motor can help you find and solve the problem.But how do you troubleshoot when the Power Wheels Wild Thing stopped working? Stay tuned till the end to know all the details!Why did the power wheels' wild thing [ read more...]

How To Troubleshoot Power Wheels Wild Thing Stopped Working?

Wherever there are kids, it's necessary to scatter toys all around the house to make them happy. Miniature cars or ride-on-toy cars must be a top-listed plaything among these toys. So, if your baby is stepping into 3 years old, you should think of buying toy cars. But what do you think of toy cars that you can drive simultaneously?Basically, power toy cars must be big/heavy to drive with a realistic design. Most of them might be a replica of a renowned car brand. With a maximum weight limit, they allow adults or kids (up to 9 months to [ read more...]

Toy Cars That You Can Drive- Get Your Kid Some Wheels!

Matchbox and Hot Wheels are two of the names that come to mind when I think about miniature toy cars. I used to love to play with these toys as a kid, and now I am thinking of collecting them. Whether you are thinking the same or you want toy cars for your kids, it's essential to know the differences between Matchbox vs Hot Wheels.The most recognizable difference between the Matchbox and Hot Wheels is their appearances. Hot Wheels has fancy and stylish designs such as Turbo Flame, Twin Mill, Lamborghini, and etc. The Matchbox cars look more like [ read more...]

Matchbox vs Hot Wheels: Are They the Same?

“From the moment a child were born, they became the sun to Parents' planet.”This quote refers to the love of parents to a child.Undoubtedly, Parents can do anything to explore the happiness of their child. Even they are ready to pay big amounts of money especially to experience a rewarding moment for their loving child! Perhaps, having the best power wheel ride-in-toy can bring a special moment with a mile-long smile. But what are the Best Power wheels ride-in-toys that can bring a mile-long smile?The best power wheels come with a rechargeable battery and powerful motor to overcome any [ read more...]

Best Power wheels- Get Ready To Hit The Road

Power Wheels are fantastic toys for kids to go on adventures in the backyard and have fun. But finding the best power wheels for tall kid can be challenging because most power wheels are for smaller kids.The best power wheels for tall kids should have a higher weight limit and larger seating space. Peg Perego John Deere, Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler, and Power Wheels trail racer atv are some of the best power wheels for big kids.You need to understand your requirements well before buying a power wheel for tall kids. Then you can check the reviews [ read more...]

Best Power Wheels For Tall Kid: Modern Style to Suit Every Child’s Taste

Want to give your tiny rider all-terrain fun? You are worried to think about what would be the right thing that can give your child double speed fun? Perhaps, choosing the 24 volt power wheels could be the right solution. But the question is, how can you choose the best 24 volt power wheels that can speed up your child's life with joy and enjoyment. Or what are the best 24 volt power wheels?The 24 volt power wheels are mainly designed for those kids who love to take the challenge to ride on grass, hills, and gravel surfaces. With [ read more...]

Best 24 Volt Power Wheels – This Year Must Have Gift

Peg perego power wheels are usually more efficient and fun to ride compared to traditional ride-on toys. You have different battery options when buying a peg perego, but the 12-volt and 24-volt are most popular. When you have a kid of age 3 to 10 years, choosing between peg perego rzr 12v vs 24v can be challenging.As the name suggests, peg perego rzr 12v and 24v have different battery powers that make them suitable for kids of different ages. The 12v rzr ride-on-toy (lower-powered) is better for younger kids. On the other hand, the rzr 24v (higher powered) is [ read more...]

Peg Perego RZR 12v vs 24v: Which is Perfect For Your Baby?