Can I Use The 36v Controller With The Pedal On Two Dewalt Batteries In Series

Jimmy Boyera // Last Updated on April 8, 2023

36v controller is used in multiple vehicles, such as scooters, bicycles, and go-karts. Its purpose is to control the speed and power of electrical motors. It may also be good for a pedal on two DeWalt batteries in a series. Can you use it or not?

Yes, using a 36v controller with the pedal on two Dewalt batteries is possible. It comes with excellent features that help handle high power, reduce recharge time, make batteries long-lasting and improve overall performance.

However, I will explore some benefits of using a 36v controller for two Dewalt batteries in a series. It may help you make the correct decision to use a 36v controller.

Top Facts- Why can you use the 36v controller with pedal on two Dewalt batteries in series?

You may use a 36v controller with two Dewalt batteries for several reasons. But here I will share some facts that make a 36v controller a good choice for two Dewalt batteries in a series.

1. Handles higher voltage

A 36-volt controller is designed with powerful technology to manage the higher voltage input. So that feature makes it a compatible controller for two Dewalt batteries in a series. Dewalt batteries, when combined, supply 36v power; fortunately, the 36v controller has good capability to deal with.

2. Improves efficiency

Using a 36v controller for the motor or other devices helps to improve overall performance. Due to support for high voltage, it can supply high power to the motor. So the motor works at its best at such high power. Resultantly, the efficiency and performance increase by connecting it with the two Dewalt batteries.

3. Longer run time for batteries

When you connect the two DeWalt batteries in a series, they last longer than connecting in parallel. By combining the batteries in series, the total power doubles, which makes the batteries stronger and able to handle high power.

4. Durable

36v controller is a powerful tool that can work efficiently in challenging conditions. Due to its powerful technology, they last longer than other controllers when connected with two DeWalt batteries.

5. Saves charging time

A 36v controller not only improves the batteries efficiency but also reduces its recharge time. The controller supplies power at full, so batteries recharge more quickly than the average time due to high power.


36v controller has powerful features that make it compatible with handling high powers. Using a 36v controller with the pedal on two DeWalt batteries is cost-effective and efficient. It will boost the batteries lifetime and overall performance of batteries and electrical devices.

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