6v Vs 12v Power Wheels Batteries – An In-Depth And Unbiased Source

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 26, 2023

What is the difference between “6v vs 12v power wheels batteries”.

Firstly, let’s talk about “what are batteries”? Well, batteries are a device made up of one or more electrochemical cells. Each cell has 2.1V, including lead plates and acid.

Fair enough.

If you joint 3 cells, you will get a 6V battery, and if you joint 6 cells, you will get a 12V battery. There is no magical spell about a 3 cells battery, nothing that makes it better than a 6 cells battery.

Therefore, why do people continue to believe 6v batteries are better than 12V batteries? Have any difference between 6v vs 12v battery? So, what’s the truth?

If you are those who want to know the answers to these questions, you are in the right place. Let’s dive into the details.

A Guide To 12v Battery For Power Wheels:

A Guide to 12v Battery For Power Wheels

What is a 12v Battery?

A 12V battery is a unit that can keep 12V of power at a time. It can be small and large, disposable or rechargeable.

For the most part, it is often estimated as a large rechargeable battery. With different sizes and shapes, it becomes one of the most popular and versatile units among automotive lovers.

Where is a 12 Volt Battery Used?

12 Volt Battery Used
  • The larger 12v batteries usually applicable for outdoor uses because the battery supplies the greater amount of energy required for outdoor adventures.
  • They are suitable for large items including twelve-volt portable power devices such as boats, fish radars, travel fridges and much more.
  • The 12V battery is mostly used for starting the engine that needs enough power. Usually, the car needs enough power to start in a short time which is why car owners’ favourite is 12 V batteries.
  • You will find them ideal for specific electronic appliances such as RV, solar kits, and boats.
  • Many hunters and campers also use this battery due to its portability and the number of gadgets that can use it.
  • They become fisherman’s favourite because it can run portable refrigerators which keep fish fresh throughout the journey.
  • Another place that 12V batteries are mostly found is in the power wheel ride on toys for toddlers that are popular for outdoor entertainment. The toy manufacturers use this power source to give the cars their get up and go.

How Can A 12 Volt Battery Save Me Money?

How Can A 12 Volt Battery Save Me Money

By getting a 12V rechargeable battery, you can save money. It will allow you to power the devices you need most without having to buy more batteries or having to reinstall them.

Many people do not know how to set up a 12-volt battery by themselves, so they need to pay someone to do it, which can be expensive if it is not a rechargeable battery.

Using this particular battery can save money on electricity as well if you convert your house to a solar-powered form.

Many solar power devices use the 12V batteries as they can charge by using the sun’s energy which is transformed by the inverter into usable power.

After that, the battery can thoroughly power a power wheel car with a parental remote control system or all electronic cars and devices. It then starts the same way the next day as it is rechargeable.

A Guide to 6v Battery For Power Wheels:

A Guide to 6v Battery For Power Wheels

What is a 6v Battery?

A 6v battery is referred to as a lantern battery. It is a lead-acid type cell which implies that the voltage that is provided under minimal load is 6V, that’s it.

A 6-Volt battery has 4 cells in series. With 1.5V per cell, it provides a larger space for power storage and heavier plates for durability that can last for a long time.

Where is a 6 Volt Battery Used?

Having a 6V battery works as a great source for large projects. It is suitable for the condition where a large volume of power and electricity supply is needed. Usually, it is a dependable back-up power source that is durable and low-maintenance. Let’s talk about the expected uses of this kind of battery.

  • 6-Volt batteries work as a power source for industrial reconstruction or road-works. It is a superior choice for the projects that needs a long time power supply.
  • They are made to keep long-lasting power to rechargeable automotive such as e-bikes, scooter, electric wheelchair, golf carts and power wheel ride-on toys.
  • It is suitable for recreational cars and trailer homes.
  • Usually, a 6-Volt battery is a back-up option for UPS, household electronic appliances and computer systems.
  • 6-Volt batteries could be a better option than the normal torch batteries during hiking and camping.

What About a 6v vs 12v Battery?

When it comes to choosing the voltage for your vehicle, you may wonder to think about the difference between power wheels 6v vs 12v. You need to choose the same power battery for the motor you have in your car.

Ensure your power wheels motor is in good condition. If there is any issue, then immediately fix the power wheels motor before installing the battery 6v or 12v. 

Suppose you have a 12V vehicle and you put a 6V battery if so, it will not go fast and stop. On the other hand, a car with a 6V motor will destroy due to overpowering if there is a 12V battery. The difference between 6V vs 12V batteries could burn out the motor of your power vehicle.

The Differences: 6v vs 12v Battery for Power Wheels

1. Voltage:

The voltage and amp-hours play a significant role when it comes to the point of how long Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery lasts and what it can power.

The electrical power is calculated as Voltage. Ah, or an amp-hour estimates the stored operational energy. A 12V battery comes with a higher Ah capacity than a 6-volt battery.

2. Charging

Two 6V-betteries= One 12-V battery. The series Batteries connections can be charged to the strength of the poorly battery.

The parallel Batteries connections will level the charge by making a balance between higher charges and lesser charges.

The higher charges go to lesser charges unit to equalize the charge. The Sealed Lead Acid battery needs 6-8 hours to charge.

3. Longevity

Each cell with a thicker plate of the 6V battery compared to the 12-volt battery cells provide longer life in full charge and discharge rounds. You will get 4 to 8 years of service on average through the batteries used in deep-cycle.

4. Weight

When it comes to the point 6v vs 12v battery, one of the most significant features is the weight of the battery—the 12V batteries weight more than the 6V batteries. A 6V battery is easier to handle than 12V by one person.

What’s The Difference -12v vs 6v Power Wheels?

What’s The Difference -12v vs 6v Power Wheels

That would be an unbiased question “what is the difference between 6V vs 12V Ride On Toys”. Let’ talk about the facts and features that make 6V and 12V ride-on toys different from each other.

1. Power Voltage:

Generally, a 12V ride on car comes with much power than a toy car with 6V. For instance, if your kids love to enjoy a steep drive, a 12V toy would be suitable for them due to its much more power generating capability.

However, it doesn’t mean that the 6V is unable to do so; it would be a bit easier for a powerful toy with higher voltage because of the power difference.

The 6V power wheel ride on toy could be the perfect solution for a quite young child who wants less power toy. Usually, you will get the same model as a higher voltage but with less power.

2. Recharge Time:

It is significant to be careful about the recharge time when it comes to charging the battery. Overcharging or charging less can damage the battery life. Both can lessen the battery life, which ultimately reduces the operating time of your ride-on toys.

It is advisable to recharge your battery after each use. You may need to wait 18 hours to recharge a 6v battery and 14 hours to recharge a 12V battery. While charging, you need to ensure that the battery is standing upright.

Which One Should You Buy - 6V vs 12V Power Wheels?

When it comes to choosing 6v vs 12v battery ride on toys, it depends upon two basic factors including budget and power range.

How much power you will allow for your child, and what would be your budget limit? Answering these questions will help you to decide whether you need 6V or 12V ride-on toys.

6V Ride On Toys:

6V Ride On Toys

As you have already known that with less power, the 6V toy is a bit inexpensive to buy. This ride on car would be suitable for pavement and indoor use due to its speed and power rating.

However, if you want to higher voltage model to explore hills and inclines, then it is advisable to go for a12V toys.

Children with 1 to 3 years are suitable for lower power rating toys. They can easily make a balance with low-speed ride-on toys.

In a nutshell, a 6V power wheel car is perfect if:

  • You have budge constraint and want to buy an inexpensive ride-on toy.
  • You want a toy car for your child with 1 to 3 years of age.
  • The power wheel toy for only indoor use.

12V Ride On Toys:

12V ride-on toys are generally more expensive than 6V ones. They are also more powerful and sometimes have twin motors to modulate the speed between different wheels.

The 12V power vehicles are a bit costly than 6V ones. With twin motors technology, it can change the speed between different wheels.

Both indoor and outdoor, you will find them as great power toys for the money. When it comes to riding on gravel or grass in your backyard garden, the 12v ride-on toys can do the job perfectly.

In a nutshell, a 12V power wheel is perfect if:

  • You want a powerful model than a 6V toy
  • Child’s age is 3+ years.
  • You want to use it for outside
  • There is no budget constraint

6V and 12V Ride-On Cars: A Chart For Kids With Different Ages

6V and 12V Ride-On Cars

The ride-on toy differs to each other based on the weight of the vehicle, speed, running time and the terrain they can overcome.

The prime difference between 6V vs 12V power wheels would be the run time means battery life, age recommendations and the terrain it can deal with.

The relationship between battery volt, max speed and recommended age for using a ride-on toy is explained in the table below.

Let’s see the relation between speed, battery volt and recommended age for riding a ride on the car below.



Speed (max)




15 mph

8-15 years



6 mph

6-8 years



4 mph

4-6 years



2 to 3 mph

1-3 years

Ways to Convert 6v to 12v Power Wheels?

The wheel on a small electric vehicle is called power wheels. Generally, it needs 6V battery, but you will find lots of power wheels with 12V motors.

In this case, you need to convert 6V to a 12V power wheels to solve the problem. You can combine double 6V batteries to a 12V circuit.

This will increase the power and speed of the wheels and increase the stress on the motor. You can either do it by a mechanic or by yourself to join the two 6V battery wires to give the motor much power.

Repeated Questions and Answer: 6v Vs 12v Power Wheels Batteries & Power Wheels

6v Vs 12v Power Wheels Batteries & Power Wheels

1. How Fast does a 12v Power Wheels Go?

With 12V battery and motor, you can ride 4mph with your ride-on toys. If you want to speed more, you can add more voltage and motor power. Suppose, you put a 24V battery and motor on your kid’s ride-on toys, if so, then he/she can enjoy a 6mph ride in the journey.

Our opinion: 4 Miles per hour

2. What is the Best 12v Ride On?

Riding power wheels can be an enjoyable and exciting experience for both toddlers and adults.

Usually, a ride-on toy that can run 2 hours at a time at a maximum speed of 4 mph is renowned as the best choice for the kids.

There is plenty of ride-on cars with 12V battery out on the market. You can go to the following 12v ride on power wheels.

  • Fisher-price ride toys.
  • Peg Perego John Deere Ground
  • Power Wheels Dune Racer
  • 4-Wheeler Quad ATV Ride
  • Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Our opinion: A power wheels with 2 hours of run time at a maximum speed of 4 mph.

3. How can I Make My 12v Faster?

The best answer to this question is just put double batteries instead of single.

Thus, it will be two batteries with 6V, which is equal to 12V.

Now it wouldn’t take an expert to discover that if the battery is doubled, the motor speed will be doubled hence the 12V toy car ride on much speed.

Our opinion: Add two 6V batteries to make it 12V power unit and enjoy faster ride.

4. Is 12v Faster Than 6v?

Is 12v Faster Than 6v

The power of a ride on toys depends on the higher number of voltages. In this case, a 6V kids car has less power than the 12V or 24V power wheels.

Vehicles with higher voltage will go faster and better even on the rough terrains. The total of voltages also let you know what battery your cars have.

Our opinion: 6V kids car has less power than the 12V power wheels

5. Can I Replace 6v Battery with a 12v?

Our opinion: No, you can’t replace 6v battery with a 12v. Using a 12V battery will burn out the motor of the 6V battery-powered car.

The straightforward answer is no.

Questions Chart About 6V Power Wheels and Battery:

1. What Voltage Should I Charge a 6v Battery?

The essential point is that you can charge your batteries at any current until it reaches 2.4V per cell at 25°. That is the noted 7.2v per 6v battery.

Our opinion: 2.4V per cell at 25°

2. Can you recharge a 6v lantern battery?

There is no difference to charge 6v lantern battery than the batteries with other voltages.

However, you need to make sure that you have the right charging port.

For instance, you need to use a lead-acid charger to charge your lead-acid battery with 6-volt.

Our opinion: By using a lead-acid charger you can charge your 6-volt lead-acid battery.

3. How do I Know if My 6 Volt Battery is Bad?

You can check your 6-volt battery is bad or good by the meter display on the voltmeter or multi-meter.

It will display 6V if the battery is in good condition and is at 20% charge. The battery is in bad condition if the display shows less than 5V.

You need to recharge the battery if the reads are less than 5V.

Our opinion: If the reads less than 5V.

4. How do You Recondition a 6 Volt Battery?

Let’s see the steps to follow to recondition 6-volt battery.

  • Step 1: Ensure almost ½ the battery acid to end of each cell
  • Step 2: Add warm water (2 quarts) and Epsom salts (8 ounces) and thoroughly stir the solution.
  • Step 3: Put the battery on a charger and allow it to charge overnight to keep it in peak condition.

Our opinion: Allow it to charge overnight.


Nowadays, the power wheel ride on toys becomes the top pick to the parents for their beloved child.  Most significantly, it is the prime choices for the child who wants to enjoy the ride with their own ride-on cars.

If you ensure you check the difference between 6v vs 12v power wheels, it would be great fun for your toddlers and you to experiencing their enjoy.

Hope, you will get an in-depth idea by reading this article. If you have any questions, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your social sites.