Hey-o! My name is Jimmy Boyera, the Founder of My Tiny Rider. I'm so glad to let you know that I am focusing on developing toys that improve kid's interests, intelligence and hobbies. 

My journey as a big enthusiast of outdoor sports like biking and riding vehicles began with working in the automotive industry, where I got Influenced to think about kids' fun and parents’ demand.

Since then it's been my passion to make kids and their moms/dads' dreams come true. 

I have owned plenty of sports cars, bikes, and power wheel rides on vehicles for kids over the years, matching different tests I hit daily.

When I began to get many questions from friends and family about riding toy cars for kids, I decided I will help a significant group by a blog, something like My Tiny Rider.

My Dream is My mission- Let’s Hits My Vision

I’ve always been My Tiny Rider that everyone reaches out to for questions about ride-on-cars problems and solutions and its compatibility with kids of different ages. If you look around the ride-on-cars for your little hearts, you may find tons of sites pushing review content on products they don’t even use. These are the reviews loaded with stock picture imagery from the retailer’s website and void of any recommendation that the reviewer — a real person — even test with the products themselves.

How can you review cars for kids, if you don’t have practical experience with them?

Publishing thin content to make $ Dollars is not how I and my team roll here at My Tiny Rider. 

At My Tiny Rider, It's not my aim to review a product that I (or the team) haven’t physically tested.

Beyond reviewing I always try to think out of the box to discover any tiny problem and make it solved. I believe it's my strength that I’m also a certified automotive expert. Besides these, every helping hand of my team is confident enough within their specific niches. So, when new toy cars launch with modern features, I feel a thirst to test these physically. 

In this community, I would like to treat all as my friend and I’m here to help you with whatever questions you might have regarding kids’ dream sports and cars.

Hello, Parents!

Why do You Evaluate Me?

I believe to discover the motions of the Stars from the sky, you need to use the modern telescope. Similarly, to find the best products among the abundance, we need to do thorough research.  Like before using a telescope you need to have telescopic knowledge, similarly to find suitable items you must have good research knowledge.

I hope my research knowledge gives me a chance to go to the next level when it comes to product choices.

  • First of all, I consider the top-notch features of the product with quality reviews. 
  • Secondly, I always prefer to list top line and best-selling products on the market and compare their worthy features.
  • Thirdly, I am serious enough to pay special attention to the genuine advice, warnings & reviews of the buyers.
  • Finally, I left my collections to my expert and professional research team to test the items. I focus more to ensure the authentic features of my selected items meet the assurances of the manufacturer.

Special note: My expert team of researchers spends at least 40 to 80 hours making a complete review, rating, and in-depth product descriptions, a buyer's guide, and an FAQ section.

What Makes Me Unique than Average: Best Products Selection

  • Market research: I research the originality of the market, the most well-known companies & their top-line products.
  • Identifying main features: I consider the product features, which are the most significant for the consumers.
  • Choosing products: I prefer the top line and best-selling items which consumers loved.
  • Analyzing reviews: I thoroughly research the reviews of the buyer for each item.
  • Writing reviews: I focus on consumers’ experiences and suggestions while writing thorough descriptions of the products' characteristics.
  • Ranking: I love to grade products based on their functionality, quality, and price.
  • Buying guide: I ensure to summarize all our findings to assist you in selecting the product that best meets your needs.

Which Products Do We Select?

I do believe that many items are overloaded with characteristics unusual for the average consumer. They might be beneficial when advancing an item but are hardly handy in use.

The most pricy product with plenty of features is not significantly the top one on the market.

Here on my site, I  suggest the same models I would purchase for my friends and family, the ones we would choose for ourselves.

It is known to all that there is no 'one size fits all item. That is why my team of professionals defines different conditions the consumers might get themselves in, and decides the top-notch item for each of them.

You can choose the one that meets your needs in each review.

Our Values:

  • Quality: doing things correctly
  • Simplicity: Less is more
  • Service: exceeding the demand of consumers
  • Innovation: thinking out of the box
  • Knowledge: updating experience & sharing knowledge
  • Passion: we are passionate in all we deal with
  • Communication, consent, trust

Our recommendations are completely founded on the reviews and findings of our editorial team.

We are associates of the Amazon affiliate program, and we may get an affiliate commission to build up our project & review items.

Our commission does not rely on specific products you purchase, that is why we are allowed to select out of the overall product limit available on the market, and nothing affects our commitments.

So Have You Got Your Product?

If you need assistance with a particular buying problem, please mail at my official mail address, and I will try to do my best ASAP.

Have Any Questions? 

Feel free to contact us. I will try to help you to get your desired product. Here at My Tiny Rider, it's my motto to make your life easier and straightforward.