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Hello, and Welcome to Since its inception, mytinyrider is an independent, reputed, and established website focused on one thing: digging up the best Baby Toys & Game from all corners of the internet.

It could be the one-stop solution for those who want to save their worthy time and money when it comes to choosing Top Line products for babies and kids. Whatever kind of products you need, this site will make your shopping experience easier and enjoyable.

Here at My Tiny Rider, we make in-depth product reviews & research to help our consumers make wise decisions before making any buying.

We search the world for the best in kid's accessories, toys, and gifts focus on getting those one-of-a-kind items that we are known for, making sure that our consumers get a gift worthy of their loving kids.

My Tiny Rider (Mission & vision):

Our mission and vision are to provide unbiased reviews and ratings that make your buying decisions easy and effortless. We are highly aware and thankful to our consumers' origin from their most worthy commodity, "Time."

 Our goal is to make our website as accessible and interactive as possible, especially for kids. We try to make our site a trustworthy place for those who want unique gifts and toys possible for their little special someone.

At mytinyrider, we have a powerful sense of community & a reputation for excellent consumer service. We always try to give back to our consumers & our community, just as much as they give for us.

We will ensure that our consumer's demand is always met as dealing continue to arise over time by giving advanced and innovative baby and kid toys.

What Actually We Do Here?

We have done thorough research before choosing every item for you. Let's take a look at how we choose the products for our valuable clients.

  • First of all, we consider the top-notch features of the product that are quality reviewing most of all.
  • Secondly, we choose the top line and best selling products on the market and compare their worth features.
  • Thirdly, we pay special awareness to the genuine advice, warnings & reviews of the buyers.
  • Finally, our expert and professional research team test the items to ensure their authentic features meet the assurances of the manufacturer.

Especial note: Our expert team of researchers spends at least 40 to 80 hours to make a complete review, rating, and in-depth product descriptions, a buyer's guide, and an FAQ section.

How We Make The Best Products?

  • Market research: We research originality of the market, the most well-known companies & their top-line products.
  • Identifying main features: We consider the product features, which are the most significant for the consumers.
  • Choosing products: We prefer the top line and best selling items which consumers loved.
  • Manual checking: We freely check the products we select to test their real features.
  • Analyzing reviews: We thoroughly research the reviews of the buyer for each item.
  • Writing reviews: We write thorough descriptions of the products' characteristics.
  • Ranking: We provide grades to the products chosen according to their functionality, quality, and price.
  • Buying guide: We summarize all our findings to assist you in selecting the product that best meets your needs.

How We Do This?

  • Firstly, we do our study and research by going through the top information sources presently obtainable, including customer Reports, freethinking, CNET, What Hi-Fi, and much more.
  • Secondly, we research thoroughly hundreds or even thousands of actual buyers' reviews, which enables us to have long-term expertise into account.
  • Thirdly, we make a short-list of the top-line products and in-depth research on each product.

We have discovered an effective process to identify unusual reviews and remove such type of comment.

We believe that when selecting an item, you need to pay awareness to the genuine reviews of real buyers (customers, who choose this particular product, paid for it, and have expertise in its daily use).

Note: We can identify up to fifty percent (50%) of unusual reviews throughout our system.

Which Products Do We Select?

We do believe that many items are overloaded with characteristics unusual for the average consumers. They might be beneficial when advancing an item but are hardly handy in use.

The most pricy product with plenty of features is not significantly the top one on the market.

In our buyers' guide, we suggest the same models we would purchase for our friends and family, the ones we would choose for ourselves.

It is known to all that there is no 'one size fits all' item. That is why our professionals define different conditions the consumers might get themselves in, and decides the top-notch item for each of them.

You can choose the one that meets your needs in each review.

Our Values:

  • Quality: doing things correctly
  • Simplicity: Less is more
  • Service: exceeding the demand of consumers
  • Innovation: thinking out of the box
  • Knowledge: updating experience & sharing knowledge
  • Passion: we are passionate in all we deal with
  • Communication, consent, trust

Our recommendations are completely founded on the reviews and findings of our editorial team.

We are associates of the Amazon affiliate program, and we may get an affiliate commission to build up our project & review items.

Our commission does not rely on specific products you purchase, that are why we are allowed to select out of the overall product limit available on the market, and nothing affects our commitments.

So Have You Got Your Product? 

If you need assistance with a particular buying problem, please mail us, and we would try to do our best ASAP.

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us. We would try to help you to get your desired product. Here at My Tiny Rider, we aim to make your life easier and straightforward.