Can You Put Rubber Tires on Power Wheels?

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Yes, you can put rubber tires on your power wheels. Rubber tires are better than plastic tires as they offer better traction and last longer.

You probably have been thinking about replacing your power wheel's tires because either they have worn out or they are not performing well. It's better to replace them with rubber tires. Why? Let's find out!

Can you buy rubber tires for power wheels?

Yes, you can put rubber tires for power wheels. There are various rubber tires available for power wheels. You need to find the perfect size and buy a set of tires.

Can you put rubber tires on power wheels?

Can You Put Rubber Tires On the Power Wheels

Yes, replacing plastic tires with rubber tires in a power wheel is a great idea. You can buy a set of rubber tires and put them on your power wheels for better performance.

Some of the problems you may face with regular plastic tires in your power wheels are:

  • Slippery: Plastic tires are slippery and don't have much traction. It makes them riskier to drive.
  • Less durable: Plastic tires are more susceptible to breaking. That's why they are less durable than rubber tires.
  • Noisy: Plastic tires are made of stiff materials, which makes them noisy.
  • Not enough grip: Plastic tires don't have a good grip. It makes it harder to move with ease off-road or on snow.

These are some common problems you may face with plastic tires. But your rubber tires usually do not have such issues. Hence, you can always put rubber tires on your power wheels.

The best thing about replacing the tire is that you do not need any special skills. Replace the plastic tires with rubber tires in the same way you would have set plastic tires.

Do they make rubber tires for power wheels?

Yes, many tire brands make rubber tires for power wheels. However, they are not widely available as only a few models are specifically made for power wheels.

However, there are a lot of tires available in the market for off-road vehicles. You can buy any of them if they match the size of your power wheels. They are always suitable to use with toy vehicles. 

Why don't power wheels have rubber tires?

Why don't Power Wheels have Rubber Tires

Power wheels do not have built-in rubber tires due to cutting costs. Rubber tires are usually costlier than rubber tires.

That's why companies use plastic tires for power wheels. It keeps the price of the vehicle low, which helps them attract more customers.

Rubber Tires On Power Wheels: Benefits

Rubber tires have a lot of benefits over plastic tires. Some of them are:

  • Excellent traction: Rubber tires have excellent traction. It helps the driver to move the power wheels with more ease and control.
  • Less noise: The rubber material causes less noise while driving, which makes the playing experience better. 
  • Enough grip: Rubber tires have enough grip to run smoothly on any terrain. Kids mostly go off-road, on grassy tracks or muddy tracks with power wheels. The rubber tire helps to avoid slipping on such trails due to having a good grip.
  • Long lasting: Rubber tires do not break easily like plastic tires. That is why they can offer long-lasting performance.


You can always upgrade built-in plastic tires with good quality rubber tires in your power wheels. I hope all of your confusion is clear, and now you know that rubber tires are better for your kid's off-road toy vehicle.