Can You Use A 12v Battery In 6v Power Wheels

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Yes, you can use a 12v battery in 6v power wheels. Upgrading the power wheels battery with a higher voltage helps to improve performance.

Now, you may be thinking about how you use 12V batteries in a 6V power wheel. Don't worry; I’m here for your help. Besides, I also warn you about the associated risk. 

Therefore, keep scrolling to learn about using or installing a higher voltage battery (12V) with a lower voltage battery in a power wheel (6V).

Can I use a Different Battery for Power Wheels?

Can I use a Different Battery for Power Wheels

Yes, you can use a different battery for power wheels, but it must be the same type as the original one. That means you can upgrade the battery with a higher voltage or amp, but you should not use a different type of battery.

Most power wheels come with lead-acid batteries. Hence, you may not need to worry about that. But you should not replace the gray top batteries with orange ones, and vice versa.

Can You Use a 12v Battery in 6v Power Wheels?

You can use a 12v battery in a 6v power wheel if you want a better performance from the vehicle. Most power wheels come with either 6-volt batteries or 12-volt batteries. If your one has a 12v battery, then it should perform well. But a 6v battery is likely to provide you with mediocre performance.

Hence, you can upgrade the power wheels battery with a good quality 12-volt battery. It will help you get an optimum level of speed and power from your toy vehicle.

However, some people might tell you that you can not use a 12-volt battery in a 6-volt power wheel because it will burn the motor. But today's power wheel engines use DC to DC connection, which accepts higher voltage batteries within a limited range.

Can You Put a 24v Battery in a 12v Power Wheel?

Can You Put a 24v Battery in a 12v Power Wheel

Yes, you can put a 24v battery in a 12v power wheel, but it comes with some risks. The engine with 12-volt power wheels is less powerful to handle 24v batteries.

If you still change the batteries, you may see some performance improvement at first. But it will negatively affect the engine. 

After only a few months, you find the vehicle's engine damaged. Thus, it is not recommended to replace 12v power wheels batteries with a 24v battery.

How to Install 12v Battery in 6v Power Wheels?

You must be cautious while upgrading your power wheel's battery. Before you start replacing the battery, here are the things you will need:

  • 12v battery
  • Wires
  • Wirecutters
  • Tape
  • 12v inline fuse holder
  • 30-amp fuse
  • Twist-on wire connectors

Now, follow the steps below to install a 12v battery in a 6v power wheels:

Step 1: Cut Connectors

First, locate the battery in your power wheels and cut all the connections with the wire cutter. You will find several wires connecting the battery to the power wheel. Cut all the connections and remove the battery.

Step 2: Set the Battery

Now, place the 12v battery in the place where the 6v battery is. Then start attaching the battery wires to power wheels.

Step 3: Attach Fuse Wire & Connectors 

Here, follow the same method, opposite to step 1, to attach all the connectors. There is a positive (white) wire that you cut in the first step. Attach your fuse wire with it, and then place the 30amp fuse in the fuse holder. Then attach the extra 12v wire to the black wire in the power wheel.

Step 4: Finish Replacing the Battery 

Finish Replacing the Battery

While connecting the wires, you must have exposed them. Use tape to cover all the stripped wires, and you are all set to go. Now, start the power wheels to see if everything is fine.

Warning: If you do not have any previous experience in wiring or doing mechanical work, I strongly suggest you not do this on your own. Try to visit a mechanic to avoid any kind of accidents.

Does risk Factors Consider while Using or Installing a 12v Battery in 6v Power Wheels?

The above warning may make you ask if there is any risk factor associated with using or installing a 12v battery in 6v power wheels. Yes, you must consider the following risks:

  • Misfire: Connecting the wrong wires together can lead to a misfire.
  • Motor burst: Not attaching the connectors properly can cause a motor or engine to burst. If no DC-DC connection is available in the power wheel, it can lead to the same results.
  • Running fast: The higher voltage battery will make the vehicle fast. Your kid may need some time to adjust to the new speed.
  • Overheating: The higher voltage battery may also cause the motor to overheat. It can cause damage to the engine.

After changing the battery, always stay with your kids while they are playing with the vehicle. Do this for at least a few days to avoid any kind of accidents.

How to Tell if 6v or 12v Battery?

All batteries have a label where the company mentions the specifications. You can check that level to tell if a battery is 6v or 12v.

12-volt vs 6-volt power wheels: 


6-volt power wheels

12-volt power wheels

Max Speed

2 to 3 mph

5 to 6 mph

Charging time

6 hours on average 

12 hours on average 





45 to 60 minutes on average 

90 to 120 minutes on average

How Long Does A 6-Volt Power Wheels Battery Last?

How Long Does A 6-Volt Power Wheels Battery Last

A 6-volt power wheel battery usually lasts one to three years. If you maintain it properly, the battery may last longer. But rough usage can lead to a shorter lifespan.


If your kid is too small, a 6-volt battery is always enough. But if he has grown and is ready to handle a higher speed, then you can upgrade the battery to 12-volt to make his backyard adventures more fun.