Have you ever faced problems with the ignition start? If yes, then is it time to replace your power wheel ignition switch? A power wheel ignition switch is found on the boot, bonnet or under the seat. It performs different activities like operating the starter and the ignition system. It

One of the most fundamental parts of any power wheel vehicle is the shifter, automatic or manual. The power wheel shifter will give you a great riding experience and allows you to select and change the gear ratio at any time. Even if the power wheel shifter is designed to

How to fix the power wheels Motor? Fixing the power wheels motor is easy if you follow the proper steps. It will help you to repair the motor and get back on the road quickly.Test the motorRemove Motor coverRemove the gearboxDetach the motorRepair the motorTest the motorReassemble the motor and

A broken or damaged gearbox can make your power wheel riding too dangerous. Sometimes it is tough for a loyal power wheel owner to think there might be something inaccurate with their existing gearbox. Power wheels gearbox repair helps your child to enjoy a safe and reliable riding experience. But

The power-wheel battery doesn’t last forever. If you find less bright in headlights, or it has been 3 to 5 years since you have taken a new battery, or the power wheel vehicle needs a jump-start, it might be time for a replacement. But do you know how to repair

Did your power wheel's wild thing stop working while your kid was driving it? There can be several reasons why it stopped running suddenly.Some of the common reasons why the Power Wheels Wild Thing stops working are faulty wires, damaged battery or charger, and other damages. Troubleshooting the vehicle and

Wherever there are kids, it's necessary to scatter toys all around the house to make them happy. Miniature cars or ride-on-toy cars must be a top-listed plaything among these toys. So, if your baby is stepping into 3 years old, you should think of buying toy cars. But what do

“From the moment a child were born, they became the sun to Parents' planet.”This quote refers to the love of parents to a child.Undoubtedly, Parents can do anything to explore the happiness of their child. Even they are ready to pay big amounts of money especially to experience a rewarding

Power Wheels are fantastic toys for kids to go on adventures in the backyard and have fun. But finding the best power wheels for tall kid can be challenging because most power wheels are for smaller kids. The best power wheels for tall kids should have a higher weight limit

Want to give your tiny rider all-terrain fun? You are worried to think about what would be the right thing that can give your child double speed fun? Perhaps, choosing the 24 volt power wheels could be the right solution. But the question is, how can you choose the best