Do All Power Wheels Take The Same Battery?

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 27, 2023

No, not all power wheels take the same battery. Different power wheels will use separate types of batteries with different volts.

Batteries are undoubtedly one of the most crucial components of a power wheel. Experts often recommend upgrading the battery for better performance. While there are some batteries that fit multiple power wheel models, they are not universal.

Hence, if you are thinking of replacing your power wheel’s battery, take a pause and read the full article first.

Do Power Wheels Come with Batteries?

Do Power Wheels Come with Batteries

Yes, power wheels come with built-in batteries. Most power wheels today come with 12-volt batteries. But a few high-end models may come with higher voltage batteries.

However, there are also a few models that don’t come with any batteries. These can be great options for people who prefer to use third-party batteries.

Are Power Wheels Batteries Interchangeable?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, there are many models in which the batteries are interchangeable. But in most power wheels, you can not replace the batteries with one another.

Usually, when the different power wheel models are from the same company, the batteries are interchangeable if they have the same voltage. In terms of different companies, interchange the batteries may not be safe.

Are All Power Wheels Batteries The Same?

No, all power wheels do not use the same batteries. They have different batteries with different features.

Some of the reasons why all the power wheels’ batteries are not the same:

  • Voltage

Most power wheels come with standard 12-volt batteries. But a few also have 6-volt or 24-volt batteries. Usually, a higher voltage enables your power wheels to perform more efficiently.

  • Types

Unlike smartphone batteries, which are lithium-ion, power wheel batteries are usually lead-acid. However, a few models use lithium-ion for power wheels too, which makes the power wheels batteries different. 

  • Amp-hours

Amp hours or ah refers to how fast the electron moves in the battery. Higher amp hours mean the ability to deliver more power to the vehicle. 9.5ah or 12ah are commonly available in power wheel batteries. You may also find batteries with different amp hours. 

  • Gray top vs orange top

You will notice that some power wheel batteries are gray top and others are orange top. They are more or less the same, except for the fact that they have different breakers. A breaker, in simple words, is an electric switch that protects the battery from potential damage. Gray top batteries have 30A breakers, and orange top batteries have 40A breakers.

Are All 12 Volt Power Wheels Batteries the Same?

No! Although a vast majority of the 12-volt power wheel batteries are the same, there are a lot of exceptions too. They may have different types or different tops.

Hence, even if you have two 12-volt power wheel batteries in your hand, do not interchange them. Instead, compare their specifications to see if they match and then make your decision. 

What Kind of Battery does My Power Wheels Take?

What Kind of Battery does My Power Wheels Take

Although most power wheels use 12-volt batteries, they will vary from model to model. One of the easiest ways to find out what kind of battery your power wheels take is to read the label on the battery.

In general, all batteries have a label where the company mentions the specs. Check that to know the details. But if you do not find the details there or they got faded, check the manual to know the battery specs. 

If you fail to find the spec anywhere, you can visit the company’s website as a last resort. Find your model on the website and check the battery information in the specifications.


Whether the battery is fine or dead, replacing the built-in power wheels battery is always a good idea. Using the wrong kind of batteries can lead to devastating results. Hence, always check the specs of your existing battery first and get a new battery matching those specs.

Additional Questions

Are all power wheel batteries the same?

No, not all Power Wheel batteries are the same. You can use any rechargeable 12v battery, as long as it fits in the space allocated for the battery in the Power Wheel and the connectors match. If the connectors are different, a converter will be required to bridge the connection. Please take note that the battery size, voltage and connector type must be compatible with your Power Wheel.

Can you use any battery in a Power Wheels?

Not really, the battery you choose for your Power Wheels vehicle will depend largely on its specific requirements. Although Power Wheels vehicles typically use either a 12 volt or 24 volt battery, 12 volt batteries are most common. It’s essential to choose the right battery based on the voltage requirement of your specific Power Wheels car.

Can I put a 24 volt battery in a 12 volt Power Wheels?

It’s not advisable to put a 24-volt battery in a 12-volt Power Wheel vehicle. The 24-volt battery can potentially overload and damage the motor of a 12-volt ride. While it might initially seem to improve the performance, over time it could cause significant damage, including potentially destroying the motor.

What batteries can be used with Power Wheels?

Several types of batteries can be used with Power Wheels, but the 12V 15AH F2 Replacement Battery is a commonly chosen option. This battery perfectly suits most Power Wheels models, offering an excellent balance of power, performance and longevity.