How to Change the Speakers for 12v Ride On Cars

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 26, 2023

How to change the speakers for 12v ride on cars? Perhaps, your kids have 12v power wheels toy cars. You've made a huge work on that as your kids can enjoy it for a long since while riding. You may experience an issue, and it was the stereo that didn't sound well.

You suspected blown speakers. You pulled the door panel and found out your suspicions were right. So you measured both the rear and front speakers and went on the hunt for some changes. I guided the fixing and added some basic tricks that I believe will work for most power wheel ride-on toys.

If you are scouting for ways to change the speakers for 12v ride on cars to enjoy a better sound system, you might find this article helpful. Let's enjoy our step by step process of changing the speakers for 12v ride on cars.

How to Change the Speakers for 12v Ride on Cars?

Whether you've new or older toy cars or Power Wheels 2 seaters, the speaker system might be lousy. 

If the speakers of your 12v ride on cars make sound muted and dull, then it's time to change the speakers.

Don't worry if you have no idea about how you do the job. Below we'll discuss some methods to complete the overall process. Top 4 Methods: How To Change The Speakers For 12v Ride On Cars

Method 1 - Things You Need to do Before Changing the Speakers for 12v Ride on Cars

Things You Need to do Before Changing the Speakers for 12v Ride on Cars

You may also have a few that enable you to cable in a series circuit to add tweeters and woofers. Furthermore, a few can be cabled ultimately to keep the electrical resistance.

By changing a default speaker, you can enjoy a better musical experience. But if you don't have the preparation, you can't get success. Check out the following things to make the process successful.

1. Choose the Right Speaker for Your need:

It is advisable to choose a speaker that helps you to enjoy a better musical experience. So research before going through a speaker choice. Also, don't forget to choose a speaker that is compatible with your ride-on toy model.

2. Careful About the Stereo System while Changing Speaker:

While changing the speaker, you need to be careful about the stereo system. You may have some stereo systems with limited watts and 2/4 channels.

So, getting 100-watt speakers wouldn't be the right choice. You can try on two speakers because if the quality falls, you have options.

3. Look at the Dimensions of the Speakers:

Checking the speakers' dimensions could be a great help when changing the speakers of your power vehicles. You may find different sizes and shapes of speakers. Choose the dimensions of the speakers that fit the cars best.

4. Consider Quality:

Usually, the fabric or composite speaker is compatible better than paper or magnet speakers. There are various colors and styles of covers and trim in the same price quote, so choose the one that looks good and works better.

5. Ensure a Safe Place for Changing:

If you want to complete the entire changing process without any problem, you should select a safe place. Choosing a secured area is essential for keeping the screws and removed parts.

6. Check Out the Electronic Features of Your Speakers:

Please check out the electronic parts of the speakers. You may have a few with inline electronic circuits to stop crosstalk and static.

7. Think About the Power Range of the Speaker:

When it comes to changing the speaker, you need to think about its power demand because it will affect the cabling. High watt speaker isn't suitable for workshop wiring.

Method 2 - Be Prepared to Change the Existing Speaker

Be Prepared to Change the Existing Speaker

1. Ensure that You have Collected All the Required Tools

Before start changing the speaker of your ride-on toy, ensures that you've collected the right tools. You can check the car model and mechanical instruction before gathering the tools.

You can purchase a package of tools that have nearly all the necessary tools and parts. However, let's have a look at some tools that we need to do the job done.

  • Different types of screwdrivers (for example, flat-blade, Phillips head, flathead etc.)
  • Wire cutters
  • Torx drivers
  • Nut drivers
  • Crimping tool
  • Clip remover
  • Allen wrenches
  • Socket wrench
  • Electric drill
  • Hobby knife
  • Electrical tape

2. Make Sure the Speaker Is Compatible With The Model Of Your Power Wheels Vehicle

You'll find many used or aftermarket speaker which is compatible with your existing speaker. Also, you will find some speakers that may need a minor change.

When it comes to changing a speaker with the new one, you should remember this point. However, the changing systems of different shapes and sizes of speakers can differ in difficultly.

3. Disconnect the Battery of Your Ride-On Toys, Which May Protect You From Electrical Damage

It is significant to ensure that you are protected from any electrical damage. So, firstly, disconnect the negative end that prevents you from electric shock. Also, it will protect your vehicle from short-circuiting.

4. Follow the Guide Given with Your Speaker

You may find different kinds of speakers out there. So, to make the changing process successful, please follow the instruction that comes with your speaker.

You may not find our instruction up to the mark because every speaker has its installation process. When needed, follow the instructions that you found with your speaker.

Method 3- Change the Existing One with the New Speaker

Change the Existing One with the New Speaker

1. Uncover The Speaker From Paneling

You will find the speaker of your power vehicle covering with a safety panel. It would help if you uncovered the speaker from the paneling before changing the speaker. You can use a flathead screwdriver to remove the screws or bolts that hold the speaker in place.

N.B: You may find some models that need to remove the seat to uncover the speaker from paneling. You may need to remove wires or bolts, seats etc. to get access to the speaker.

2. Detach the Manufactory Speaker

Usually, the speaker is connected with a wiring channel, so be careful about that while removing. Also, you may need to unscrew a few bolts or chips to detach the speaker in place.

N.B: Try to save the screws while removing the speaker because it may help you in the future installation process (if needed).

3. Add the New Speaker to the Electrical System of Your Vehicle

Usually, changing a faulty speaker with a new one isn't a tiresome job. It's a matter of plugging your speaker's wiring channel into the wiring channel of your power vehicle.

Nevertheless, if your ride on toys doesn't allow the process, you may need to join your speaker with a seized connection.

N.B: Ensure that the speaker's polarity and toy cars' joining are compatible with each other.

Method 4 - Taste the Speaker That You Installed While Changing:

1. Check The Speaker

Once you joined the speaker, it is essential to check or test it to avoid any further fixing problems.

Now confirm the re-connection of the battery's negative terminal and power on the stereo of the power wheel vehicle. Listen to the sound and try to understand the vibrations at full volumes. If there is any connection problem, the speaker won't work.

2. Ensure That the Speaker is Secured In Its Place

While you get the confirmation that the speaker works excellently, fix it in its position. Ensure that the speaker goes well with the manufactory speaker's covering. Nevertheless, you may need a special mounting bracket for firm installation while changing the older speaker.

3. Check the Subwoofers Once You Installed

If you want ultra-low sound, you need to install subwoofers. You can install a subwoofer by joining them to the wiring channel of your power wheel vehicles. Also, you can join it directly to the battery and the stereo of your ride-on toys.

4. Check the Tweeters Once You Installed

Tweeters are responsible for producing a high-tone frequency of vibration. Install the new tweeters in the existing covering if your kid's toy came with ones and join them to the present wiring channel. Installing tweeters are a bit easier than woofers in comparison due to their small size.

5. Replace All Panels and Speaker Grilles

You may change and replace any speaker grill you had while all your new speaker system's equipment has been installed, tested, and secured in the power wheel toy cars. Ensure that you saved screws that may help you to use it in the future.

There you have the overall process of changing the existing one with a new speaker system. Now your kids will enjoy a better sound while riding a power wheel vehicle.

Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane Radio Not Working

Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane Radio Not Working

Do you've a power wheel jeep hurricane with a radio problem? If so, let's talk about what you need to do if Power wheels jeep hurricane radio not working.

Power wheels jeep radio not working:

Firstly, it isn't overwhelming to talk about power wheels jeep radio replacement. Moreover, the power wheel might not have a radio problem. It would be an issue with the battery or others.

Therefore don't worry; here we'll discuss some solutions to deal with power wheels radio not working.

Solution 1: Take the Experts’ Help

Whether you've a ford f150 power wheels or Power wheels jeep, the radio might be problematic. That's why you may find some toys with expert installation offer.  It might not be your area of skill to solve electronic problems such as cords or wire issues.

Though it is costly to depend on expert installation but it ensures better results. So try to take experts' help when you face the issue like power wheels radio not working.

Our Opinion: Before going through the process, please consult with an expert or some person who can deal to solve the power wheels radio problem. Thus you can save money, time, and effort.

Solution 2: Test the Battery 

You need to ensure that you test the battery first that it is fully charged.  It might be wondering firstly, but it's true. Often the battery may have a charging problem though you charge it overnight.

A faulty charger doesn't have enough juice to charge your power wheel ride-on toy. So, with less charge, it can cause severe issues.

Our Opinion: If the battery is charged halfway, it will function less than the fully charged battery. So, it can't run the full features of your power vehicles. Besides, your child might not ride it properly. You should remember this point carefully because try to solve power wheels radio not working.

Solution 3: Ensure that the Radio Wiring is Okay

Don't forget to check out the radio writing. The power wheel ride-on toys are not made for a specialist for a fix. You can make it fixed with a screwdriver or other equipment. Often, you may find faulty radio wiring that needs to be solved.

Our Opinion: If you find the process is tricky and complicated, please take experts' help to get better results.

N.B: You'll find a warranty on most of the power wheel vehicles. So, you have a chance to take it to the power wheel store. Also, you may find some company authorized automotive garage where you can repair or replace parts. However, it would be better to go through experts' help and recommendation.

Ford F150 Power Wheels Radio Not Working:

With a real FM radio, the power wheels Ford F-150 is rugged, rough, and fun to ride. To operate the radio, it needs four C-size batteries.

However, if your Ford f150 power wheels' radio is not working, you can take try on the same solution that we recommend for Power wheels jeep radio not working. Most significantly, taking the experts' help or going through the company help could be the best help.


Having a power wheel 12v ride on car could be great fun for your loving child; especially it comes with a better sound system. But with a faulty speaker, they can't enjoy a good sound. If the case is like that your power wheel comes with a defective speaker, then it is time to change it for ensuring better enjoyment of your loving kid.

But if you don't know how to do that, we hope this guide on how to change the speakers for 12v ride on cars could be a great help. Just follow the steps carefully to enjoy a better riding time.

Finally, if you still have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. We'll try to cover all the issues with possible solutions.