How To Charge Power Wheels Battery With A Charger

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Any machine needs the power to work, whether it's electrical or mechanical. Nowadays, electrical components have become more prevalent in daily life. Rechargeable cells are becoming more and more popular. The Power wheel is a popular ride on toy for kids, where it uses a rechargeable battery.

More importantly, it's the area where we need to charge the battery frequently. And eventually, charging the power wheel batteries is an essential concern to every parent who bought one for their kids. But do you know how to charge power wheels battery fast and securely?

Before going to our main point “how to charge a power wheels battery”, I will discuss some basics regarding power wheels and their batteries. So, let's start!

How Much is Important 'Proper Charging'?

How Much is Important 'Proper Charging'

As you already know, power wheels are toys that run on their own batteries. To be specific, the batteries are DC type and rechargeable. Usually, the battery's lifespan depends on several factors, where the charger is one of them. So, no denial of the importance of a proper charger for power wheels.

Here are the significant impacts-

  • The charger can affect the chemical process that gains power in the battery.
  • Performance and fluctuation in performance are often backed by the way a power wheel is charged up.
  • It ensures the lifespan of the battery or the entire power wheel you can say.

Let's have a brief on what type of chargers are there for power wheels-

Different Types of Power Wheel Chargers

Different Types of Power Wheel Chargers

Power wheels are mainly available in three different battery charger types and so on. Here is the list-

  1. 12v -1-amp charger.
  2. 6v -1amp charger.
  3. 6v-350 mwah charger.

These three are the main types of chargers than typical power wheel providers provide with the unit itself. Apart from these three, there is another type of charger. That's the universal charger. It's a 3A charger for both 12v and 6v. This is quite familiar with irregular use.

In sudden cases, where the regular charger is not available, this type of charger works best. But using the universal charger for a regular basis damages the battery charge cycle and overall effects on its lifetime.

How tCharge Power Wheels Battery - 3 Steps Guide

How to Charge Power Wheels Battery

We are quite familiar with the type of devices where a battery is needed to charge regularly. Take your own mobile phone as an example. So, you may think that should be a way of charging your power wheel batteries too.

But in realms, that's not.

There are specific steps and additional tips for each step that are mandatory to maintain. Let's go with the steps first- 

Step 1: Reaching to the Battery

To get started, you need to find out the battery, and it's charging ports. Usually, you will find it under the hood in typical power wheels. Open the hood up and find where the charging ports are.

Step 2: Connect the Charger to the Charging Jack

Now it's time to connect the charger with the power wheel's power and the charging jack. The charging jack is located to the right side of most of the familiar ride on car. Connect the charging port to the jack.

Now, find a nearby electric outlet and connect that to the charger. Ensure that the power, voltage, and amperage of the electric outlet matches your charger label; otherwise, it can lean into several accidents.

Step 3: Wait till the Charge Gets Completed

Now, you have almost nothing to do but wait until the charging process is complete. Typically, if the battery is empty, it takes 15-18 hours to complete the charging process. Also, some power wheels take more hours at the first time of charging, and fewer hours after using.

There will be an indicator of the charging process. Keep an eye on it and unplug everything when charging is complete.

Additionally, remember that when charging the power wheel battery, the ignition of the toy car is turned off. Always stay alert about this as it seems to be the most basic and essential points to consider before charging the power wheel battery.

How do I Understand My Power Wheel is Charged or Not?

How do I Understand My Power Wheel is Charged or Not

Once the charging is complete, you should check the battery with a hydrometer (if it comes with removable caps). It is a cheap tool with a float that identifies electric energies in the fluid.

However, it would help if you estimated the battery charge by starting the engine once the power wheel battery is sealed. If the battery still fails to charge the engine after recharging, you should try to jump-start it.

You need to replace the battery if the engine can jump-start, and the charger light or ammeter shows regular operation.

How to Charge Power Wheels Battery If the Main Charger is Lost?

Many times, we lose our battery charger, sometimes it gets damaged or unusable. In this case, we need an alternative way to fix the problem.

We can charge our power wheel battery by using some proven methods even we do not have any chargers. It is possible to charge a power wheel battery by using a car battery, laptop charger, power supply, home inverter, and solar panel.

You can visit this link to know the overall procedure of “how to charge kids electric car battery without charger."

Besides, specifically, be told, we need a universal charger to do the job done when the main charger is lost.

As already, we have known that there are 3 types of chargers are available in the market. 12v -1-amp charger, 6v -1amp charger, 6v 350 math charger. But as a matter of fact, there is some other rated charger available. These are special for some unique purpose.

But then the question comes whether we should use it or not?

To answer that, we have to consider some essential parameters-

Ah is one of the critical parameters in this case. This indicates how long the battery can survive without charging. This means how long the battery can withstand power giving capability. Higher the Ah, the higher the power is giving capacity.

  • The charger's output current is another phenomenon to consider. Higher the output current means the faster charging capacity. So 12v -3amp charger charges faster than 12v- 1amp charger. Which is quite approximately gives three times faster charge.
  • The output of the adapters. Maximum cases, we use the adapters to charge the battery. But the specification is a significant thing to consider. Remember, Low current than rated need and higher voltage than the rated necessities are harmful. However, you can charge for a fair amount of time. But the battery is not going to last too long.
  • This for a very urgent case. Instead of buying a stock charger, try to buy the Schumacher car battery charger. It charges both 6v and 12v with 1.5-amp charging power. Maybe you can use a 2A charger for sudden unexpected purposes. But it's better to avoid further charging.

Why Should You Own a Power Wheel Battery Charger?

Why Should You Own a Power Wheel Battery Charger

Let's discuss the top reasons why you should own a power wheel battery charger.

1. Easy to Take One With You Wherever You Go:

The most exciting thing about these tools is that you don't need to set a space for them. Years ago, people needed to place the charger on a shelf. But today, you can set the charger at any place where you can get an electrical channel.

2. They are Tiny:

The ride-on toy charger is a small device that can easily fit inside glove boxes or toolboxes. These chargers are only weighing a few pounds. Besides, you can quickly start charging your battery in a matter of minutes, where you will find an electrical outlet. You may also get some batteries so tiny that you can easily take them in your pocket.

3. Very Cheap:

Getting a battery charger for your power wheel isn't too costly. They are comparatively cheaper to produce. You can get a charger for under $100 and often a lot cheaper.

4. Preserve Your Recreational Toys on the Ready:

Ever had an enthusiasm of the moment thought to take your loving ride on cars out on the first wondrous springtime? If your battery did nothing but sit during winter, you should charge it before taking it out. Having a charger can simply keep the battery up and make it ready for outdoor adventures.

An Easy to Follow Guide to Care for Your power wheel Battery:

1.  Clean the Toy Car Cables:

Clean the Toy Car Cables

Firstly, you should clean the top of your ride-on toy car battery to remove any corrosion from the cables. You can do this by using water, baking soda, and a brush (non-metallic).

Disconnect the wires after flushing it with normal water, but ensure that you start from the opposing end.

After that, loosen the wire clamp bolts and give it a slight twist. Once you remove them finally, clean off the corrosion around the battery edges.

2. Check the Electrolyte Level:

By slightly prying off the battery cell's cover, you can check the electrolyte level. The mixture of water and acid in the battery or named electrolyte should be around ½ inch deep.

You should ensure that you are filling only distilled water in the cells if needed. Then, never forget to look at the case of the battery for cracks. If there is any crack, replace the battery as soon as possible.

3. Check and Charge the Battery

You should check the water and acid level in each cell. You can pressure the ball and make a solution to the checker.

Hold the checker and calculate the reading, then flow the mixture back to the cell. Keep in mind that a full charge battery shows a 1.265 or higher reading. You should recharge the battery if you find the reading below this point.

4. Disconnect the Negative Cable:

Disconnect the Negative Cable

Make sure that you are removing the hold-down clamp of the battery. Starting with the negative end of the battery while disconnecting the wires and then the positive end. Besides, don't forget to replace your running battery with one that contains a higher rating.

5. Remove the Old Battery:

Do this by taking the help of a sturdy strap to the battery's side and slowly removing it. Be careful when you do the task because the acid can be dangerous.

6. Reinstall Clamps and Cables

Carefully deal with the new battery and set it in the right position. Then, join the hold-down clamp and cables to the positive end, the opposing end afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Average Charging Period?

What is the Average Charging Period

Answer: The Charging period depends on the mAh of the battery. Maximum cases, it takes near about 10-15 hours to charge with a 10v-1amp charger. At the first time of charging, it takes more.

2. How to Enhance The Battery Life of a Power Wheel?

Answer: Battery performance mainly shows a lasting battery period, which largely depends on battery Ah capacity. To increase the battery capacity, we can use an extra battery or battery with a higher voltage.

3. How Frequently Should I Charge the Battery?

Answer: Typically, if you use the power wheel for 4-6 hours long, then each time after your kid uses it, you should put the battery on charge.

4. After How Many Hours Of Charging, The Battery Health Can Be At Risk?

Answer: Well, this depends on the types of batteries, though. But in a general sense, a charging period of more than 30 hours can damage battery health.

5.How to Charge a Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery?

Answer: When it comes to charging fisher-price-power-wheels-battery, you need to use the power wheel 12V charger with a 12V connector. Now, find out the battery socket and plug the charger connector into it. After that, plug the charger directly to the power socket. It is advisable to charge your power wheel battery at least 14 to 18 hours.


There you have the in-depth guide "how to charge power wheels battery." It can be complicated to recharge the power wheel battery. Besides, it seems to be a bit time-consuming task for many of the parents as well.

But you can follow the simple guide mentioned above for recharging your power wheels batteries in no time at all. However, it's a good practice to use the right charger for the right product.

But in case of an emergency, you may use an unrated one. But ensure it's not high in current output so that your battery remains safe. Have a Good time, and enjoy the power wheels at full power. Good luck till then; stay safe. See you guys soon.