Do Hot Wheels And Matchbox Tracks Connect

Peter Simms // Last Updated on October 1, 2023

As kids, we all enjoyed playing with toy cars. And for many of us, that meant collecting and racing Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars on cool tracks. But have you ever wondered, “Do Hot Wheels And Matchbox Tracks Connect?”

The answer is yes! Both brands’ tracks are interchangeable, so you can mix and match the tracks to create a larger layout.

This article will explore everything you need to know about how to connect Hot Wheels and Matchbox tracks.

How are Matchbox and Hot Wheels Similar?

How are Matchbox and Hot Wheels Similar

Matchbox and Hot Wheels are both brands of die-cast toy cars owned by Mattel. They are made of metal and are nearly the same size (around 3 inches long). Both offer a range of car types, like sports cars, construction vehicles, and emergency vehicles.

However, they have some differences. For instance, Matchbox cars have a more realistic design than the cars we see on the street. They have realistic colors and details, like doors that open and hoods that lift.

In contrast, Hot Wheels cars have a more fantastical and imaginative design. They often feature bright colors, bold designs and exaggerated features such as oversized wheels or spoilers.

Also, Hot Wheels cars are known to be more collectible than Matchbox cars. They have special limited edition releases and series loved by many collectors.

Do Hot Wheels and Matchbox Tracks Connect?

Yes, Hot Wheels and Matchbox tracks can connect. Mattel owns both brands and has worked to ensure their track systems are compatible. They use a standard connector system, which means most straight tracks can be interchanged. But some curves, loops, or other special track pieces may not work with all tracks.

Nevertheless, you may find minor differences in track width or connection styles, especially if you're using older tracks from one brand with newer tracks from another. You may need to adjust the tracks slightly or use an adapter from a third party in such cases.

How to Connect Hot Wheels Tracks?

How to Connect Hot Wheels Tracks

Connecting Hot Wheels tracks is easy! You only need a connector that has a press button in the middle and two rounded blocks on each side.

  • First, to connect the tracks, put one side of the connector into the gap under the first track.
  • Second, put the other side of the connector into the gap under the second track.
  • Make sure the rounded blocks fit into the holes at the end of each track and the press button fits into the notches.
  • Repeating the same process can connect more tracks to make a longer one.

Easy 5 Steps to Connect Hot Wheels and Matchbox Tracks:

Connect Hot Wheels and Matchbox tracks to make your toy car races more fun. It is a great way to extend your racing track as long as you wish! Just follow these simple steps to connect Hot Wheels and Matchbox tracks.

1. Identify the type of tracks

First, check the type of tracks you have. It's important because not all tracks can be connected. Hot Wheels tracks are wider and have a larger tab that locks the tracks in place. Matchbox tracks, on the other hand, have a smaller tab and are narrower.

2. Connect the tracks

To connect Hot Wheels and Matchbox tracks, you need to use the connectors that came with each set. Just snap one end of a connector onto one track piece and the other end onto another track piece. Make sure they line up and snap together firmly. Be careful not to damage the tracks when you snap them together, as some connectors need a little force.

So, doesn’t matter if you have a Hot Wheels or a Matchbox track set. You can easily expand your collection and have unlimited racing fun with your toy cars! I hope this article satisfies your curiosity about how to connect Hot Wheels tracks.

3. Test the connection

After connecting the tracks, test the connection to ensure the cars can race smoothly without interruption. Ensure the track is level and secure so the cars don't fly off or derail during the race.

4. Expand the track

Once you have successfully connected the tracks, you can expand your track by adding additional pieces. Mix and match Hot Wheels and Matchbox tracks to create a more diverse and exciting racing experience.

Bonus Tip: Add accessories like loops, jumps, and ramps to create a more challenging race track.

5. Race!

When you have put everything in place, it's time to race! Pick your favorite Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, and start your race.

How To Take Apart Hot Wheels Tracks?

Follow these steps to take apart Hot Wheels tracks:

  • Begin from the end of the track and work your way backward. Clear any cars that are on track.
  • Locate the connectors that hold the track sections together. Gently pull them to release the track sections from each other. You may need to apply some pressure, but be careful not to break the connectors.
  • Once the connectors are released, lift the track sections apart. You may need to wiggle them a bit to loosen any tight connections.
  • Repeat the process until all the track sections are separated.

If you have trouble separating the track sections, try twisting them slightly or gently using a small flathead screwdriver to pry them apart. Be careful not to damage the track or the connectors.

Can you connect Hot Wheels track sets together?

Can You Connect Hot Wheels Track Sets Together

Yes, you can connect different Hot Wheels tracks as long as they have compatible connectors. Most Hot Wheels tracks have the same connector type, so they should fit together without problems.

However, some sets may have unique connectors that make them incompatible with other sets. If you need more clarification, check the packaging or Hot Wheels track set-up instructions to see if the sets are compatible.

Do old and new Hot Wheels tracks connect?

In general, old and new Hot Wheels tracks should be compatible and able to connect. The track pieces and connectors have stayed the same over the years. This means you can connect older and newer tracks without any big problems.

But, you may find some small differences in the design or size of the connectors. Newer tracks also have extra features like loops or launchers, which could change how they connect. You may need to experiment to get them to fit together perfectly.

Which Hot Wheels tracks connect to Ultimate Garage?

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is compatible with most Hot Wheels tracks. For example, you can connect it to

Also, if you have any other Hot Wheels tracks with the same connectors as these sets, they can connect to the Ultimate Garage.

Do Hot Wheels Roto Revolution connect to other tracks?

Do Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Connect to Other Tracks

Unfortunately not! The Hot Wheels Roto Revolution track set is designed to be a standalone set. It does not have connectors to attach to other Hot Wheels tracks.

The set includes a circular track with a motorized base that rotates and sends cars racing around the track. The cars in the set are also specially designed to work with the circular track and may not work well on other tracks.

However, you can still create custom tracks using other Hot Wheels sets and use the Roto Revolution cars on those tracks if you wish.

Final Words

Hot Wheels and Matchbox tracks are produced by the same company and are designed to be compatible. This means you can connect Hot Wheels and Matchbox tracks to create an even longer and more exciting racetrack for your toy cars to zoom around. You only need the same connectors and a few simple steps to connect the tracks.