How To Deal With The Power Wheels Smart Drive System With A 20v Power Tool Battery Conversion?

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 27, 2023

Kids love to play with Power wheel toys. These small toys provide a lot of fun, but because of their small battery, it limits the fun. It can be an effective way to attach with a 20v Power tool battery for long-time fun. But how to deal with it?

Determine the power wheel voltage requirement and ensure the battery has enough power to support the vehicle. If the battery is fine, remove the old battery and mount the 20V battery and take a test ride.

I will teach you in detail how to convert your power wheels smart drive system with a 20V power tool battery.

How to Deal with the Power Wheels Smart Drive System with a 20v Power Tool Battery Conversion?

How to Deal with the Power Wheels Smart Drive System with a 20v Power Tool Battery Conversion

You need some modifications to convert your parent control power wheels vehicle to a powerful 20V battery. Follow the below simple steps to deal with the modification of the power wheel battery.

5 Steps to Follow to Modify the Power Wheel to a 20V Power Tool Battery:

Step 1- Determine the Voltage

Determine the Voltage

First, you will need to determine the voltage requirements of the power wheel vehicle and the 20V power tool battery. 

Ensure that a 20V battery can provide enough power for your power wheels. You must ensure that the voltage is compatible with the power wheels’ drive system.

Step 2- Understand the Wiring Structure

Understand the Wiring Structure

Before converting the battery to 20V, you should check the wiring structure for your power wheels

If you have the user manual, you can read and understand the wiring structure of your power wheel vehicle. From the wiring diagram, clearly understand the motor and power source connections.

Step 3- Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect the battery from your power wheel. The battery in the power wheels is under the driver’s seat. Remove the driver seat by unscrewing the screws and removing the battery compartment cover. 

Disconnect the positive wire first and then the negative wire. Once the battery is disconnected, take out the battery.

Step 4- Connect the New Battery

Connect the New Battery

Now take the 20V power tool battery and connect it to the wires. Ensure you have connected the correct wires. 

The red wire is for the positive terminal, and the black or blue wire is connected to the negative terminal. Makes sure connections are tight and the battery is placed correctly.

Step 5- Test the battery

Once the battery is installed, put the cover back and mount the driver seat. Now test the battery by riding your power wheel for a few yards. Ensure the battery is charged; otherwise, recharge it and then take a test ride.


It is a good idea to convert the power wheels’ smart drive system to a 20V power tool battery. Converting a low-power, power wheels battery to a 20V power tool battery is cost-effective and efficient. It is an excellent way to improve power wheels’ vehicle performance and provide more fun to your kids.

Additional Questions

Can you operate a Power Wheels using a Dewalt battery?

Absolutely! To do this, you will need to convert the voltage of the Dewalt battery down to a level that the Power Wheels car can handle. Typically, Power Wheels cars come with a 12v battery, and the Dewalt battery is usually 18v or 20v. Using a voltage regulator can solve this discrepancy. The voltage regulator will take in the higher voltage from the Dewalt battery and then output a smaller, regulated voltage that the Power Wheels vehicle can use without damaging its components.

What is the maximum voltage that a Power Wheels car can handle?

Power Wheels cars are designed to operate on a 12v battery. However, some models also allow for a maximum of 18v. This is especially true for Power Wheels models that come with a 550 motor. Despite this, continuous use at such a high voltage usually leads to engine failure. An attempt to operate the Power Wheels at 24v results in immediate damage to the engine, reducing its lifespan to virtually a single day. It’s highly recommended therefore to stick to the suggested 12 volts for the longevity and safety of your Power Wheels car.

How can you convert a 20v battery to a 12v?

Converting a 20v battery to 12v, though sounds complex, is a rather straightforward process. The use of a voltage regulator can come in handy. The regulator accepts the higher, unregulated voltage from the battery as input and then outputs a regulated form of a lower voltage. In this case, the 20v from your Dewalt battery serves as input and the output is 12v. Prior to getting a regulator, it’s crucial you know the current spec your Power Wheels car needs. That way, the regulator can effectively maintain this current requirement while regulating the voltage.

How do you upgrade a Power Wheels car to use a 24v battery?

Upgrading a Power Wheels car to be powered by a 24v battery is not usually recommended, as the standard motors that come with most Power Wheels models aren’t designed to handle such a high voltage. Nonetheless, if you wish to proceed, you will need a 24v battery, 24v charger, and a 24v motor. Note that using a 24v battery without upgrading the motor will result in motor failure and may pose a danger to the driver. Always remember that safety comes first when dealing with such modifications.