How To Dispose Of Power Wheels Battery In A Safe Manner

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 26, 2023

Does your power wheel battery become dead? Do you want to get rid of your dead battery? You are searching but not finding the right way to dispose of it? If so, then you are here at the right place.

Lithium or lead-acid batteries are used for power wheels, so you cannot throw these in your home trash bin. It can be harmful to the surroundings and also is against the law. That’s why it is important to know the right way to dispose of the dead power wheels battery (Lithium or lead-acid).

Keep reading to know the best ways to dispose of and recycle the power wheels batteries.

Why Do You Need Proper Disposal and Recycling of Batteries?

Why Do You Need Proper Disposal and Recycling of Batteries

Proper disposal and recycling of old dead power wheels batteries are essential because they contain harmful chemicals. Lithium-ion batteries should be kept separate from the household waste collection because of fire hazards associated with them. It may catch fire if it is mishandled.

On the other hand, lead-acid batteries are also dangerous to put in household trash. There are 21 pounds of lead in a lead-acid battery, one-gallon sulfuric acid, and 3 pounds of plastic. Lead can pollute the environment, while plastic can become the permanent reason for land pollution. The most dangerous is sulfuric acid that may burn if mishandled.

Disposing of batteries in household trash is also prohibited by law, and you need proper disposal and recycling of old dead batteries.

An Important Thing To Note:

Water and air are the two essential resources for every living thing. But the negative side is that when you improperly dispose of a power wheel battery, they can cause air and water pollution.

When dead batteries are tossed into the household trash, they end up in landfills where they damage and leak. Toxic chemicals rush out in the air and cause many breathing issues. In many cities, household wastage is dropped in the sea or rivers to harm aquatic living things.

So being good citizens, we must protect our environment by ensuring proper disposal of batteries.

Benefits of Recycling the Power Wheels Battery

Benefits of Recycling the Power Wheels Battery
  • You can protect yourself and the environment by proper disposal and recycling of dead Power wheels batteries.
  • You can also save some amount by selling old batteries
  • You can recover non-renewable materials
  • The risk of explosion and fire also reduced
  • You also protect you from facing legal action

How To Dispose Of A Power Wheel Battery?

When it comes to disposing of the power wheels battery, ensure strict compliance with guidelines for safe disposal.

Remove The Battery From The Power Wheels.

Remove The Battery From The Power Wheels
  • Your safety is first, so wear the safety gear to protect you from any unwanted instance. There is a chance that your lead acid battery may leak that can harm you. Wear glasses to protect your eyes because fluids in batteries can harm your eyes. Wear gloves for hands protection and goggle-style eye protectors.
  • Now disconnect the battery; when removing the battery, lose negative terminals first. Remove the ground cable and tuck it to the side. Repeat the same process for power wheels battery positive terminals. Keep cables away and ensure you do not contact the battery again.
  • Batteries in power wheels are secured in different ways. So first, identify how secured straps or clips are used to connect. If you have a manual guide, it would be best to follow the instructions. Otherwise, if there is a strap, then first lose the strap and remove it. But if there is a clip, then open the clip to remove the battery.
  • Do a thorough inspection of the battery to ensure safe transport. If your battery has been damaged in an accident, then there is a risk in transportation. You should do some more safety measures to transport damaged batteries.

Prepare A Power Wheel Battery For Transport.

  • Once you have removed the battery from power wheels, it does not mean transport it as you removed it. You need particular actions to prepare the battery to transport safely for disposing of.
  • Battery that you have removed may not be in good condition, so it is better to wrap it in a plastic bag. So when you wrap it in the plastic bag, it will become secure when transporting.
  • When transporting the battery, especially when you have a lead-acid battery, do not place it upside down. Ensure all the time it remains upright to keep it safe to transport. If its position disturbs, it may cause leakage of acid that may also burn the plastic bag.
  • You should bring the battery to the recycling center. You may know about your town, but if you do not know then take help from a friend or search on the internet. If your battery is leaked, then ask them to pick up the battery from your home.

How to Recycle Power Wheel Batteries?

  • When you are recycling the power wheels battery, the first thing that is essential to do is to find the store that accepts that battery. Most of the stores accept the batteries, its chargers, and other toys and electronic parts. If you have found them then give them all motors, wires, circuit boards, and batteries for recycling.
  • Despite this, if the battery cannot be recycled, it is better to replace it with a new power wheel battery. You can also sell the old power wheels battery. Many stores can purchase old power wheel batteries from you. Popular stores where you can sell power wheel batteries are Home Depot, Lowes, and Best Buy.
  • If you see your battery is damaged and cannot recycle and you cannot sell. Then it is better to give it for free for proper disposal at any store. Many trustworthy stores will accept your damaged power wheels battery for free.
  • You have brought your battery to the store, and it is possible to recycle, then do not forget to recycle the charger. Bring charger and battery together for recycling.

How To Get Rid Of Old Power Wheel Batteries?

Once you have removed the battery, it is best if it recycles. But if not possible, then find some way to sell it. Facebook, Craigslist, and eBay can be the best platforms to sell old batteries for 10 to 20 dollars.

Mostly, you will need to give it for free. Because these small vehicle batteries contain a lot of plastic and many stores do not accept it. If not possible to sell, then you can donate batteries at Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Can I Throw Away My Power Wheels Battery If It Is Lithium-Ion?

No, you cannot dispose of your power wheels battery in any case. No matter lead acid or Lithium-ion battery, you need proper disposal. You should ensure its disposal at an e-waste collection point for proper recycling. It can cause a fire because it quickly catches fire.

Can I Get Some Money From A Dead Power Wheel Battery?

Yes, it is possible; if your battery is not damaged too much, you can sell it. You may get 10 to 20 dollars for a dead power wheel battery. But if not possible, then give it for free but do not throw it as household waste.


Power wheels battery has 2 to 4 years of age if handled properly. If your power wheel battery is dead or damaged due to any reason, do not throw it in open waste. You should ensure its proper recycling or disposal for the safety of you, others, and your environment.

Throwing batteries in household waste may harm others. It will also cause pollution and may harm the aquatic living things if thrown in the water. You must properly dispose of the power wheels battery.

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