This Is An Amazing Guide On How To Fix Power Wheels Motors

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 27, 2023

How to fix the power wheels Motor? Fixing the power wheels motor is easy if you follow the proper steps. It will help you to repair the motor and get back on the road quickly.

  • Test the motor
  • Remove Motor cover
  • Remove the gearbox
  • Detach the motor
  • Repair the motor
  • Test the motor
  • Reassemble the motor and gearbox

However, to learn the steps in detail, keep reading the below blog. I will teach you how you can fix the power wheels motor without creating a mess.

About Power wheel Troubleshoot:

About Power wheel Troubleshoot

When it comes to power wheels motor troubleshooting, you need to make sure that you choose the right motor for your power wheel model. And Choosing the right motor for your power wheel depends on two important things:

  • How much voltage you want to put into them
  • You are looking for more speed for hills, tall grass, and demo derbies.

You will find 550 motors in most ride-on toys or power-wheel vehicles. That mentions the bodily size of the power wheel motor. They are also designed to allow 775 motors as well.

The torque or speed of the power wheel brushless motor depends on the number of turns. This mentions the copper wire wrapped around the rotating coil inside the motor. The top speed of the motor depends on fewer turns. You can go through steep heels and grass using a low motor turn.

The ride-on toys or power wheel vehicles have never expressed the number of turns of the motor. But we assume that it is around 27. The number of turns of a 775 motor differs from that of a 550 motor. Some motors come with the “opposite rotation” associate option.

It doesn’t imply that the motor spins backward when power is given. It mentions the timing of the motor. It can be times and go with speed just in one way then the other. Power wheel vehicles come with one motor spinning forward and one spinning backward.

That is why having one motor with forwarding spins and one with reverse spin brings a little advantage in power wheels, even if it is a 2 seater parental control car.

Ways to repair power wheels motor: Easy Steps to Follow

Before allowing the soothes of your eyes to ride, ensure all the power wheel parts are in good condition. Power wheels replacement switches to motors are some key parts to be fixed immediately if you find any problem.

Repairing a power wheels motor is not a tough job once you have the right tools and skills to finish the job. It will take a maximum of 20 minutes to repair the power wheels motor. Let's learn the easiest way to fix a broken or damaged power wheels motor.

Things you need:

  • Tin wire
  • Soldering gun
  • Battery
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Jack Stand

How To Repair The Power Wheels Motor?

How To Repair The Power Wheels Motor

Step 1- Test The Motor

First, you need to confirm the power wheels motor problem. You have an easy way to check the power wheel motor. Pull up your power wheels with a Jack stand; ensure the front wheels are free to move.

Power wheels front wheels should move faster, spin both wheels and check the speed. Does the wheel on the passenger side move faster, but the wheel on the driver's side moves slower? If it moves slowly and creates noise, you have a problem with the power wheels motor.

Your motor is shot, or wires are disconnected, putting your motor in electric braking. Because of the auto brake driver's side wheel become so hard to move.

Step 2- Remove The Motor Cover

The motor is covered in a plastic or metal cover fixed with screws. Take the screwdriver and unscrew the screws to remove the cover.

After removing the cover, check the wires; you can easily spot if the wire is disconnected. You should check the metal motor to see if the wire does not have a problem. Brass may break or be damaged.

Unscrew the internal screws and take them out. You will need to fix it to get back on the road. While pulling it apart, first label the wires on the motor. If you wrongly connect them, the motor will spin backward.

Step 3- Remove The Gearbox

Remove The Gearbox

Once the wires are marked on the motor, unscrew the gearbox screws and take them apart. After removing the gearbox, check the tabs on the gearbox. If the tab is broken, it will disconnect the motor and not work until it is connected properly.

Step 4- Desolder The Broken Tab

Desolder The Broken Tab

Take the gearbox to the workbench. You need to work with patience and care to protect motor tabs from further damage. Check the broken tabs; here, you will also see the plastic and ballad collection.

Take the soldering gun and literally melt that; you will see a little puddle around it. Try to cover both sides of the tab to fix the problem correctly.

Step 5- Connect A Wire To Plunge

Connect A Wire To Plunge

The next step is to connect the wire to the plunge through the hole. You will need the tin wire to connect the wire to the plunge.

Step 6- Test The Motor

Test The Motor

Once the wire is connected, test the motor by connecting it to the battery. If the motor speed is okay, you have fixed the problem.

Step 7- Reinstall The Motor

Reinstall the motor to the gearbox and then put the gearbox back in its place. While reinstalling, use a hammer to properly fix the motor and gearbox at their proper place. Put the cover back and screw it using screwdrivers. Your power wheel is ready to take a smooth ride.

How To Replace Power Wheels Motor?

Power wheels motors are easy to replace

Replacing the power wheels motor/power wheels motor replacement is a simple process, but ensure you have the proper skills. Never do that job until you are confident you have read the below steps and understand them clearly.

Things you need:

  • Pliers
  • Soldering gun
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hammer
  • Drive Socket (7/16)
  • New motors 2 or 4 as your power wheels needed
  • Wiring
  • Pinions

Step 1- Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect the Battery

Disconnecting the electric equipment from its power source is a crucial step for safety while working with electric equipment. So, first, disconnect the power wheels battery by disconnecting its positive wires. If possible, remove the. It will ensure the battery cannot supply power while you work.

Step 2- Detach Power Wheel Wheels

Detach Power Wheel Wheels

Mostly do not need to remove the wheels. But if the motor or gearbox is under the compartment or hood, then it is a must to remove the wheels.

Pop the plastic cap off the centre axle using a flathead screwdriver. Here you will see a small “push nut,” which is located underneath the axle. Remove the push nut by using needle nose pliers.

Once the cap and push nut remove, you can access the wheels. Gently pull the wheels forth and back and remove them.

Step 3- Remove The Power Wheels Motor

Remove The Power Wheels Motor

After removing the wheels, you will see the compartment cover. First, unscrew the cover and remove it. Now you can see the gearbox and motor. The motor is attached to the gearbox with wires and screws.

First, detach the wires and unscrew the screws using a flathead screwdriver. Once the screws and wires are removed, it is easy for you to remove the motor with a little pull.

Step 4- Insert the New Motor

Insert the New Motor

Once the damaged motor is pulled apart, it’s time to install the new motor in its place.  Uncover the motor and check the pinions and wires. Your motor carries the wires and pinions; if not, you can use the old wires, if not damaged. Otherwise, you need to purchase wires separately.

Connect the motor wires correctly and then push the motor on the gearbox to fit it in its place. For firm, fitting push, install the screws.

Step 5- Reassemble and Test

Reassemble and Test

If you have removed the gearbox, reassemble it and put the cover back. Put back the wheels and axle cap. Connect the battery wires and then test the power wheels motor. Start the power wheels, take a ride, and ensure the motor provides enough speed. 

HOW TO REPLACE A Motor In A Power Wheels Mustang?

Mustang Power Wheels come with easier motor installation than other power wheels models. It will not take more than 10 minutes to replace the motor in a Mustang Power Wheels car once you have the proper tools.

Things you need:

  • Soldering Gun (Torch)
  • Screwdriver
  • New Motor
  • Safety Gloves

Step 1- Take Off The Seat

Take Off The Seat

The Mustang power wheels gearbox is located under the seat. So first, remove the seat to access the gearbox compartment.

Step 2- Apply Heat With A Soldering Gun

Use a torch for heating the wires terminals connected to the old motor. Once the terminals are melted, you can easily remove them apart.

Step 3- Remove The Old Motor

Remove The Old Motor

The motor is attached to the gearbox by screws. First, unscrew the screws using a flathead screwdriver. Gently remove the motor and set it apart.

Step 4- Insert The New Motor

Insert The New Motor

After removal of the old motor, install the new motor and attach it to the gearbox using screws. Ensure screws are tight to keep the motor fixed in the proper place. After screwing, connect the motor to the wires.

Be careful while attaching wires to the motor; positive wire should be connected to the positive terminal and negative to negative. Otherwise, the motor will run backward.

Step 5- Test the Motor

Before reassembling the motor, test it to ensure it is working correctly. After connecting the motor to the battery, test its speed. If it is okay, reassemble the gearbox, cover, and seats.

How To Change Motors For A Kid's Electric Car?

Kid's electric car motor replacement differs from power wheels models. It is simpler and takes less time than power wheels motor replacement.

Things you need:

  • Left and right motors
  • Soldering gun

Steps to change motors for kids' electric car

Step 1- Test the New motors

Test the New motors

For an electric car, you need two motors; one is for the left side while the other is for the right side. When changing the old motors with new ones, first ensures that your new motors are faster and more efficient than the previous ones.

You can buy the motors with more power and RPM for fast speed than the existing ones. Disconnect the one older motor and attach the new motor in its place.

After connecting the new motor, connect the terminals with the battery and compare their speed. The new high RPM motor's speed should be faster than the old motor.

Step 2- Attach The Second Motor

Attach The Second Motor

After confirmation of speed, take the new motor and connect it to another new motor. One is for the left wheels, and the other is for the right side wheels.

Once both are connected, attach them to the battery and check their speed. If speed is okay, your motors are ready for assembling into an electric kid's car. Mark the motors left and right for easy identification.

Step 3- Install The Motors

First, install the motors on the left side of the wheels. Remove the wheels by unscrewing the nuts by hand. Remove the wheel and set it aside. Attach the motor with the axle point and return it to the axle.

After attaching it to the axle, put back the wheel and tighten the nut. Ensure it is tight enough; otherwise, you may experience bubbling while riding. Repeat a similar process for the right side.

Once both of the motors are installed, test the wheels' speed. Switch on the electric car, and test the wheels' speed using a remote. If speed increases, you have successfully done the job.


Power Wheel Motor is durable and efficient, but you often need to repair or replace it. Replacing the electric equipment is challenging but easy for power wheels.

You can easily repair or replace a power wheel motor once you learn the process. A good power wheel motor ensures excellent performance and enhances your kid's happiness.