How to Hang Hot Wheels On Wall: DIY Wall Hanger Ideas

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 30, 2023

If you are looking for a great way to store or display your Hot Wheels collections, then hanging it on the wall is probably the easiest solution. Without setting up any shelves, this technique would be a very cool idea for hot wheels collectors. My question is, how do I hang my Hot Wheels collections on the wall?

  • You can hang Hot Wheels on the wall using drawing pins.
  • Take your Hot Wheels pack and place it on the wall.
  • Then, put a drawing pin in the hanging point without damaging the case. Serially set all the Hot Wheels for a better look.

Besides, you also can make a slider or use adhesive hooks. But how? Stay tuned with me till the end to learn different ways how to hang hot wheels on the wall.

Where should I store my Hot Wheels: hot wheels display hanger

Where Should I Store My Hot Wheels - Hot Wheels Display Hanger

You should store your Hot Wheels in protective cases. They will protect your diecast cars from dust and other external hazards. 

Plus, you can use the protective case for hanging Hot Wheels cars on the wall. But where to get Hot Wheels protective cases?

Sterling Protector Case Mainline for Hot Wheels & Matchbox

You can collect the Sterling Protector Case Mainline for Hot Wheels online. Besides Hot Wheels, Matchbox diecast cars also fit inside these packs.

These cases are plastic made and transparent. They also have space on the upper part for hanging. That's why I recommend you collect Hot Wheels cases to protect and hang your diecast cars on the wall.

How to hang Hot Wheels on wall: DIY hot wheels display ideas

Different people have separate tastes and like to display their Hot Wheels collection in different ways. That's why today, I will share three distinct ideas on how you can hang Hot Wheels on the Wall.

They are:

  • Drawing pins
  • Ceiling grid cover kit
  • Adhesive hooks

You can display your Hot Wheels following any ideas you want. Let's dive deep into the details:

Idea #1: Hang Hot Wheels using drawing pins

Things you will need:

  • Push/Drawing pins

Step 1: Select Wall & Get Drawing Pins

First, select which wall you will use to hang your Hot Wheels. Then get these Yalish Thumb Tacks Push Pins online. You can push them on walls with bare hands, and they will stick. That's why you don't need any extra tools.

Step 2: Hang the first Hot Wheels

Now, take the Hot Wheels Car pack and place it on the wall. You can hang 5 to 10 Hot Wheels per column. Start hanging from the bottom. After placing the pack on the wall, push the pin on the hanging gap.

Step 3: Hang the rest of the Hot Wheels

After the first one, place the second Hot Wheels slightly above and again push the pin. I like to show the main car body, and that's why I'm covering the poster while hanging the diecast cars.

This is quite an easy process to hang Hot Wheels. If you are up for a little more complicated DIY method with more fun, then check my second idea.

Idea #2: Hang Hot Wheels using a ceiling grid cover kit

Things you will need:

  • Ceiling grid cover kit
  • Large measurement scale
  • Pencil
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

Step 1: Get a Ceiling grid cover kit

First, purchase these EZ-On T-bar Ceiling Grid Cover Kit. They are also known as ceiling straps. I like these straps as I can slide the Hot Wheels through them.

Step 2: Take measurements 

Now, take a pencil and a long measurement scale to take measurements and draw lines on the wall. Take a hot wheel and place it on the wall to check how much space it will take. Draw a slightly narrow line as the edges of the packs will slide through the cover kits.

Caution: Ensure that you draw the lines straight, or else the cars won't slide properly.

Step 3: Attach tape to cover kit

The cover kits don't come with adhesive. That's why you need to attach two-sided tape on the back. Get this Phinus Double Sided Tape, which is excellent for heavy-duty work. 

You will need a lot of these tapes. That's why I recommend you to attach one-inch tape and then keep a few inches of space.

Step 4: Stick on the wall

After attaching the double-sided tape well, take off the red portion from the tape to reveal the sticky surface. 

Then attach the cover kit to your walls following the marks you drew earlier. Do this step carefully, as the ceiling straps won't come out once you have attached them.

Step 5: Block the bottom

Now, you can slide the Hot Wheels through the lines. But it will fall down through the bottom. Attach the ceiling cover kit on the bottom too to block the exit.

It really looks cool. But if you want to stick to the hanging method but don't wanna push pins through the walls, follow my next idea.

Idea #3: Hang Hot Wheels using adhesive hooks

Hang Hot Wheels using adhesive hooks

Things you will need:

  • Adhesive hooks

Step 1: Get adhesive hooks

First, purchase good-quality adhesive hooks from your local hardware store or online. The FACURY Large Adhesive Hooks are pretty good quality and can hold up to 22 lbs.

Step 2: Stick the hooks on the wall

Now, take off the sticker from the hooks to reveal the glue. Then adhere it to the wall.

Step 3: Hang Hot Wheels on the hook

After properly sticking the hooks on the wall, hang your Hot Wheels on it. Then stick another adhesive hook slightly above, in the similar way I explained in idea #1, and hang the second Hot Wheels diecast car, followed by the others.

How to hang Hot Wheels track on wall?

You can hang your Hot Wheels tracks on the wall using heavy-duty double-sided tape. Attach the double-sided tape on one side of the tracks in a way that keeps the bottom of the tracks facing the floor.

This is a great idea as you can play with Hot Wheels on the wall, or you may keep some of your Hot Wheels on the tracks for display.

How do you attach Hot Wheels to the wall?

Use the 3M Command Damage-Free Hanging Mega pack to attach Hot Wheels to the wall. Peel off the sticky material and attach it to the Hot Wheels pack and then press it on the wall to attach.

How do you hang Hot Wheels on the wall without damaging it?

How Do You Hang Hot Wheels On The Wall Without Damaging It

You can use adhesive hooks to hang Hot Wheels on the wall without damaging it. This process doesn't require you to drill through the wall. Thus, it keeps your wall safe while hanging Hot Wheels Car.

How do you store Hot Wheels?

You should store your Hot Wheels in a protective case or box. These materials are usually plastic and transparent. You can either get single boxes or a large storage box for Hot Wheels.


Just like the automotive industry, the value of hot wheels is increasing day-by-day. I have shared three different hot wheels hanging ideas on the wall. 

The first one is the easiest and displays your collection in the best way. If you don't want to use pins, you should go for the third one. The second one is my favorite as I like the idea of sliding the Hot Wheels.