DIY Hack To Make Hot Wheels Track

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 27, 2023

Want to unleash your creativity by building your unique and amazing hot wheels tracks for endless racing fun? If yes, then you are here at the right place. But if you are a newbie and you don’t know the procedures, then making a hot wheels track will be a bit tough for you.

You may find multiple DIY hot wheels track ideas. Among these ideas, I will let you know how to make hot wheels track easily and quickly.

Firstly, cut the main track 5 to 6 inches wider. Then add supports from both sides depending on the material you have chosen. Once you have glued or stapled the supports, set the track at a suitable angle for an excellent hot wheels ride.

Stay tuned with me to learn the easiest ways to make hot wheels car tracks. The article below will teach you multiple DIY hot wheels track developing techniques.

How to Make Hot Wheels Track- 2 DIY Ideas/Methods

You can make hot wheels track in different ways with the help of different materials. Here you will learn how to make hot wheel tracks from paper and wood.

Method 1: Making Hot Wheels Track with Paper

Making hot wheel tracks using paper material is one of the most affordable and effortless options. Hot Wheels cars are lightweight kid’s toys, so that a paper track can be durable for hot wheels.

Things you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Gypsy or blue wall
  • Small Wooden Boxes

5 Easy Steps- How to Make Paper Hot Wheels Track?

Step 1- Cut the Paper Into Pieces

Cut the Paper Into Pieces

First, take the scissors and cut the paper into three to four straight pieces. While cutting, make sure each paper piece should be 5 to 6 inches in diameter. 

Note: A 5 to 6 inches wide track is OK; never make too wide tracks. Otherwise, the hot wheels car may lose track while riding.

While preparing the track for hot wheels, keep in mind the hot wheels scale. Most hot wheels have a 1:64 scale, which is almost 1.3125 inches in diameter. 

So, a 5 to 6 inches wider paper sheet after folding ensures a 2 to 2.5 inches wider track for the hot wheels.

Step 2- Fold the Paper

Fold the Paper

You will need to fold the paper from both sides to make boundaries from each side of the track. After cutting the paper sheet into straight pieces, place the straight paper piece on a flat surface.

Place a metal scale over the paper sheet from one side, almost one or one and a half inches inside from the corner.  Gently, hold the paper and fold it inward. Make sure you are folding straight.

While folding, forcefully press it to make the crease. Fold the paper piece from both sides. Ensure you have maintained the exact distance of the crease from each side. It will help you to create a balanced track for your hot wheels.

Step 3- Staple With the Wall

Staple With the Wall

With the scale, mark the tracks with a pencil over the gypsy wall. Then take the pieces one by one and staple them to the wall.

First, staple one side of the track paper at the crease. Staple it at the proper distance to ensure you have correctly bound the paper. Stapling after one inch is a good idea for a strong track.

Step 4- Staple Support

Staple Support

Cut small one-inch wider and 5 to 6 inches long paper sheets. Staple their one side with the wall a little above from the straight and next corner with opposite side paper sheet folding.

Following the same process, staple all the tracks. While stapling the tracks, staple them on a good slope for easy movement. Once tracks are installed, place the plastic boxes from each end of the track to collect the hot wheels after riding.

Step 5- Test the hot wheels

Now the paper track is ready for your hot wheels ride. Test different hot wheel rides. If hot wheels ride finely, then you have done your job successfully.

Did you know what scale is hot wheel cars? If not, Don't worry; you can check out this link for a better understanding of hot wheel cars’ scale.

Method 2: Making a Hot Wheels Track Out of Wood

A wooden track is also an affordable, simple, and long-lasting track idea for hot wheels. You can easily make a wooden track for hot wheels at home.

You have many ideas to shape complex tracks. But here, I’m going to share the easiest and simple tracks that will not take more than 30 minutes to make.

Things you will need:

  • Safety Goggles
  • Chisel
  • Table Saw
  • Scrap Wood pieces
  • Sandpaper
  • Hammer

You can choose wider, but here I will use 1.5” wider and 4’ long wood pieces. It will be fine for the hot wheels customize cars that are not more than 1.3” wider. You can arrange the wood clamps according to the number of tracks you want.

Before diving into the project, ensure your safety because a table saw and hammer can hurt you. So wear safety goggles for your safety.

4 Easy Steps: How to Make a Hot Wheels Track Out of Wood?

It is a simple hot wheels wooden track you can make with wood scraps. It will give comfort and more happiness to your kids.

Step 1- Score the Wooden Pieces

Score the Wooden Pieces

Take the table saw for scoring the wood. Set the table saw fence to 1/8” from the blade and then raise the saw blade. It should be half of the width of the wood. While scoring the wood, try to prevent it from flexing and breaking.

Score the wood for each track; while you have scored one side, flip it over and then score the next side. Once both sides of the tracks are scored, you need to get two scores on the top.

Then move the fence to another 1/8” from the table saw blade and repeat the process. Keep repeating until you see the wood is mostly scored from inside. Score and keep the wooden clamps aside.

Step 2- Smoothen The Tracks

Smoothen The Tracks

You must smoothen the wooden tracks to ensure a balanced ride for your hot wheels.  To make the tracks steady, use a chisel and carefully scrape all of the rough points.

When you have smoothened the tracks, they will become nice. If you see, there are stubborn spots or knots in the wood. Use the hammer with the chisel to bring them out. But avoid forcefully because clamps are thin; you may break them when hit forcefully.

While smoothening the tracks, you should be careful while angling the chisel. A little mistake may damage your track. Gently and carefully use the chisel to smoothen the wooden tracks.

You have used the chisel, but still, they are not fully smooth? Yes, you will need to run grit sandpaper for more smoothness. This is not a critical step, but it will give your tracks a nice look and smoothness. Less friction will increase hot wheels' speed.

Step 3- Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch

You have almost done the job, but still, you need to check the wideness to ensure perfect tracks. If required, you can use the table saw to widen the tracks. Gently remove the track walls with a table saw.

Once removed, place the side of the track by the side. Prop the one end of the wood clamp up, and start your race.

Step 4- Improving Track Look

It is an optional step; if you want to make it stunning and charming for the kids, you can use paint. You can paint the tracks, road signs, or other things over them to look nice.

Video: 8 Most Insane Hot wheels Tracks Ever Made:

How Do You Make A Race Track For Hot Wheels From Cardboard?

A wider, lightweight cardboard piece can be great for building a racing track for your hot wheels. It is pretty simple to make a race track with cardboard.

Easy Steps: How to Make Hot Wheels Racing Track With Cardboard?

Step1- Arrange the Tools & Materials

You will need the following things.

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • A scale
  • Glue, and
  • A glue gun

Step 2- Cut The Cardboard

First, cut the cardboard; its width should be more than 7 to 8 inches for a wider route for multiple cars. With a 7 to 8 inches wider track, you can run 4 hot wheels easily without creating a mess.

Also, cut one inch wider but long pieces of the same length as the track for side support. Also, cut two pieces one inch wider but only 6 to 7 inches longer for the car racing start point and backside of the track.

Step 3- Glue The Parts

Then assemble the track, side supports, back, and car race starting point pieces. You can assemble them by gluing them with a glue gun.

Step 4- Test the Track

Test the Track

You have done your job; now take a test to confirm you have made a perfect racing track. Place its end on some high height and run the cars. Here I would love to use a Styrofoam piece, as you can see in the picture, for high height.

How To Make A Hot Wheels Track Turn?

Adding turns and twists to the track would be great to make them challenging. It would also protect your hot wheels from lifting fast from the track. But try to make the corners that protect your car from going straight.

How to make a hot wheels track turn

When adding the turns in the tracks, you can use the boxes. But if you want to take your hot wheels tracks to the next level, then you can use U-pieces to add turns in the tracks. U-pieces will help to keep your car ride smooth even at the curves.

Final Verdict

Hot Wheels tracks ensure a more entertaining ride. You can build hot wheel tracks with several items. There are multiple options to make affordable, excellent, and challenging hot wheels tracks. But before making any of the hot wheels track, make sure you have learned the proper techniques.