How to Troubleshoot Power Wheels Radio Not Working

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 30, 2023

You may not think it necessary, but a radio in power wheels can provide more fun to your kids. But what to do when you have the radio in power wheels, but it is not working? How do you fix Power Wheels Radio Not Working?

The major culprits are poor battery, faulty or disconnected wires, radio connection with other radio/tv systems, and the problem with the radio. So, check the battery, the wire connection, and then the radio itself. Resolve the issues by repairing or resetting the radio. If the radio has a fault, replace it with another one.

A power wheel radio is assembled simply, so it is easy to troubleshoot if it has a problem. Let’s know more about troubleshooting the power wheels radio not working.

Why is Power Wheels Radio Not Working?

You may experience multiple reasons for the power wheels radio not working. But here I have listed the top reasons that probably make your power wheels radio not working.

  • Dead/ Low Power Battery
  • Disconnected or damaged Wires
  • Radio connected with the Wrong System
  • Problem with the Radio

Troubleshooting Power Wheels Radio Not Working [Problem & Solution Guide]

Troubleshooting Power Wheels Radio Not Working

What is the reason for the problem with the radio on the power wheels? You need to identify the cause first before taking any action. Otherwise, you will face time and money loss.

Once you have arranged for the required tools, you can easily identify and resolve the cause accordingly.

Things You Need:

  • Digital Multimeter
  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves
  • Wires (If the wires are damaged)
  • Battery ( If you have a dead battery)
  • Radio (If the problem is with Radio)

I will suggest Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter identify why the power wheels radio is not working. Its remarkable features, such as AC/DC and voltage compatibility, frequency, continuity, and temperature checking, make it the best choice.

My recommendation for dead battery replacement is a Fisher Price 12V battery. It comes with a 15 years Guarantee and is compatible with all toy cars. Lithium acid AGM battery lasts for 6 to 8 hours once charged fully.

You may have a problem with the radio, and it needs replacement. My recommendation for a power wheels radio is VDO Continental TR7412UB-OR.

The European-style radio is simple to install and maintain and ensures a long lifespan. It comes with a simple orange color display and Bluetooth features.

Problem and Solution Troubleshooting Guide: 

Problem and Solution Troubleshooting Guide

Check for all of the above causes one by one to quickly identify the cause without creating a mess.

Problem 1- Dead/ Low power Battery

The battery is the primary power source in the power wheels to the radio. If you have a dead or low-powered battery, it will be unable to supply power to the radio. Ultimately it makes the radio not work. So, ensure the battery has enough power and is working finely before checking for other causes.

Solution 1:

  • Take the screwdriver and multimeter and try to sort out and confirm the problem with the battery
  • Unscrew the screws and remove the seats; the battery is located under the driver seat in most of the power wheels models
  • Remove the Battery compartment cover by unscrewing the screws
  • Connect the multimeter to the battery, but ensure you have correctly connected to the correct terminals
  • Check the readings on the multimeter display; it should be 12V. If it is less than 12V, you have a problem with the battery. You have to confirm whether the problem is your battery with low charge or dead.
  • Take your power wheel near the power outlet and connect the battery to the power source to recharge.
  • Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and recheck the voltage. It should be 12V; if it is 12V volt, you only need to recharge the battery. But if it is still less than 12V, you have a dead battery that needs replacement.
  • Replace the dead battery with a new one

Problem 2- Disconnected/ Damaged Wires

You have checked the battery, and it is found to be correct. The next step is to check for the wires. Wires should be correctly connected to the battery and radio. Ensure the radio harness is working fine.

Solution 2:

  • Unscrew the engine compartment’s screws. The engine compartment is located just on the back side of the driver’s seat.
  • Remove the container’s cover you will see the radio harness
  • Check all the wires are proper and that there is no damage
  • If the wires are found damaged, repair or replace
  • Also, check the points of the wire on the radio and the terminals on the battery. All should be connected correctly.
  • If the wires are disconnected, connect them.
  • Also, check the proper connection; all wires should be tightly connected to the terminals. If you find a loose point, tighten it.

Problem 3- Radio connected with the Wrong System

The radio comes with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection systems. So, it may happen that you do not have any problems but are connected to the wrong system. If it happens, you will not receive the right signals; ultimately, the radio will show the problem.

Solution 3:

  • Go to Radio settings and check for the connection
  • Ensure you have connected to the correct system
  • If the system is not correct, reset the radio
  • Hold the power button pressed to reset the radio for a couple of minutes. It will reset.
  • Once the radio is reset, connect it to the right system

Problem 4- Problem with the Radio

Problem with the Radio

You have checked all the above, but the problem is still unresolved. You have a problem with the radio. Repairing the radio is good and cost-saving, but replacement is better if the problem is serious. Remove the radio and take it to the repair shop; if repair is impossible, buy the new one.

Solution 4:

  • Switch off the power wheels and disconnect the battery to protect you from electric shocks. For safety, purpose wear gloves before disconnecting the battery
  • Unscrew the screws on the dashboard to remove the radio
  • Once the screws are loosened, you can easily pull out the radio
  • After pulling the radio out, remove all the wires and take the radio to the shop
  • If repair is not possible, buy the new radio, you can also buy our recommended radio
  • Connect the new radio to the wires as it was before and check. I hope the issue will resolve.


Power Wheel radio is assembled simply, so if you have a problem, you can quickly solve it. But ensure you have the right tools and skills to fix the issue. Otherwise, take the power wheel to the mechanic instead of damaging the expensive vehicle.