Peg Perego vs Power Wheels: The Key Differences Between Them

Peter Simms // Last Updated on October 2, 2023

The market for ride-on toys always had two major players— Peg Perego vs power wheels, the Ford vs. Ferrari of the market. Two very similar companies that expertise in related products but are strikingly different.

While they've been competing for neck and neck for years, it's tough to distinguish between them. In this article, we've decided to discuss the brands, leaving the final discretion.

Peg Perego vs Power Wheels

Peg Perego vs Power Wheels

1. Brand value

For both of these brands, their name speaks for themselves. None of these brands are unknown. But instead, both of them are at the peak of their product quality. While it might come off surprising, both of them made their names after coming to America.

Peg Perego, an Italian company, made its name after arriving in America. As surprising as it is, the toys they made for children were unprecedented back in the 70s.

However, power wheels were never behind. A small company from Indiana very quickly became a household name in the 80s. So, in terms of brand value, there isn't much of a separation.

2. Products and Features

Products and Features

Now, while both of them make ride-on toys, the products are very different from each other. Power wheels mostly make toys that look similar to fancy cars or motorcycles.

The desert racer from power wheels is the most popular toy out there. However, peg Perego mostly expertise in building miniature toys of real-life tools. Farm trucks, tractors, etc. are things they expertise in.

Although it's a more personal choice, the Peg Perego is generally faster and more efficient.

3. Battery: 

Different power wheels and peg perego batteries

The batteries are where they're mostly different. Peg Perego is 24V batteries, which have a reliable run time. While they have smaller 6V and 12V batteries, the 24V battery cars do pack a punch.

Also, if you need a change, you can change the battery instead of the entire system.

However, in terms of Power Wheels, the maximum they go up to is 12V. Thus, they're a bit slower, and they require less charging. If your battery is faulty, you need to change the entire system.

4. Speed:

As we said before, peg Perego cars are faster than Power Wheels. That's because of their wheels. They come with two-speed settings, which you can choose to control if your child is too young.

This is a feature you won't find in Power Wheels. This is a feature where Peg Perego takes the edge.

5. Control:

In power wheels, the gear is tied to the back left wheel. As a result, children often get stuck in weird situations. However, in peg Perego, there is a reverse gear, so back-tracking is a lot easier.

6. Battery Design:

Battery Design

Peg Perego has a simple approach in making their batteries easy to understand for people. They are colored based on their power and easy to differentiate.

In power wheels, however, the type of connector is described by color. While it might be a bit hard to understand at first, it's useful for wiring, fixing, and repairing.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1: Can I use a Peg Perego Battery in a Power Wheels?

Answer: When you buy the Peg Perego toy cars for your Tods, The battery of the vehicle loses its life over the times.

Hence, it needs to be replaced, but the original Peg Perego Battery is expensive to buy. You could replace the battery with that of Power wheels in just some minutes.

2: How Long Should a Peg Perego Battery Last?

Answer: Normally, A Peg Perego battery lasts for 1-3 hours on an average. Once you charge this battery, it will serve you for 1-3 hours. However, the battery runtime depends on the weight and duration of the riding of your Tod.

3. Is the Power Wheel battery is More Expensive than that of Peg Perego?

Answer: The price of the battery depends on the durability and runtime of it. However, considering all facts and details, the cost of the power wheel battery is slightly higher.

The average price range of the power wheel battery is $60 to $80 plus, while the average price range of peg Perego battery is $30 to $75.

4: What is a Better Battery to the Eyes of Customers: Peg Perego or Power Wheels?

Answer: To be honest, Customers always look for the products that they can afford with the available prices. They don't even consider the quality of the products.

Since the Peg Perego Battery is slightly lower in price, customers opt to have this one for their Tods.


Ride-on toys are fantastic; they often play a vital role in a kid's upbringing. They can have hours of fun in their yard, running around in their own sports car or tractor.While they're being ruled by two compelling and high-end companies, choosing a distinction between them can be hard.

In this article, we've searched and gathered information regarding different aspects of the two brads to settle the Peg Perego vs Power Wheels argument once and for all.