Power Wheels Alternate 12v Battery Provides Kids With A Long And Adventurous Ride

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 26, 2023

The problem with power wheels is – it comes with 12V sealed batteries that run out of power really fast and eventually die.

So what's the solution to this problem and how to ensure the maximum ride-on fun for our kids?

The simplest and most effective solution regarding this matter is – power wheels battery upgrade. More specifically, Probably, having the best Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative could be a worthwhile solution. Want to know how? Stay tuned!



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12 Volt Power Wheels Alternative Battery

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Rechargeable 12 Volt Power Wheels Alternative Battery

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Power Wheels 12v 33ah Alternative Battery

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Power Wheels Alternative 12v 18ah Battery

4.5 out of 5

Max ML12-12v Power Wheels Alternative Battery

4 out of 5

Here, we are going to introduce you to the top 5 Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative that you can get right now for long-lasting power wheels ride-on fun while ensuring safety for your kids. Let’s check out!

Power Wheels 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery Alternative Reviews

Power wheels batteries don’t last forever, eventually, you will need power wheels 12v battery replacement. After long research and in search of the best battery for power wheels, I found five power wheels 12 volt rechargeable battery alternative that are safe, affordable, and pretty long-lasting.

Henceforth, our recommended 12 volt battery for power wheels (Alternatives) are –

1. ExpertPower 12 Volt Power Wheels Alternative Battery

Sealed lead-acid alternative batteries are currently the most trusted and safest for multiple usage purposes. Additionally, Expertpower 12V rechargeable replacement battery is the favorite power wheels 12v battery alternative for a large segment of users because it’s a long lasting 12v battery alternative for any system running out there.

While you are searching for power wheels or ride on car battery replacement, you can go directly to Expertpower 12v rechargeable sealed battery alternative. Some good features you can get in this battery alternative are –

  • Highly durable for different weather conditions.
  • Trouble-free safe operation in any orientation.
  • Long-lasting performance with a long life cycle.
  • Hassle-free and maintenance-free battery.

For your kid's power wheels toy car or jeep, this sealed battery will ensure long-lasting and constant performance before it needs to be recharged again. Another advantage of Expertpower 12V sealed acid battery alternative is its lifespan does not reduce much even after being deeply discharged by kids playing for a long time.

What We liked about Expertpower 7ah Rechargeable Battery alternative

  • Fully safe and secure when using correctly instead of stock power wheels battery.
  • Affordable price and easy to get from online retailers and physical shops too.
  • With a higher capacity than the stock power wheels battery, it gives a longer playtime for kids.
  • Easy to swap this one with the stock battery because of the proper instructions pictured on their website.
  • In power wheels, there is enough space for installing two Expertpower batteries parallel for longer playtime.

What Could be Improved

  • Power wheels sometimes give alarms even though the battery charge remains.
  • When purchasing, you need to accurately measure the battery size to replace it with a stock battery. Because Amazon does not return batteries.

2. SafeAMP Rechargeable 12 Volt Power Wheels Alternative Battery

The second recommendation on our list is a dedicated fisher price power wheels battery alternative. This battery is hundred percent compatible with all Fisher-price power wheels.

Additionally, safeamp 12v is a power wheels grey battery replacement and the connector fits perfectly in the power wheels battery charger.

When changing the battery, you also need to replace the stock fuse and connector. Luckily, the Safeamp alternative battery comes with a connector and 30 AMP fuse to prevent potential fire-related accidents. What's more, The thermal fuse of this battery will automatically cut out all power of the vehicle if the battery, electrical system, or motor is overloaded.

Safeamp battery capacity is the same as standard power wheels battery capacity that is a 12v 9.5ah rechargeable battery. But the quality and longevity of this battery alternative outshine the OEM one.

Especially when your concern is only kid's enjoyment, you can get this cheap power wheels battery replacement for prolonging their electric car’s playtime.

What We liked about Safeamp 12-volt Replacement Battery

  • Fits perfectly in the power wheels, in fact, the battery size is a little smaller than the stock battery.
  • Gives a longer playtime for kids on every battery recharge.
  • The value this battery gives against the price is tough to beat.
  • Three additional fuses are included in case the self-resetting fuse goes down.
  • Comes with an instruction booklet that gives all the necessary information about safety and installation procedure.

What could be improved

  • An LED indicator would be a nice addition.
  • Need some initial adjustment to fit the battery properly.

3. ExpertPower Power Wheels 12v 33ah Alternative Battery

Our third recommendation of the list is something powerful and bigger battery for power wheels. If you are searching for a mighty power wheels aftermarket battery that will give your kids an adventurous and long lasting power wheels ride-on fun time, then this is the alternative battery for you to get.

Purely based on Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, this battery alternative is fully maintenance-free and completely sealed. As a new battery for your fisher price power wheels, you can rely upon this efficient ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery alternative.

The build quality of this battery alternative is quite superb and focuses on durability. The non-conductive ABS plastic ensures a wide temperature range adaptability and enhances durability. Additionally, this rechargeable battery can absorb heat, shock and minimizes vibration as well.

This 33AH 12 volt alternative battery for toy car is easier to maintain and charges up pretty fast than a higher capacity toy battery alternative.

In different environments and riding conditions, this battery alternative operates not only great, but it also lasts very long too. I bet your kids will be happy with this upgrade over the old battery of power wheels.

What We liked about ExpertPower 33ah Deep Cycle Battery alternative

  • Power wheels deep cycle battery with high capacity ensures longer play sessions for kids.
  • The rugged construction makes the battery very durable and steady.
  • This maintenance-free battery will power up the power wheels in no time.
  • The price range of the ExpertPower 33aH battery fully justifies the performance against price.
  • AGM technology provides safety by controlling a wide range of temperatures.

What could be improved

  • Price should be a little lower than competitors.
  • Sometimes run below the recommended amp per hour.

4. WEIZE Power Wheels Alternative 12v 18ah Battery

Another quite effective and our recommended 12v battery for kids car is the Weize 15aH rechargeable battery alternative. This battery alternative is engineered to give more power than the stock power wheels acid batteries to ensure long ride-on playtime.

Power wheel vehicles like barbie jeep or wheels dune racer can drain the battery juice pretty fast. This power wheels long ride 12 volt battery alternative tends to last two times longer than the stock battery.

Additionally, Weize is well known for its 12 volt battery for ride-on toys, lawn and garden tools, outdoor camping, and a lot of other activities. With an easy installation procedure and 30 days return policy, they always try to deliver the best value to their customers.

What We liked about Weize 18AH Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteries

  • Fully spill-proof, there is no associated risk of burning anywhere for your kids.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM) technology makes the battery shockproof.
  • Battery charge survives a long period, ensuring the kid's power wheels keep going.
  • High-quality rugged construction can absorb a wide range of temperatures.
  • Comes with a one year warranty period and a thirty-day return policy.

What could be improved

  • You might need to buy an aftermarket power wheel battery connector. The connector should be included with the battery, I guess.
  • Does not work with all generators because of the reversed poles.

5. Mighty Max Max ML12-12v Power Wheels Alternative Battery

Last on our recommendation list is the small 12 volt rechargeable alternative battery from the Mighty Max brand. It’s a perfect kids power wheels battery alternative that takes power wheels to another level.

This battery alternative uses Sealed Lead Acid(SLA) technology to prolong battery life and safety purposes. It’s a spill proof battery for kids’ playtime safety while playing for a longer session.

What’s more, you can mount this battery alternative in any position on power wheels with the battery connector because it’s plug-and-play. The quality of this alternative is so much better than the OEM power wheels battery that it will give you almost three times more power than stock ones.

Additionally, this alternative battery is made of a plastic shell with the finest quality materials to ensure there is no leakage of electrolyte or acid from inside. Also, it resists vibration and shocks to give a long-lasting performance while maintaining a wide range of temperatures.

What We liked about Mighty Max 12 AH SLA Battery alternative

  • Good build quality ensures higher longevity.
  • Deep discharge recovery options make power wheels' batteries last longer.
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures ensure good performance.
  • The official support team offers exceptional support after battery purchase.
  • Price is very cheap compared to almost 3x the battery life than the stock battery.

What could be improved

  • No wires are included with the battery including connector or fuse.
  • No instructions or manuals are included with the battery.

Comparison Table of top 5 Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative



Cell Composition



Dimension & Weight

12v 7ah Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery

12 Volt Power Wheels Alternative Battery

Sealed Lead Acid

12 Volts


6 x 2.5 x 3.7 inches (4.3 Pounds)

Replacement Battery for Fisher-price power wheels 12-volt battery

Rechargeable 12 Volt Power Wheels Alternative Battery

Sealed Lead Acid

12 Volts


5.94 x 4.37 x 2.56 inches (5.63 pounds)

12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

Power Wheels 12v 33ah Alternative Battery

Sealed Lead Acid

12 Volts


7.5 x 5 x 6 inches (‎22 pounds)

12V 18AH Lead Acid Rechargeable SLA AGM Batteries

Power Wheels Alternative 12v 18ah Battery

Sealed Lead Acid

12 Volts


7.13 x 6.57 x 3.03 inches (‎10.56 pounds)

12 Volt 12 AH SLA Battery

Max ML12-12v Power Wheels Alternative Battery

Sealed Lead Acid

12 Volts


6.25 x 4.25 x 4 inches (7.3 pounds)

Buying Guide: Things You Need To Consider Before Buying

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying

Every kid car battery replacement performs uniquely on different power wheels. Use the following information to help you find the best power wheel battery replacement.

Battery Measurements

When purchasing an aftermarket battery, make sure that you know the correct measurements of your stock battery. If you are unsure, check the manufacturer's product information first.


A vital aspect when choosing your new battery is its compatibility. If your new battery is not compatible with the stock power wheels battery charger or other aspects, you have to choose carefully.

Safety Features

If you are going to purchase a barbie jeep replacement battery or power wheels dune buggy battery for your kids, then safety features are your top priority to concern. You should look for features like spill-proof, sealed lead acid, and deep discharge function as safety measurements.

Connector and Fuses

When purchasing a battery, you should buy an inline fuse like a 30 amp fuse and check the power wheels battery connector types to prevent from overcharging it.

Brand of the Battery

When someone faces any difficulties regarding the new battery, they seek support from the manufacturers. For this reason, when purchasing your new battery, try to buy from good manufacturers.

What is a Power Wheels 12v Battery Really?

What is a Power Wheels 12v Battery Really

Power Wheels 12v batteries are mainly Lithium-ion batteries that operate at 12 volts under normal conditions. For outdoor ride-on fun for kids, 12 volts is more than enough power to run the power wheels cars, barbie jeep, or motorcycles.

Here, power wheels 12v replacement batteries will give more power than stock batteries. As a result, your kids can enjoy their ride-on playtime with power wheels for a much longer time.


1. How do You Modify a 12v Power Wheel Battery?

Answer : There are several ways to modify a 12v power wheels battery using aftermarket batteries. One easy way is to use two 6v batteries to make the 12v power wheels move faster.

2. Can You Connect A 24v Battery in Parallel With a 12v Battery?

Answer: Simply, you should not! Because it might cause an accidental fire. Parallel connected batteries should have the same volt and internal resistance.

3. Can You Convert 6-Volt Power Wheels to 12 Volts?

Answer: Possibly Yes! But it requires knowledge about changing the wiring setup of power wheels to match a 12V battery.

4. How do You Tell If a 12v Battery is Fully Charged?

How do You Tell If a 12v Battery is Fully Charged

Answer: You have to measure the voltage of the 12v battery and you will need a voltmeter for that.

5. How Many 12v Batteries are Needed to Power a House?

Answer: The amount of power a house will consume is random. On average, a good American house will need the power of 38 12v batteries to run for three days straight.


Our top choice among those recommended 12v power wheels batteries is the ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery. The capacity of this battery is huge and gives a ton of power for kids' longer ride-on playtime.

Another good choice is Weize 12V 18AH Lead Acid Rechargeable SLA AGM Batteries because the price is quite reasonable and gives you more power than stock ones.

After reading our Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative reviews, we hope you know all about after-market batteries and what factors you need to consider before purchasing a battery. You are now ready to purchase the replacement battery for your kid's power wheels.

Good luck getting a new battery!

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