Upgrade Your Power Wheels By Using Two-Speed Controllers In Series

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 30, 2023

Two-speed controllers assist in regulating the power wheel’s speed and make it possible to operate at two different speeds. They are mostly used in parallel, but some experts recommend using them in series. But can I use two-speed controllers in series to upgrade my power wheel ride on toy car for my kids?

Yes, you can use two-speed controllers in series to upgrade your power wheel ride on toy. It provides better control, improves efficiency, performance, safety, flexibility, and durability. Besides these, it reduces accidents and damages. But ensure you have also consulted with the mechanic before using it.

Using two-speed controllers in series is a cost-effective solution. However, you will get more clarity after reading the below facts. Stay tuned and learn why using two-speed controllers in series is also the right decision when it comes to upgrading ride on toy car.

Top 5 Facts- Two-speed controllers in series for upgrading power wheels:

Two-Speed Controllers in Series for Upgrading Power Wheels

Why use two-speed controllers in series for upgrading power wheels’ performance? Well, some significant facts may convince you to also use two-speed controllers in series, especially to give your child a safe riding fun.

1. Better control

The two-speed controller in series will give your child to have better control and accurate precision while driving. While using this speed technology, two controllers work together to fine-tune the precision and speed.

2. Enhance Safety

Again two-speed controllers in series is ultimately save your kids from accedent due to excess speed. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of machine damage.

3. Boosts performance

When you use two-speed controllers in a series, they work together and boost the overall performance. It saves time and cost. Riding fun level of your loving kids also improves due to consistent performance.

Boosts Performance

4. Enhance Flexibility

It also enhances the flexibility of operations. Because of consistency and better control, it makes your kids to ride even it challenging and harsh conditions.

5. Enhances the durability

As already mentioned, it reduces the risk of accidents and damages and leads to a motor or other mechanical device's long life span. It reduces the stress on the motor of your kids’ power toy car by reducing the frequent speed changes.

The motor's performance becomes consistent, and it improves the durability of the motor of your ride on toy.


Two- speeds are widely used to regulate the motor or battery powered kids toy cars’ speed and precision accuracy. However, installing two-speed controllers in series is a technical fact. If you don't have proper knowledge, then don't forget to take any professional help.