Power Wheels Escalade Not Working: How to Troubleshoot?

Jimmy Boyera // Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Power wheels are supposed to be a smooth vehicle, but the addition of the escalade makes it more comfortable. Kids even enjoy a smooth and safe ride on rough roads with the addition of this realistic feature. It also manages the heavy load in a better way.

But your power wheels escalade might not work like any other car parts. If so, then my question is how to troubleshoot the power wheels’ escalade not working.

Check for the battery by connecting it to the multimeter. If the battery is okay, check for the motor; if it needs replacement, replace it. Also, check for the solenoid starter, wheels layout, or engine if the problem is not resolved.

You can quickly fix the problem after learning the troubleshooting method. Let’s learn how to troubleshoot escalade problems on your power wheels.

What are the Possible Causes for Power Wheels Escalade Not Working?

What are the Possible Causes for Power Wheels Escalade Not Working

Power wheels escalade may stop working because of multiple reasons. It may happen when you have a problem with the battery, starter solenoid, faulty engine, and bad motor.

But the dead battery and faulty motor are the most common causes. So never forget to check for the battery power and motor.

What signs do you have a problem with Escalade?

Some of the common early signs that warn you to check and fix the Escalade can be:

  • Bubbling and rough ride
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Slow speed
  • No forward or backward movement
  • Anonymous sounds and noise

How much is it to Fix Power Wheels to Escalade the Problem?

How much is it to Fix Power Wheels to Escalade the Problem

Generally, a power wheels escalade problem fixation cost varies depending on the cause. It may cost 35 to 40 dollars to fix the escalade problem with power wheels.

Do Power Wheels the wheel can cause Escalade Not working?

Yes, it can be the reason for escalade stop working. If the wheel’s layout disturbs, you may also experience the power wheel’s escalade not working. But checking and replacing the wheels is easy; you only need the screwdriver to check and correct the power wheels wheel.

Troubleshooting Power Wheels Escalade Not Working- [Easy Step by Step Guide]

Troubleshooting the power wheels escalade not working is pretty simple if you learn the skills and have the proper tools.

Things You Need:

Screwdriver- You should have a flat-head or Philips screwdriver

Multimeter- A digital multimeter is needed to check the battery. Etekcity digital multimeter is an excellent choice for a 12V battery. It is easy to connect and check battery readings.

New motor- New motor is needed to replace the bad motor. I recommend the RS550 24v DC motor. It has high 35000 RPM and fan cooling features to ensure smooth functioning.

Battery– If the battery is dead, you will need a new 12 V battery.  My recommendation for power wheel battery replacement is power wheels fisher price 00801-1661 Grey. It is rechargeable and ensures a 5 to 6 hours continuous ride with one full recharge.

Steps to Follow

Once you have arranged for the required tools, follow the easy steps below to resolve the problem quickly.

Step 1- Check for the Battery

Check for the Battery

The most occurring cause for power wheels escalade problem is low power or dead battery. So, first of all, check for the battery.

  • Locate the battery; it is located under the driver’s seat or just behind the seats.
  • Remove the driver’s seat by unscrewing the screws.
  • After the removal of the seats, you will see the battery
  • Connect the multimeter wires to the battery and check for the readings. It should be 12V.
  • You must confirm whether the battery is okay or dead and if the voltage is low or very low.
  • Remove the battery by unscrewing the screws.
  • Connect the battery to a power source and leave it for 20 minutes
  • Reconnect the multimeter and check the reading; it should be 12V. It means you have low charging with the battery. But if it is still low than 12 V, you have a dead battery that needs replacement.

You have checked the battery but the problem still exists. Go for the motor check to resolve the issue.

Step 2- Open the Engine Compartment

Take the screwdriver and unscrew the engine’s compartment screws. Once the screws are removed, gently remove the cover to access the engine. After removing the upper cover, you will see the engine and other nearby parts.

Step 3- Unhook the Speaker’s Harness

First, you will need to unhook the speaker’s harness. Speaker harnesses are running above the engine compartment; if you do not remove you may break the wires.

Step 4- Remove the Engine Gears Compartment

Remove the Engine Gears Compartment

Now you will get access to the engine compartment; the motor is attached to the engine gear. You can easily remove the gears assembly by unscrewing it. Once removed, take it to the workbench to check the motor.

Step 5- Remove the motor

The motor is mounted on the gears assembly with four screws. Take the screwdriver and unscrew all the screws. Once the mounted screws are removed, you can remove the motor with a little pull.

Step 6- Check the motor

Connect the motor to the power source; you can use the 12V battery to check the motor. The motor does not have written instructions on the terminals. So carefully connect and check the movement. It should not be in reverse.

Once the motor is moving forward, check the speed. If the speed is low, you have a problem with the battery. Check its condition; if you see repairable damage, repair it. But I recommend you for the replacement.

Step 7- Install the new motor

Install the new motor

Install the new motor in its place and reinstall all the removal parts. Reinstall the gears assembly, hook up the speaker’s harness and screw the engine compartment.

Step 8- Take a test ride

Finally, your power wheels are ready for a ride, but first, ensure the escalade problem has been removed. Take a few yards, test ride, and check it by driving forth and back. If everything is fine, your power wheel is ready.


The power wheels escalade problem can easily be fixed with the right tools and techniques. First, identify the cause for the escalade problem; once identified, take action accordingly to fix the problem. It may take 30 to 40 minutes to finish this job. Make sure you have read the instructions correctly; if you are not confident, do not try; call the expert.

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