Power Wheels Tire Upgrade: To Meet Your Expectations

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 22, 2023

Upgrading on budget leaves you clueless about what you are going to achieve and what you have now. But unlike any other projects, this power wheels tire upgrade is related to you much more emotionally than it is economically. Out there on the internet, there are various ways mentioned to upgrade power wheels tire. But let us show you the most effective way to do so.

Considering the cost and practicality, upgrading your power wheel might be a fancy decision to bring back your childhood memories. For your kids to have a great time with these power wheels, this upgrade will be more than effective. Here we will talk about some important facts that you need to know before deciding to upgrade power wheels tires to get a fruitful outcome.

Two Ways of Power Wheels Tire Upgrade:

So, here we are going to suggest you more than one way of power wheels tire upgrade. You don't need to be a professional DIY user for that. Follow our instructions carefully, and let's get started!

There are two different ways for power wheels tire upgrade.

  • One is to change your tire entirely and replace it with a new one.
  • The other is to upgrade the tires' traction to perform better while running faster or going off-road.

Power Wheels Jeep Tire Upgrade for Better Traction:

Power Wheels Jeep Tire Upgrade for Better Traction

Now, if you want to keep your old tires on and still upgrade to get better performance, this is a great choice for you as long as the cost is concerned. All you need to do is look for a rubber tire slightly bigger than the plastic one. Or you can manage this task with a bicycle tire too.

When the modification is involved, make a list of supplies and tools that are going to be used in this project. Or you can follow our instruction and consider our recommendation for a better outcome.

Here in this process, we will cover your plastic tire up with a roll mat, made of rubber. You can choose any brand, but check the breadth of the tire before buying. This roll mat might cost $5 to 7$ to get a decent roll mat. Then, choose your preferred caulk for adhesive for this task. You might need 2 or 3 caulks depending on the size of your tire.

To clean up the tire before putting on adhesive on the tire, we are going to use isopropyl alcohol, towel, paper towel to clean up the mess, nitrile gloves to keep your hands clean. Another vital material required for this task is an inner tube. Make sure that the inner tube's size matches with the size of your tire.

That's it for supplies. Now let's talk about the tools required.

We will need a tape measure or a fabric measure to measure the length of the tube width of the tire and other essential tasks. You can use a utility blade or standard razor for cutting purposes.

Now the process is mentioned step by step down below:

How to Upgrade Power Wheels Tires: 7 Steps to Follow

How to Upgrade Power Wheels Tires

Step 1: 

Cut the inner tube in the breadth of 2inches. It needs to be thick enough to avoid any weak point in it to ensure more excellent durability.


Now pull the inner tube up and down to broaden the radius of the pipe according to plastic tire. Please don't cut the inner tube more than 2inches because it would be hard for you to stretch it up enough for your purpose.

Step 3: 

Clean up the plastic tire with your cleaner and towel. Cut the roll mat considering the breadth of the tire. The roll mat breadth should be 95% of the width of the tire, and the length should cover the whole tire.

Step 4: 

Put a fair amount of caulk on the inner side of the rubber mat and quickly cover the entire tire with the roll mat.

Step 5: 

Use a tape to keep both ends of the rubber mat together. And now tighten the roll mat on the tire by the stretched inner tube on both sides.

Step 6: 

Again, use the caulk to give a refined edge to the tire by applying a thick coat at both ends. Use a knife to remove the extra caulk and get rid of the newly raised edge. This way, you can have an excellent finishing.

Step 7: 

Do this for 4 of your tires. And wait for at least two days to dry up the tires entirely before using again. This drying up will make this upgrade a sturdy one.

This is a budget-friendly and an efficient upgrade for you. Besides, for the rubber mat, the riding experience will be on a whole new level.

How to Put Rubber Tires on Power Wheels: Upgrade Your Power Wheel By Putting Rubber Tires

How to Put Rubber Tires on Power Wheels

Many DIY users have found out several ways to upgrade the power wheel tires with rubbers or some materials like that. That might be enough for adding a little traction to the wheel, but they don't look great all the time.

One such way is attaching a piece of rubber (bicycle tire mostly) all-around your default power wheel tires. To do so, you have to take a part of rubber long enough to wrap your tire, and the breadth should be enough to cover up to 80% of the tire. Then screw it up to the tire.

Though it does a decent work of adding extra traction, it makes a lot of noise when you're on a hard surface.

Usually, the tires that you have installed in your power wheel by default are made of cheap quality plastic. So, it does not give you a great experience when you're going off-road or running fast. So, upgrading must be a great idea, even though it will cost some extra bucks for you.

Besides, the plastic tire can be damaged while running faster or running on some harsh, rough surface. So, you might need to repair your power wheel-tire once in a while. Let’s discuss how to repair power wheels tires to enhance your experience with these power wheels.

You can always find some replacement tires in the summertime, maybe on some of the tire or car parts exchanging places for free, if you are lucky. Also, if you're willing to spend some extra bucks, you can get some premium quality tires on Amazon or eBay.  But you must be careful about the compatibility of the tire.

How to Add Traction to Power Wheels Tires

How to Add Traction to Power Wheels Tires

There are several tricks to add traction to power wheel tires that may help you. You can try these DIY tricks that may protect you from complex techniques on tires to increase grip and traction. Most of these tricks are pretty straightforward, and you can efficiently perform without any expertise.

The techniques I am sharing with you are proven, and many parents get rid of the power wheel tires issue on an affordable budget. Would you please follow my step-by-step guide and get rid of the power wheels tires traction issue?

Step 1. Prepare Power Wheel Tires 

First of all, prepare power wheel tires for adding traction. Start with sanding the tires down and then create an adhesive surface. All you need is just sandpaper to add roughness to the plastic tires before washing them.

Once it’s done, clean the power wheel tires properly, clean every cranny and nook to remove soil or dust particles. Put the vehicle upside down and wash the wheels, but you can also remove the wheels. You can wash the power wheels with fresh water and dish soap.

Your dish soap and water solution will quickly remove the grime that may stick with tires. But for small grooves in the tires, you should use a toothbrush to clean them properly. After cleaning the tires, let them dry by placing them on a clean surface. If you still see some spots of grime or oil, then you can remove them by rubbing them with alcohol.

Step 2. Clean the Power Wheels Tires 

Clean the Power Wheels Tires

Once you have cleaned the power wheels tires, they are ready to apply rubber, but further check. Check if there are any cracks on the tires; if cracks are smaller, you can fix them by applying more rubber layers. But if cracks are larger, it is better to replace the tires.

There are few simple DIY methods that you can try to fix the power wheels tires to make them durable. Two popular ways are fiberglass kits and duct tape. Both options are great, and you can extend your power wheels tires life for some more months.

Step 3: 

Once you have repaired the cracks now your tires are ready to apply rubber coating. There are two best products for rubber coating that are Flex Seal Liquid and Flex Seal Spray.

Both products are reliable and ensure the same qualities as the rubber for adding traction. But both have some differences in applying power wheels tires, so I will explain them one by one.

Applying Flex Seal Liquid

  • Arrange many clean brushes because you will need a new brush for each new coat. Smaller brushes are better for your work as compared to large-size brushes to reach in grooves.
  • Turn the wheel upside down and apply the Flex seal liquid on the first top half. After that, let the wheel dry for 8 hrs and then apply the flex seal liquid on the remaining half.
  • Wait for a further 8 hrs when tires are dry; remove excessive rubber with a scraper or knife.

Applying Flex Seal Spray

  • Cover the wheel, axle, and rim with masking tape and paper when applying flex seal spray. It will protect the areas from excessive rubber spray.
  • Turn your vehicle upside down and apply the Flex seal spray on the exposed half of the power wheels tires. Let it dry for a minimum of 7 to 8 hours before applying the seal spray on the remaining half.
  • For spray, you will need to apply three, two or three coats. Follow the same process for each coat. Remove all of the excessive rubber with a scraper or knife once you have done the tricks.

How to Add Traction to Big Wheel Tires?

How to Add Traction to Big Wheel Tires

If you have big wheel tires or power wheels, applying flex seal liquid or spray may not work well. The big wheel tires should apply traction bands for the power wheels. Band traction is easy to apply and can protect you from buying new tires.

But band tractions are specific for specific wheel tires. So you should select the reliable traction band according to your child's power wheel vehicle's tires. Applying bands over the power wheels tires are pretty straightforward, and anyone can apply without any expertise.

Traction bands do not turn power wheel plastic tires into rubber wheels, but they add enough traction to any power wheel. It makes their forward and backward movement easy on rough surfaces.

DIY Power Wheels Traction Techniques

If you do not want to rubberize your plastic wheel with traction bands, you should try below DIY methods.

First Method

You can use an old bicycle tire, start it cutting with decent scissors. Then cut the side of the tire that does not have traction. Next, apply ¾ s wood screws and secure them using a drill in the center of the tread on power wheels.

Wrap it tightly around them and apply some more screws in at their endpoints.  But make sure you have wrapped it tightly and check it from all sides.

If there is any excessive tire, cut it with scissors to make the tire look balanced. But again, I will mention that this method is only suitable for big wheels and power wheels vehicles that come with a motor.

Second Method

Here is another DIY method that could better add rubber bands on power wheel tires. It is simple; you will need to have a large rubber band and then tie both bands together and stretch them over the power wheels.

There is no need to cover the entire wheel surface, but it is necessary to cover the center of the tire. Center covered tires have a stronger grip that helps in smooth and firm movement. 

You may not find this method as supportive as the previous one. But it will add some traction and may help with the big tires that have little traction issues.

There are many easy ways to add traction instead of buying new tires. Some popular methods are applying Flex seal spray; Flex seals liquid and traction bands.

Which Power Wheels Tire is Recommended for an upgrade Ride-on Toy?

Tire upgrading means the adjustment of bigger and wider wheels. But when it comes to choosing the right size power wheel tire for upgrading, it seems a bit tricky. However, the following are some of the leading Power wheels tires to upgrade.


Product Name

Features & Specifications

Uses Model

Power Wheels Mustang Replacement Wheels

Model Number: J4390-2289
Weight: 1.95 pounds
Brand: Power Wheels
Dimensions: 11.3 x 10.2 x 5.4 inches

1. Power wheel boss mustang vehicles.

2. All models of power wheel's ford mustang

3. Perfect for J4390-9993

Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force Wheel

1 Front Tire
Brand: Power Wheels
Weight: ‎4.26 pounds
Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 8 inches
Model Number: 8542043373

1. Fits J5248 Kawasaki Brute Force
2. N9731 Kawasaki Brute Force
3. P4266 Stinger, and
W2602 Dune Racer

Power Wheels Kawasaki Kfx Replacement Wheels

Brand: Power Wheels
Theme: Hot Wheels
Weight: 2.78 Pounds
1 Front Tire
Recommended Age: 3 years and up

1. B9272 KFX Ninja
2. B9273 KFX Ninja
3. B9785 Adventure 4 X 4
4. H9800 KFX Ninja Extreme
5. P5066 Barbie KFX Ninja
6. P9723 KFX Red Ninja
7. T4872 KFX Red Ninja
8. R3142 KFX Red Ninja
9. W4716 Hot Wheels KFX
10. And W4715 Barbie KFX

Power Wheels Mustang J4390 To 2279 Wheel

Weight: 2.64 pounds
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 7 inches
Manufacturer: Power Wheels
Recommended Age: 24 months and up

1. J4390
2. J9561
3. J9562
4. L6349
5. P5920
6. P6827
7. P8195
8. W9257
9. Y8208


When safety is concerned, you need to check if the power wheels tires are in good shape or not. If not, then don't wait for an accident to take place. These upgrades nearly cost anything. Who doesn't love such a crucial upgrade for almost free?

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But if you want a premium power wheels tire upgrade, spending 100 to 150 bucks is not much. And you can't put any price tag on your kids having fun while safety is ensured too. Can you?