7 Surefire Tips to Replace Power Wheels Battery

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 27, 2023

The power-wheel battery doesn’t last forever. If you find less bright in headlights, or it has been 3 to 5 years since you have taken a new battery, or the power wheel vehicle needs a jump-start, it might be time for a replacement. But do you know how to repair the power wheels battery?

Replacing a power wheel battery is easy and quick if you have the proper knowledge and tools. let's know the step-by-step processes. 

  • Ensure a safe working zone
  • Detect the battery
  • Point out battery terminals
  • Disconnect the negative and positive terminal
  • Remove the old battery
  • Put in the new battery

So, battery replacement isn't rocket science; instead, it's a step-by-step solution. But within the process, you should know lots of technical facts, precautions and essential tips to make the entire process successful. Don't be rushed!! Take a cup of tea; meanwhile, I am detailing all for your help.

Why Does Your Power Wheels Battery Need To Be Replaced? Top 5 Reasons

Why Does Your Power Wheels Battery Need To Be Replaced

How do you understand that your power wheels battery needs to be replaced? Let’s talk about the possible reasons for power wheel battery replacement: 

Top 5 Possible Reasons For Power Wheel Battery Replacement:

1) Slow Engine Start:

When you start your power wheel, you will find that the engine is slow and inactive. If it happens, you need to bring your power wheel to have your battery checked and replaced.

2) “Check Engine” Light to Come On:

Most often, we ignore this “check engine” light, but you must take action when you notice any issue in it.

If there is any problem with the battery, the “check engine” engine light will come on and indicates that it needs to be replaced.

Editor's Tip: If you find such an issue in your power wheel vehicle, then you should contact a repair shop or mechanic to diagnose and troubleshoot it. 

3) Swollen Battery Case:

Swollen Battery Case

Sometimes, the power wheel battery case can enlarge because of overheating, indicating that it needs a checkup and replacement.

The excess heat of the battery lowers the battery life and causes internal damage to your power wheel. So if it happens, you must replace the battery correctly and quickly.

4) Corrosion:

power wheel battery

If you overcharge the power wheel battery, it causes corrosion.  Because when you overcharge, it releases Sulfuric fumes, which are added to the lead on battery posts and cause corrosion. You can check out this link to avoid overcharging the power wheel battery.

Corrosion stops the power wheel from starting due to its non-conduciveness. So if you find any corrosion on your battery, you should replace it as early as possible.

5) Old Age

A power-wheel battery comes with a certain lifespan. So it is better to check the battery life, which ensures the longevity of your power wheel battery. If you find your battery old enough, you should immediately repair it before the final replacement.

7 Surefire Ways To Replace Power Wheels Battery:

7 Surefire Ways To Replace Power Wheels Battery

A battery is the heart of a power-wheel vehicle as it helps to start the engine. Your baby can ride his power wheel at its highest speed when the battery is working correctly. But a power wheel is no more alive if the battery isn't working. In this regard, you should replace the power wheel battery before causing any danger.

Editor's Tip: For battery replacement, you can take your power wheel vehicle to an expert or do the job yourself.

Here I will discuss the step-by-step process of how you replace your faulty power wheels battery. Before starting, let’s know what things you need for this job.

Things You need:

  • Safe Working Zone
  • A Wrench
  • Wire Brush and a Baking Soda Solution
  • Lubricates (Grease) and Spray and
  • A new battery (lithium-ion)

Easy 7 Step-By-Step Processes For Power Wheel Battery Replacement

Step 1: Ensure a Safe Working Zone:

Before removing the battery, You need to ensure a safe working zone. Keep your power wheel vehicle on a flat and level surface in a secure zone from traffic, open flames, or sparks.

After parking your power wheel vehicle, put on the brake. Never smoke, and don't allow smokers close to the working zone.

Caution: Remember that, like electricity, batteries seem dangerous because they have sulfuric acid electrolyte compound, which is greatly corrosive and can burn your skin. This will also create a flammable hydrogen gas as well. So before working, put on safety goggles and hand gloves.

Step 2. Detect the Battery:

Detect the Battery

The battery must be founded in a reachable section on either side of the power wheel vehicle’s frame. You can find it in a rectangular box with two cables.

Some power wheel batteries are found under the seat or inside the wheel.

Step 3. Point out Battery Terminals:

You need to find out the positive and negative ends of the old power wheel battery. The positive end will have a plus sign or often a red point and the negative end will have a minus sign or black point.

Step 4. Disconnect the Negative Terminal:

Use a wrench to lose the negative cable attachment and glide it off of the end. Mark the cables if they remain unmarked to ensure they don’t get mixed up.

It is also significant to separate the negative end socket before the positive end. If not, you may short-circuit the positive end to a grounded section of the power wheel.

Step 5. Disconnect the Positive Terminal:

You need to disconnect the positive terminal of your power wheel vehicle. You can use a plus to disconnect the positive terminal.

Step 6. Remove the toy car Battery:

Open the battery holder and remove the attaches and screws that hold the battery in place. You need to be careful when you remove the battery from the power wheel vehicle.

Note: Keep in mind that a battery can weigh up to 30-60 pounds, so if you are affected with any back problems, get a helping from another person.

Step 7. Put in the New Battery

Put in the New Battery
  • Clean the Battery Area:

You need to clean the battery tray and the terminal screws or attachments. You can use a wire brush and a baking soda solution. If you find any serious corrosion to the terminal ending or the cables, think about replacement by an automotive expert. If not, let the area dry before going to the next step.

  • Replace the Battery:

You can replace the new battery instead of the old one, including the positive and negative ends on the accurate sides. Attach all the clamps, screws or bars that can hold the battery in place.

  • Positive & Negative Reconnect:

Reconnect the positive and negative ends of the battery. Don't forget to use a wrench to tighten the clamps.

  • Use lubricates and spray:

Use battery lithium lubricates (grease) and sprays them into the terminals to prevent corrosion.

  • Start and make a taste:

Finally, start your vehicle and make a taste of how all the devices are functioning accurately.

Editors’ tip: Adjust the old battery at the service station, recycling centers, and automotive stores. The service charge at these auto-repair shops is considerably low.

Things You Need To Consider Before Replacing The Power Wheels Battery:

You need to ensure that your power wheel battery needs replacement service. It seems like a time and money-wasting if the problem is not related to the battery itself. So let’s discuss the following three things into thought:

1. Explore The Sulfate Accumulation:

Explore the sulfate accumulation in the sort of blue or whitish residue around the outlying. Sometimes removing this can solve the problems with a defective battery. This remains, or residue may specify a bad seal around the battery outlying and leaking the acid onto the outlying.

Safety Tips:

  • Never touch this power with your open hand because it can often have sulfuric acid (dried out), which will start to burn your skin.
  • Justify that the power wheel battery has been provided with the possibility to recharge thoroughly by driving continually for 30 minutes.
  • At last, you need to check the alternator. Some power wheel vehicles come with a battery meter; with the engine running, the alternator typically keeps up a charge near about 13.8 to 14.2 volts in a perfectly working charging method. Your power wheel battery needs 12.4 to 12.8 volts with the engine off and no extra load.

2. Considering The Battery Makes, Model, And Size: 

Discover what type of battery you need to replace and get this according to your power wheel vehicle's make, model, and engine size. You can find these tools from a local auto parts store.

It is significant because power wheel batteries differ in electrical capacity and size. So you should buy a battery that matches the size of the battery in your power wheel vehicle.

3. Take Aside the Cigarette Lighter:

Take aside the cigarette lighter and plug the memory keeper into the lighter power outlet. A compatible metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) will maintain the settings and PIN codes for navigation and radios methods from getting deleted when you detach the battery.

Ensure that you have all the necessary PINs for your electronic tool before you start when you don’t have a memory keeper. You may want to test your power wheel vehicle manual to understand what devices may be invaded.

8 Proven Tips That Can Save You from Power Wheel Battery Replacement Cost:

Power Wheel Battery Replacement Cost

A power wheel battery comprises 6 cells of heaped negative & positive lead plates, electrolytes, and insulators. A sulfuric acid solution and water separate the battery lead plates.

Most often, you may have some difficulty with these components. But you can solve these facts more easily and quickly than any other electric vehicle.

Let’s look at some tips that will help keep your power wheel battery in good condition and save you from replacement hassle and cost.

Things You Need To Power Wheel Battery Maintenance:

You should have all the necessary equipment if you want secure battery maintenance.

  • A hydrometer
  • A screwdriver
  • A hand-held multimeter
  • Distilled water
  • Hand and eye protection tools.

6 Proven Tips To Follow:

To maintain your power wheels battery, check out the following tips.

1. Electrolyte Maintenance:

You should keep a balance electrolyte level. If you want to check the electrolyte level of your power wheel battery, you should remove the battery caps of the electrolyte cells. Pour some distilled water if they are empty.

Then you need to measure the sulfuric acid concentration through a hydrometer in each cell.  You need to ensure the balance of sulfuric acid concentration.

Editor's Tip: The reading should be 1.215 - 1.28, but the reading below 1.175 indicates sulfation. In this condition, a power wheel battery needs to be replaced immediately.

2. Check The Voltage:

Check The Voltage

You can check the voltage of your power wheel battery. The voltage should be higher than that of the battery. For example, the voltage should be 13.5 if you want to charge a battery of 12 volts. Otherwise, your charger will not work.

3. You can also check your charger wire with a voltmeter. You may repair your charger wire by patching plastic tape around it if there is a slight leak.

4. Checking Charger plugs:

Check your charger plugs and whether the source point or escrow is burnt. If burnt, replace them immediately.

5. Checking Battery Condition:

You must check your battery regularly to determine whether there is any defect in your battery. If there is any leak or damage in the outside body of the battery, you can patch tape on the leak point.

6. Ensuring a Fresh Battery Container:

If the container of the battery is broken, you should buy a new one to keep your battery safe.

My Opinion (Power Wheel Battery And Its Replacement):

A power wheel battery comes with a sticker that shows you how long you can use it. No matter how well your power wheel vehicle is functioning, if your battery is damaged and cannot be recharged, you are helpless in a power wheel that you cannot drive for service.

So it is essential to know how to replace the power wheels battery. After following the step-by-step procedure, I hope you can easily and quickly replace your power wheel battery.

Anyway, if you feel too much difficulty, you may get the help of an automotive technician. It seems pretty tricky, which is why it is good to have a backup support of an automotive expert.