Replace Your Power Wheel Ignition Switch: DIY Guide

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Have you ever faced problems with the ignition start? If yes, then is it time to replace your power wheel ignition switch? A power wheel ignition switch is found on the boot, bonnet or under the seat. It performs different activities like operating the starter and the ignition system.

It also supplies electricity to the different parts of your power wheel, such as the lighting system, radio, door control and music system. Problems with the power wheel ignition switch cause other problems like powerlessness to start, lighting problems and others. So you need to replace your power wheel ignition switch. Let’s know how to replace a power wheel Switch.

What is the Purpose of a Power Wheel Ignition Switch?

The power Wheel ignition switch is the essential part of the system that contains the ignition lock cylinder. The major purpose of an ignition switch in a power wheel is to supply power to electronic components. It is also responsible for the start of the power wheel engine.

Do Power Wheels have an on-Off Switch?

There is no specific on-off switch in power wheels, but a built-in thermal fuse is available for this function. It is a self-resetting safety equipment that automatically trips when the power wheel is overloaded or overheating.

How does the Power Wheel Switch Work?

The power wheel switch works similarly to the simple electric switch. It contains two points for wire contacts. When the wire circuit connects to the points circuit completes, and it is turned ON. If the wires are detached from the points circuit breaks, and it is turned OFF.

What Signs of a Bad Ignition Switch in Your Power Wheel Toy Car?

Technically, if you have a faulty ignition switch, you can’t enjoy the riding speed even if you install new power wheels gearbox mods in your ride-on-toys. But the question is, how do you understand that your power wheel ignition switch is faulty or problematic? Well, it's easy, yes, I’m talking about the bad signs.

You may notice several signs with a bad ignition switch. But here are five major signs that will make you notice that you have a bad ignition switch.

  • Your power wheel starts, but suddenly, it stalls.
  • You may experience sudden stalls during the ride without any warning.
  • The power engine does not respond while starting.
  • A bad Ignition switch may make turning or removing the key hard.
  • Engine starts, but could not supply power to electronic accessories.

Ways to replace a power wheel Switch:

Step 1. Remove The Steering Column

  • First, you need to detach the battery wire from the battery side.
  • Then disconnect the steering column and take out the screws.
  • Remove and pry the fasteners.

You can easily do the total process with a socket wrench or a screwdriver.

Step 2. Disconnect The Wiring

  • Remove the wiring equipment that attaches itself to the ignition switch (It is situated on top of the steering column)
  • Detach the horn wire
  • Then remove the connecting washers and nuts
  • Disconnect the wiper off the windshield
  • And then turn off the signal switches
  • Finally, disconnect the wiring

Step 3. Test The Switch

Now test the ignition switch with the help of a test light. When the key is in the start position, the test light glows. The test light should not glow if the key is in the off position. You can understand the performance of the ignition switch throughout this test light.

Step 4. Install The New Switch

Separate the screws or nuts which hold the ignition switch and steering column. You can use a socket wrench or a screwdriver to complete this job. Remove the old defective switch. And then replace it with a new one.

Now turn off the ignition switch and put your key in the switch. Free the cylinder by activating the holding pin.  Get the key once again to the lock point. Make sure that all the holes are lined up accurately. Because if you have any difficulty, that case, you cannot install the new switch properly.

Step 5. Secure the New Switch

  • Use a fastener to screw and bolt the new switch to the steering column
  • Connect the wiring and the steering column back to their standard location
  • Replace and restore the covering with fasteners again
  • Make sure that the cylinder and installation are completely aligned
  • Reattach the different switches and the mounting screws

Best Power Wheel Switch:

A power wheel switch is a small piece of equipment that you can easily find in local or online stores. But make sure you have chosen the quality item.

Otherwise, your riding experience will be bad. Here are the two best power switches that may keep you easy and more enjoyable.

1. Power Wheels 00801-1775 Shifter Rocker Switch

I pick the Power wheels 00801-1775 shifter rocker switch that will be an excellent replacement for your power wheel switch. It is made of high-quality content and long-lasting material that performs excellently.

You can easily install it without having many tools or skills. The switch is compatible with multiple power wheels models. It is compatible with 12V and 18 V batteries. It is affordable, but the performance is very satisfactory.

2. Power Wheels 00801-1773 Forward/Reverse Switch

My second best power wheel switch is 00801-1773, which has multiple features. You can control it in multiple ways, such as reverse, mount, forward, and push.

The switch is compatible with several toy car and power wheel models. The switch is easy to fix in any of the switch sets. It not only ensures good performance but also lasts for years.

What are the Major Components of Power Wheels Foot Switch Wiring?

Several components are added together to establish Foot switch wiring in power wheels. But here is the list of significant parts of foot switch wiring:

  • Series Circuit and Parallel Circuit
  • Toggle Switch
  • Throttle switch
  • 12 V battery
  • Two motors

1. Series and Parallel Circuit

There are two circuits, Series and Parallel, that run between a 12 V battery front and two motors back. Each of the circuits is responsible for different energy mode transfers.

2. Toggle Switch

A toggle switch is a 6-pin switch between the motor and the battery. It is responsible for forward and reverses modes.

3. Throttle Switch

The throttle switch is connected to the toggle and pedal switches. Finally, it is connected to the battery; the circuit completes after the throttle switch connection with the battery.

4. 12 V battery

The power wheel is compatible with a 12v battery. The battery is located underneath the hood in the front portion of the power wheel.

5. Two Motors

The circuits connect two motors in the power wheel to the battery. Motors are located under the driver’s seat and connected to the rear wheels and gearbox.

How to wire a 12 V winch Switch?

When wiring the 12V winch switch, follow the easy steps below for a quick finish:

Step 1: Arrange the Diagram

It will be easy if you have a diagram. So, try to get a pictorial diagram for quick completion of the job with its help.

Put the winch in neutral mode- Free the load and turn the knob to put the winch in neutral mode.

Step 2: Disconnect Battery Terminals and Connect the Jumper Wire

Disconnect the terminals from the 12V battery.  Then connect the jumper wires; you will need 5 to 6 inches wires to connect three points near the motors. You have wired the winch switch.

What is the Wiring Method of the Power Wheel Switch?

There are three wires in the foot switch that are open, closed, and common wires. Connect the open wire to the common wire.  Connect one to the open wire and the other to the power supply. Connect the third remaining wire to the live wire.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Diagram Power Wheels Foot Switch Wiring?

Surely you want to know the wiring of the power wheel vehicle. You may think it is complex, like big vehicles, but it is not. You will be surprised to know how easy is the power wheels' foot switch wiring. It is pretty easy to understand the power wheels' wiring. After understanding, you can fix and easily maintains your power wheels.

Can You Start a Power Wheel Toy Car Without an Ignition Switch?

No, you cannot start a power wheel toy car without an ignition switch. You may find some DIY methods, but more chances you will damage the car. So, taking professional services is better than ruining your expensive car.

Can a Faulty Ignition Switch Drain Your Power Wheel Battery?

Yes, when you have a faulty ignition switch, you will try to start the power wheel repeatedly. Ultimately power wheel battery will drain with every try. So, after several attempts, you will get nothing except a drained battery.

How Long Does Fixing a Bad Ignition Switch in Your Ride-on Toy Car Take?

Power wheel ignition switch fixing is not a complex process. You may need 15 to 20 minutes to finish the job, even if you are replacing it for the first time.

Can the Power Wheel Ignition Switch be Repaired?

Yes, you can repair the power wheel ignition switch. But if the damages are severe, you must replace them instead of repair them. Otherwise, you may frequently face problems.

Final Verdict:

However, replacing the power wheel ignition switch is not easy. You need to have the right tools and proper ideas to replace the switch successfully. So ensure that you have all the necessary tools for completing the replacement.