Smart Trike Vs Little Nation: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Peter Simms // Last Updated on October 1, 2023

Finding the right trike for your toddler can always be confusing, with so many options out there. I assume you have managed to narrow down the list to Smart Trike and Little Nation. But what are the main differences between the Smart Trike vs Little Nation?

Smart Trike bikes are designed for younger toddlers, whereas the Little Nation trikes are for older kids. Any toddler of 6 months to 3 years can use the Smart Trike. On the other hand, Little Nation Trikes are recommended for kids of 18 months to 5 years.

However, that’s not all. There are a few more features that separate these trike brands. Stay tuned with me till the end to find out about each and every difference between the Smart Trike and Little Nation. Lastly, I will share my opinion on which one you should buy for your little champ.

About Smart Trike: A Short Overview

About Smart Trike- A Short Overview

Smart Trike is one of the most popular tricycle manufacturers in the USA, focusing on new innovations and adding the latest technology to their products.

The company sells various types of baby trikes, such as stroller tricycles, traditional tricycles, bikes, etc.

One of the best parts of the Smart Trike is its attractive and futuristic design. The company has achieved the Red Dot Design award for designing attractive trikes.

About Little Nation: A Short Overview

Little Nation is an Australia-based children's product brand. It sells various types of trikes, including push tricycles, balance bikes, etc. Besides, Little Nation also sells other children's products, such as kid’s furniture, dresses, accessories, and more.

The brand is quite popular for selling child products at an affordable price range. However, the Little Nation tricycles are quite sturdy and entertaining for toddlers.

Smart Trike Vs Little Nation: Quick Comparison Chart


Smart Trike

Little Nation

Age range

6 months to 3 years

18 months to 5 years

Recline feature

Yes, in a few models


Parent push handle




Larger tricycle collection

Only a few trike models

Pedal lock

Yes, in a few models


Convertible design

Yes, in most models

Yes, with limitations




Safety features

Padded seat, safety harness, sun canopy, footrest, and shock absorbers

Padded seat, safety harness, sun canopy, and footrest





Low to moderate


Smart Trike Vs Little Nation: Key Differences

Smart Trike Vs Little Nation- Key Differences

The above table gives you a brief overview of the differences between the Smart Trike tricycles and the Little Nation tricycles. But choosing the best tricycle for your toddler is associated with their safety and comfort. Hence, detailed research is necessary.

Here are the key differences between the Smart Trike and Little Nation:

Age range

Although both brands sell tricycles for toddlers, there is a significant age range difference. Most of the Smart Trike tricycles are for toddlers aged from 6 months to 3 years. But Little Nation tricycles are more suitable for kids of 3 to 5 years.

The age difference makes Smart Trike more suitable for younger children compared to the Little Nation Trikes.

Recline feature

The recline feature allows the kid to lower the seat on the backside to find a comfortable position. Some of the Smart Trike bikes have this feature, but it is absent in Little Nation Trikes.

The feature is quite helpful in adjusting the seat for kids of different ages and sizes. Hence, Smart Trike can be a better option if you are looking forward to using the trike for a longer period.


Smart Trike offers a wide range of trike collections. You can pick any one that fits your requirements from their various trike models. But you will not get that benefit in Little Nation. It offers only a single design for each type of tricycle with various color options.

If you are fine with a smaller collection, then you can go for Little Nation. But if you want to have a long list of options to pick the best one for your kid, then Smart Trike is the better option.

Convertible Design

The Smart Trike has more convertible design features compared to the Little Nation Trike. It means that you can convert the trike into different rides depending on your toddler’s situation. You even can fold the Smart Trike but not the Little Nation.

For instance, you can use the Smart Trike bike as a stroller when your child is too young or when you are going outside. Then you can adjust the seat and remove the handle to let your kid ride independently. Little Nation also has some of these features, but fewer compared to the Smart Trike.

Safety Features

Safety Features

Safety is one of the major concerns while buying a trike for your child and both of these have a lot of safety features in their trikes. However, most Smart Trikes have pedal lock features that you won’t find in Little Nation.

Not to mention, Little Nation trikes are for older kids, so not all safety features are necessary.


Smart Trike uses hard plastic tires, whereas Little Nation uses rubber tires. Plastic tires are usually puncture-resistant and are more durable. Rubber tires, on the other hand, work like real vehicle tires.

Not to mention, your kid will have a smoother ride with the rubber tires. The Little Nation rubber tires are foam-filled and require no maintenance.

Price range

Smart Trikes have a larger trike collection, and they come in various price ranges. Whether you want an affordable option at a low price or a premium bike, you can get it from Smart Trike. But Little Nation has no bikes in the low price range. They mainly fall in the midrange trike segment.

Are Smart Trikes Good? [Why Buy a Smart Trike]

Yes. Smart Trike is pretty good for children when they are too young. It has a lot of safety features that can protect your baby. Besides, when they grow old, you can modify the trike to fit their needs.

There have been some complaints that these are hard to steer. But apart from that, the user experience for Smart Trike is satisfactory.

Are Little Nations Good? [Why Buy a Little Nation]

Yes. Little Nation trikes are pretty good when your toddlers grow up. These also have some of the necessary safety features and also have realistic rubber tires.

There’s been a few complaints that the parts do not fit well or are tough to set up. But the good thing is the overall build quality of the Little Nations is sturdy and durable.

What is the Difference Between Smart Trike 3 and 5?

What is the Difference Between Smart Trike 3 and 5

Smart Trike 3 is usually recommended for toddlers of age 10 months and older. But the Smart Trike 5 is usually for babies of age 6 months and older.

Where is Smart Trike Made?

The headquarter of Smart Trike is located in Israel, but the trikes that are sold in the USA are manufactured in China. They are usually distributed from Miami, FL, in the USA.

Where is Little Nation Bikes Made?

Little Nation bikes are made in Australia. The brand has an online shop to sell the bikes and other children's items.

Does the Little Nation Trike Fold Down?

No. Little Nation has found the fold-down feature to be very flimsy in most brands. That is why they have decided not to include this feature in their trikes to make them stronger and more durable.


Although there are a lot of differences between Smart Trike vs Little Nation, the age ranges pretty much seal the deal. If your baby is between 6 months to 3 years old, then you should get the Smart Trike, or if the kid is older, you should go for Little Nation. However, for toddlers around 2 years old, both seem pretty good options, and you can buy the one that fits your requirements.