Unboxing Power Wheels Ford f150 Raptor Truck

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Power Wheels Ford F15 Raptor Truck is one of the best trucks to ride in the mud that provides the best opportunity for fun for your kids. The truck is expensive and looks complex to assemble, but in actuality it is not.

With a little bit of knowledge and know-how, you can unbox the Power wheels Ford F150 Raptor Truck. Today, I will also share simple ways to help you learn to unbox that excellent toy truck at home.

Unboxing Ride on Cars – Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor Truck Rides in the Mud

Unboxing Ride on Cars – Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor Truck Rides in the Mud

You see that it is a 12 volts system that goes up to five miles per hour and is made for kids of age three and above. It can carry more than 130 pounds.

When you see its box, it is a minor change; it is 52 inches tall and 30 inches deep, and 36 inches wide.

It contains everything in its packaging for unboxing and assembling the 2 seater ride on truck for your kids.

What Will You Get In The Box?

What will you get in the box

In your box packing, you will find two tires, seats of course for the interior setup, rear bumper, a decal sheet, nuts, bolts screws, steering wheel assembly, steering column, and the vehicle itself.

You will also find many other accessories, and a note of exact things will also be available, and you should cross-match the items to make sure everything is available in the box.

Once you have found all the items and equipment, it will take fifteen minutes to complete your job.

Step One

Step one putting bumper assembly

Start with putting bumper assembly and grille together, and then you can fasten it to the vehicle; you will see a screw behind it screw it to hold it.

After that, fitting assembly you need to put the bumper on the vehicle and a couple of screws and tabs on the vehicle to keep the bumper.

No, a hood is available on the truck so that you can screw up the assembly of the bumper on screws.

Step Two

Now come to its wheels; you will see a couple of screws to screw the wheels. Take your drill and put the torque on it, make a hole.

According to the guide, you will see the already marked position for the drilling hole; after drilling a hole, screw the wheels at their proper position.

Step Three

prepare the steering

You will need to prepare the steering column to install the vehicle steering. Installing the steering column is also a simple job. Just look at the steering column; you will see the gauge and steering wheel that is simple.

It goes through the steering wheel, metal dowel goes through, and you need to insert it in the hole. A cover there will hold the steering at its proper place, and you need to insert it into the body.

Step Four

insert the steering

Here I will share a simple technique with you later in the instructions, but it will become easier for you to insert the steering column if you do it first.

Keep your vehicle's front wheel straight; it will allow you to get that and call for the tailgate assembly. It will become significantly easier to install the steering wheel and pack.

Step Five

install the headlights

Now install the headlights; take out the headlights; you will see two big headlights for front installation and two rear lights in color. I get red, but these vary in colors. Another thing is that the front lights are more comprehensive and more extensive in size than the backlights.

Unscrew the lights and put them in their marked places, and screw them with a screwdriver before screwing connect them with wiring. Connect the red wire with the red terminal and the black wire with the black color terminal.

Follow the same process for the backlights; once you have installed the lights, make sure lights are not lost and fixed correctly.

Step Six

install the wheels

Now you will need to put the wheels, for that turns your vehicle upside down. It will make your job easier to install the wheels. You will see two rods on both sides' front and back to fix the wheels on these axle rods. First, put the back wheels according to instructions. When done, move them and make sure they move freely and adequately.

Now come to the front wheels, put both front wheels on the front axle, and move them with hands to make sure they are free to move and properly installed. Check wheels; front wheels are a little smaller in size than the back wheels. So do not make any mistakes while putting the wheels.

Step Seven

adjusting the body

Now turn the vehicle upside up and work on its body; take the body from the cover and put it on the vehicle. You will need to keep it on the vehicle in the proper place; it will adequately adjust after adjusting all of its screws to fix the body.

Do not tighten the screws too firmly; it will make it tough to open while you need it in the future. Shake the body and check its balance and installation that should be proper.

Step Eight

F150 Raptor Truck accessories installation

The last step in its installation is to do the finished job by adding some accessories. You will see many accessories, or you can also add some accessories on your own to make your kids' rides more comfortable. You can add bags for keeping books, bottles, etc. You can also add other accessories like a basket and soft cushions for your kids.

After adding the accessories, check the safety measures and make sure everything is installed correctly. It is better to take a ride to make sure it is working correctly. You may wonder why I did not discuss the batteries.

You do not need anything to do for the batteries because these batteries are already installed correctly in the body, and you need to adjust the body.

Once you have checked its brakes, speed controller, and headlights, take the speed test and make sure you have set the speed at the required level. For kids of three years, speed up to 2.5 to 3 Miles per hour is safe.

Now your truck is ready for a ride, hand it over to your kids for fun and enjoyment in the mud to make their summer more joyful and thrilling.

Final Thoughts

Riding a vehicle in the mud makes your summer memorable and enjoyable. Not just the elders but Kids also love to play in the ground on vehicles. But for the kids, riding a Power Wheels Ford F15 Raptor Truck is perfect.

When you buy, it will not be available in assembled form from most of the stores, and you will get all the parts for the building.

You may prefer a professional, but it is pretty easy to unbox and assemble the Power Wheels Ford F15 Raptor Truck at home if you follow our instructions.