Use Power Wheels Batteries For A Kids Trax Car

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Power wheel batteries have versatile features that make them suitable for several applications. So it may possible to use the power wheels batteries for a “ Kids Trax” car. But a question comes to my mind is it possible to use power wheels batteries for the Kids Trax car?

Yes, Power wheels batteries are suitable for a Kids Trax Car. Because power wheels batteries come with similar features as the Kids Trax car batteries, such as chemistry, voltage, capacity ratings, size, weight, and charging system.

However, I will explore some facts that will help you understand and make the right decision for using Power wheels batteries for the Kids Trax car.

Top Facts- Why Use Power Wheels Batteries for a Kids Trax Car?

Top Facts- Why Use Power Wheels Batteries for a Kids Trax Car

Using the Power wheels batteries for Kids Trax car is cost-effective and efficient for several reasons. Here are a few facts that make Power wheels batteries a good choice for a “ Kids Trax” Car.


The first and foremost important thing that makes the power wheels batteries suitable for the “ Kids Trax” car is its chemistry. The Kids Trax car’s batteries also come in a similar chemical technology as the power wheels. The chemistry of both batteries is lead-acid or lithium-ion. So it makes them interchangeable.

Voltage and Capacity Ratings

Another similarity between power wheels batteries and Kids Trax car batteries is their voltage and capacity ratings. Both ensure similar voltage and capacity ratings, so there is no issue when you are changing the Kids Trax car’s battery with a power wheels battery.

Charge Systems

Charge Systems

There is no difference in their charging system. Both batteries can be charged in the same way. So, you can easily interchange the Kids Trax car battery with a power wheels battery without worrying about its charging system.

Size & Weight

Size & weight is also an essential factor to consider while interchanging one toy vehicle’s battery with another. So when we compare the power wheels battery with the Kids Trax car battery, there is no difference. So you can use a power wheels battery for the Kids Trax car. It has a similar installation and is tightly fit inside the battery compartment.


Power Wheels batteries come with modern technological support, making them suitable for several low-power toys. So no issue in using them for the Kids Trax car. It is cost-effective and also assists you in upgrading your Kids Trax car driving system.