What Are The Different Types Of Tricycles For Toddlers & Kids?

Peter Simms // Last Updated on October 1, 2023

Believe me, I won't soon forget how fascinated I was by the tricycles I used to see in my toy collections. Yes, I personally believe that tricycles can be not only a visual feast but also the utmost fun for children. If you want to stray away from the concept of ride-on toys, then going on the hunt for different types of tricycles can do the trick.

However, are you aware of the various toddler tricycle models available? There are seven different types of tricycles for toddlers on the market.

  1. Push tricycle
  2. Classic tricycles
  3. Foldable tricycles
  4. Electric tricycles
  5. Stroller tricycles
  6. Drift tricycles
  7. Three-wheeler balance bikes

The next question is, what type of tricycle is best for your toddler or kid? Let’s first discuss these tricycles in detail, and then we will help you determine which one you should buy.

What are Tricycles? What is the Characteristic of a Tricycle?

What are Tricycles

The main characteristic of a tricycle is that it has three wheels. It is quite similar to bicycles, but the extra wheel provides more stability and safety.

Tricycles are commonly used as the first bikes for toddlers. The little ones may find it challenging to ride a bicycle. That is why parents give them tricycles to learn to ride.

Most tricycles have a front wheel and two rear wheels. Even if the riders are inexperienced at riding, the rear wheels prevent them from falling.

However, depending on wheel placement, tricycles can be of two types:

  • The Delta: The Delta tricycles have one wheel in the front and two wheels in the rear. It is the most common type of tricycle.
  • The Tadpole: The Tadpole tricycles have two wheels in the front and one wheel in the rear. These are less common and usually are found in adult tricycles.

Top 7 Types of Tricycles

When we searched online for different kinds of tricycles, we discovered that the majority of the results were for adult tricycles. It was not helpful for parents who wanted to find the perfect tricycle for their babies.

Therefore, we dug a little bit more and found these 7 types of tricycles that are perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids:

1. Push tricycle

Push tricycles usually have a large handlebar in the rear that allows the parents to push it.

Some young children might initially find it difficult to pedal a tricycle. But with a push tricycle, you can push and control the ride.

However, it is also an excellent option for taking your babies outdoors. Most [push tricycles come with a canopy on top to protect your child from the sun. You can go walking or shopping with your baby on a push tricycle.

However, don’t forget to lock the pedals to ensure the little champ doesn't go on a ride alone.

2. Classic Tricycles

Classic tricycles are old-school tricycles without any special features. They have three wheels, and usually, the toddler can ride them alone.

However, push tricycles typically have wider wheels and a lower seat. These are excellent options for learning to balance.

3. Foldable Tricycles

Foldable Tricycles

As the name suggests, these toddler tricycles can be folded for easier transportation and portability.

Foldable tricycles are the best options for families who do not have enough space in their backyard. You can fold the tricycle and carry it to the nearest park or go on a picnic and let your little toddler ride it.

4. Electric Tricycles

Electric tricycles come with motors and batteries. Your babies will not have to pedal to ride the cycles. Instead, they can turn on the motor and ride the tricycle with minimal effort.

These tricycles can be great for teaching your toddlers how to ride motorcycles. Not to mention, electric tricycles come with various safety features such as speed lock, auto brake, etc.

5. Stroller Tricycles

Stroller tricycles look similar to strollers but come with three wheels and have pedals. They also include a handlebar similar to the push trike.

Whether your baby wants to pedal themselves or you want to help them with a little push, the stroller tricycle can be a perfect choice.

Getting a stroller might be preferable, even if you were planning to buy one. That’s because you get a stroller and a tricycle in one.

6. Drift Tricycles

Drift tricycles have the ability to drift, as suggested by their name. Kids can learn to drift, go on adventurous rides and have fun. These tricycles usually have motors and batteries similar to electric tricycles for proper functioning.

However, drift tricycles are usually not recommended for toddlers. A drift cycle can be the ideal gift for your little champion once they are children or older than 6 years old.

7. Three-Wheeler Balance Bikes

Three-Wheeler Balance Bikes

Although these are technically not tricycles, we can still refer to them as such because some balance bikes have three wheels.

These are good options for babies when they are only learning to walk. You can give your baby a balance bike before you give them a proper tricycle. It will help them learn to balance on a tricycle.

How do I Choose a Tricycle?

Considering the fact that there are 7 different types of tricycles for toddlers and kids, it can be confusing for you to choose the right one for your toddler.

Generally, there are a lot of things you can consider while choosing a tricycle. But when you need to select the type, you can only consider the following three factors.

1. Purpose: First, you must decide why you are getting your toddler a tricycle. Is it because you want them to ride and play in the backyard? Or because you want to occasionally go outdoors with them?

A push or classic tricycle can be great for learning to ride. But stroller tricycles can be better if you want to hang out with your toddler.

2. Age: Different tricycles are better suited to different ages. For instance, if your baby is only 15 months old, it's best to give them a balance bike tricycle. That’s because they can not pedal properly at this early age.

Then again, if your kid has grown up and is 4 to 10 years older, then you can consider giving them an electric or drift tricycle.

3. Safety features: Safety is one of the most crucial factors you should consider when you're giving something to your toddlers. They do not understand safety much, so it is necessary to have enough safety features in the tricycle.

For instance, if your toddler is too young, they will need more safety features. You should not give them drift bikes, which are a little tough to operate.

Once you have considered these factors and determined which type of tricycle you want, you can go for other factors such as price, color, brand, style, etc.

What is the difference between a trike and tricycle?

A trike and a tricycle both refer to the same item, that is, a three-wheeled vehicle. These words are synonyms.

Why is a tricycle more stable?

Tricycles are more stable compared to traditional bicycles because they have three wheels. As a result, there is less risk of losing balance and falling.

Can adults use tricycles?

Yes. Both adults and children can use tricycles. Some of the adult tricycles are designed for particular jobs, while others are for people who have less balance due to aging.

Are tricycles safe?

Yes. Tricycles are safer options for toddlers compared to bicycles. That is why parents get their children a tricycle first and a bicycle later, when they get older.


These were the most common types of tricycles you would find for toddlers and kids. You may have heard the names of other tricycles, such as recumbent trikes, freight trikes, or rickshaw trikes, but they are for adults or for specific professions. You can use this list only when buying tricycles for your little rider.