The Best 4×4 Power Wheels For Kids For Adventurous Rides

Peter Simms // Last Updated on October 2, 2023

Looking for the best ride on toy cars and forgetting about 4×4 power wheels? Oops! It'll be a big mistake! But I know you're more careful about giving your child a comfortable and safe ride in the backyard, driveways, and wooden blocks, even in tough terrain.

In order to improve the toy car's durability, traction, speed, and off-ride performance, you must choose the best 4×4 power wheels. 4×4 wheels ride-on toy cars with remote control options are the most demanding cars for kids. These cars have superior battery capacity, safety belts with wider seats, dual driving controls, and many more exciting features! 

All are next in this entire article. I have discussed the five best 4×4 power wheel ride-on toy cars with deep research! Don't miss this buying guide with every feature detail according to the user's experience and review to choose the best for your little rider! 

A review of the 5 Best 4x4 Power Wheels for Adventurous Kids

1. Sopbost 4x4 Rechargeable Remote Control Toy Car

Sopbost 4x4 Rechargeable Remote Control Toy Car

Let's introduce the first pick of a remote control toy car that can give more than you expect! Sopbost 4×4 wheel cars offer a realistic driving experience considering safety, comfort, durability and better traction.

According to my research, the construction is good but not so cool. The toy car is manufactured in China, not in the U.S. Durable PP Plastic, however, provides an average construction. The superior traction and off-roading capabilities of these tires, however, must impress you!

Your toddlers can ride comfortably on 12" front and rear driving wheels that provide good grip in the grass, dirt, mud, and even tough terrain. It has 4 shock absorbers to enhance comfortability when handling difficult terrain. 

Toddlers can enjoy driving with two driving modes. I think it is going to be easier for parents to allow their child to drive manually or operate a safe ride with a 2.4 GHz remote. I think the switching mode is a perfectly convenient and safer choice as well.

Don't forget about the big blast of this toy ride. It has a 12V rechargeable battery that can last for a long time to give a toddler more fun! It can last up to 2 hours with continuous use. Moreover, your little rider just rides for 20-30 minutes at a time. They will not ever put the toy car in a situation where the battery needs to be replaced.

So, what about safety? Since the car has a wide single seat that is 16.7" wide and 4-point seat belts, I believe they are seriously concerned with safety. It is absolutely great for a little child's secure ride! 

Missing some recreational features for your toddlers, right? Don't worry! The toy car features a device connection and a music player on the dashboard. When you are riding or cruising, your baby can listen to their favorite Disney songs!


  • Remote control features work great.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Add fun with Bluetooth music streaming.


  • Some customers say the range of the remote is small and it can work within 60 feet.
  • This car has a terrible turning radius.

2. ANPABO Electric Ride on 4x4 Truck

ANPABO Electric Ride on 4x4 Truck

Having an electric toy ride with 4 wheels is a popular choice now! And, here, you can glimpse this riding car with a superior battery capacity and faster speed for a better riding experience. 

ANPABO is a 4x4 power wheels toy that has a 24 volt rechargeable battery which accelerates the longer driving experience than Sopbost! So, you don't need to worry about the drained battery at all. Again, the new "low battery voice warning" addition reminds you to charge the battery! Sounds more unique, right? 

The next feature I liked the most is "Speed". It has 4*35 W motors which really provide faster speed.  The speed range is between 1.8-3.1 MPH.

The best feature is a dual-driving mode with different speeds! Manual mode has two speeds and remote mode has three different speeds for the safety of little riders. 

This electric ride-on truck features 19" seats with 5-point seat belts. The seat is perfectly fit for a 3-4 year little rider. But, this is not as wide for children up to 4-8 years as it advertises. 

The 14" wheels do not have a shock absorber like a Sopbost riding car. But, both axles have a coil spring to absorb shock for difficult terrains. You can't expect better durability and superior performance on gravel or concrete because it is made of plastic. 

I must appreciate its safety features. It features a lockable door on both sides. Additionally, you can press a key to engage emergency braking when necessary! 

Similar to other toy cars, this one has a music player and connecting hardware. 


  • Suitable for riding in grassy yards and streets without any issues.
  • Superior motor power for faster riding. 
  • Long-lasting battery performance 
  • Better safety features.
  • Can carry their toys or snacks in an attached storage box.


  • Difficult to turn the steering wheel.
  • The seating area is too small

3. Blitzshark 24v 4x4 Ride on with Remote Control

Blitzshark 24v 4x4 Ride on with Remote Control

At this stage, I am going to reveal the most demanding car features that you would hardly expect from a riding toy! With this blitzshark, your toddler can't differentiate their toy from a real car.  Its features focus on a real-driving experience with superior battery and motor power capacity! 

Firstly, the extra large battery almost ensures superior performance with 24 volts! This 24 volt 4x4 power wheels truck can drive continuously at full speed for 1 hour. Your child will only ride for a maximum of 15-20 minutes. So, you don't need to worry about draining the battery all day! 

Blitz Share really focuses better on speed performance than ANPABO. Here, each motor has 120-watt power. That means 4 wheels offer a total of 480 watts of power for a better driving experience than E-bikes. I highly recommend this one for its superior speed! 

Again, if you are afraid of a higher speed for a little rider, then you can switch it very easily. The kids' manual has two different options for switching speeds. The maximum speed ranges from 4.3 mph to 1.8 mph.

Like other toy cars, the parental remote control for 2.4G has 3 different speeds- high, medium, and low. It'll work to assist children with safety. Plus, the emergency brake button to stop it immediately. 

There's nothing special about the body of this truck. Blitzsherk toy car made of durable plastic material. You can't expect a better grip on gravel or concrete for this. But, they offer superior performance on grass, dirt or snow! 

The tires are made of plastic. These are 15.4" wide and also wear-resistant. The addition of a full metal suspension aids in the absorption of shock. In this case, you can expect a better on-ride and off-road performance on a flat surface. But, that's not much better compared with rubber tires.

Well, comfort and safety are important now! This truck offers a wide area of 20.9" for two seats. The legroom is 19.7" wide and 11" long. The maximum weight it can bear is 105 LBS with a height of 42" for each kid! 

It obviously provides a wider seat than the previous two brands. Plus, the three-point belt system ensures the safety of kids. So, your toddler can have a secure and comfortable ride while they drive the car! 

After riding in the car, your baby will not feel bored or worn out. It has a Wireless music player and FM Radio for refreshing their minds during leisure periods. The larger storage box is another feature that is really great for keeping their toys, meals or snacks when they go outdoors! 


  • Superior battery capacity for a longer riding experience 
  • Wider seat with large leg rooms.
  • Higher speed performance 
  • Wide and wear-resistant tires for on/off-road performance 
  • The steering wheel and foot on the pedal offer a real driving experience 
  • Larger storage box for carrying toys or snacks! 


  • On sand, concrete, hills, or other difficult terrain, your grip may not be very good. Only good for flat surfaces.
  • Don't have superior durability.

4. NEWQIDA 4x4 Ride on Toys Truck with Remote

NEWQIDA 4x4 Ride on Toys Truck with Remote

The most awaited 4x4 power wheels rubber tires truck is ready to go! NEWQIDA will give your child the real experience of riding a Jeep with extraordinary design and construction.

The most impressive eep truck I have ever seen! Its jeep construction is so catchy that you can't differentiate it from a real adult jeep.

Well, the body of the jeep is just made of plastic and metal with much creativity. The back seat construction with two spotlights, a large storage box, the front seat with a functional dashboard and front headlights make it super classic.

The most demanded va rubber tires are the best features Sopbost NEWQIDA has! Although tires are made of 80% plastic with 20% EVA rubber in the centre, they still perform better than the previous car we discussed!

It never goes slow over water, grass, dirt or concrete. It has an additional shock absorber for a comfortable ride! So, it has better traction and superior off-road performance on rough terrain. 

The ability to ride a car for longer on a 12V 10AH battery is not superior. So, yeah! Here, you need to compromise!

The speed performance is dependent on the motor's power. Each 12V independent motor offers a total of 480 watts for better speed. The speed range is between 1.8-4.3 mph.

For safety, it provides both manual and remote control driving. 2.4 GHz paternal remote control works from a great distance.

Plus, the additional seats allow parents to coordinate with their children and enjoy driving. Also, a big child can sit in the back seat comfortably. 

The back seat is 17" wider, but not so much wider for 2 kids! There's a storage box included for carrying baby snacks, toys or meals on an outdoor trip. But, wait, it can load up to 220 lbs! 

The addition of a USB and Bluetooth connection is great for playing songs to entertain the baby during her leisure periods.


  • Superior traction and off-road performance 
  • Better construction with durable plastic and metal
  • Can bear heavy loads, like parents or big kids in the back seat.
  • The shock absorber helps handle any tough terrain and makes for a comfortable ride.


  • The battery can drain faster.
  • The steering wheel is hard for children to turn

5. Kid Trax 4x4 Tracker Electric Ride On Toy

Kid Trax 4x4 Tracker Electric Ride On Toy

Are you searching for an independent ride on a toy without any remote control? Then, our last pick of toy cars is for you! 

You can be afraid of a secure ride! And Kid Trax focuses on its secure and comfortable ride as it has no remote control option.

Kid Trax has impressive traction with beautiful dinosaur tracks and bone graphics. The durable plastic body is good for durability. 

You can expect superior traction as the tire is made of rubber. So, it can easily go on any surface and handle rough terrain as well.

manufactures high-quality products quickly. They provide moderate speed due to the lack of a control mechanism. Younger children can travel at speeds of almost 2.5 mph without any problems. Therefore, there is no potential for high-speed risk. 

This Jeep truck also features a forward and reverse switch for an easy and safer ride. Again, the children can easily control real foot pedal acceleration.

Your toddler will have unlimited fun whenever he starts this toy car! The working headlight and engine sound make the baby's riding time and especially leisure hours more exciting! 

6 volts is a very small amount of battery capacity for a long ride. But, this battery has a one-step direct connecting charger system in a wall charger! After your ride is finished, simply connect it to a charger.

Well, there's no backside in this toy car. Therefore, it can only load 6 lbs. It has a single motor and 2 wheels for driving.

It lacks an additional music player, USB or Bluetooth connection, or storage box like other 44 power wheel rides on toy cars do.


  • Smooth and comfortable riding experience
  • Have a forward and reverse switch.
  • Lower speed for a safer ride
  • Good for training toddlers. 
  • Rubber tires provide superior on and off-road performance 
  • The sound of the engine and working headlights keep kids entertained.


  • Has no remote control.
  • There is no addition of a music player on the dashboard and storage box.
  • There's no back seat. 
  • The battery can drain fast.


How much can a Power Wheel Hold?

The 4×4 power wheels can hold a maximum of 220 lbs. 4×4 wheels can hold 40-60 lbs if made for smaller kids. Again, the 4×4 wheels on cars that are designed for big kids can load 110-220 lbs.

How Long does It Take to Put Together a Power Wheels?

It is very easy to assemble a 4×4 power wheel ride on toy car. Usually, you'll need only 45-60 minutes to put together the parts, whether you follow the instruction video or not. 

Are 4 Wheel Drives Good?

Are 4 Wheel Drives Good

4 wheeled ride- toy cars are great for gripping tough terrain, rain, grass, even snow. These ride-on cars are great for off-road performance. Each wheel has a shock absorber for a smooth and comfortable ride without compromising speed! 

My opinion (What I Recommend)

I have already talked about every feature to help me choose wisely! If you haven't decided yet to choose the best 4×4 wheels, then these are the last tips I can give you! 

If you're looking for a ride on a toy car for a single toddler, then go for NEWQIDA!  Better off-ride capabilities and traction can keep your toddlers comfortable during the ride. These have a shock absorber too, for a smooth ride. The NEWQIDA, which has eva rubber tires, a 24V battery, and a sizable storage box, would be preferable.

Additionally, I can vouch for the Blitzsherk 4x4 power wheels as the best-performing ride on a toy car. It features a double seat, more leg room, high-speed performance with safety belts, and parental remote control! It'll be worth your money, confirm!  

So, what will you pick? Don't forget to share your opinion in the comment section.