Hot Wheels RC Car Charge Instructions [Step-By-Step Guide]

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 26, 2023

Tickling sensation to the kids, and even to the adults for the rush of hot wheels, these tiny racers are ever loved. Selection of model, unboxing, using in multiple ways are most loved when we talk about hot wheels rc cars. When my younger one built up interest, I had to jump into the matter to make it more than just a hobby. The unwrapping led to the very basic question, how to charge the hot wheels rc car?

Identify your rc battery type, then arrange the correct charger. Next to that, remove the battery, plug it into the charger and plug the charger into the power outlet. Keep noticing the light when the red light turns green, remove the battery from the charger and reinstall it in the hot wheels.

Anyway, below I will try to reveal all the helpful information about safe charging hot wheels rc cars. Stay tuned!

Guide on: How to Charge Hot Wheels rc Car?

Before training on how to charge the hot wheel rc car, you should identify the car battery type and choose the right charge for uninterrupted charging.

Identify Your Hot Wheels rc Car Battery

If you are a newbie to battery technology and connectors, first identify what type of battery technology or connectors you have. Here I will explain about two most common types of batteries used in RC cars.

1. Lipo Batteries

Lipo Batteries

Lipo RC batteries are the most powerful batteries in hot wheels RC cars. They are best in performance but also need great care while charging. 

Such toy car batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are packed in hard cases. Popular connector types in Lipo batteries are HXT, EC, XT, and T/deans.

2. NiMH Batteries

NiMH Batteries

NiMH RC batteries are also a good choice for budget hot wheels cars. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

Connectors in such batteries are Tamiya female connector far left or mini- Tamiya far right and XT60 plugs. NiMH batteries are available in stick pack layouts.

What Charger do You Need for Your Hot Wheels rc Car?

Most of the time, you get the charger in a pack with your new hot wheels rc car. But some average budget and even costly models also come without the charger. 

So, if you do not have a charger, pick the right charger according to your car battery type.

You will need the NiMH charger for the NiMH batteries and the Lipo charger for the Lipo rc car batteries. 

I recommend the HOBBYMATE RC Car Battery Charger for the NiMH car battery. It is a high-power advanced features charger that is not just affordable but also long-lasting.

If you have a Lipo battery in your hot wheels, SUPULSE Lipo Battery Charger can be a good choice. It offers robust performance and is equipped with modern features to keep your rc battery in good health.

Steps to Follow- How to Charge Hot Wheels rc Car Battery?

Here I will share the easiest steps to safely remove, charge, and reinstall the rc battery in your hot wheels.

Things you will need:

  • Rc car battery charger ( NiMH or Lipo) according to your battery type
  • Gloves
  • Screwdriver (Optional) if the battery is screwed in the casing; otherwise, not.

Step 1- Remove the rc Battery

Remove the rc Battery

Place the hot wheels rc car on the flat surface. Then take the screwdriver and unscrew the bolts to access the battery.

Once unscrewed, remove the cover, and you will see the rc battery. Hold the battery and pull it up; the battery will be removed.

Step 2- Plug the Battery Into the Charger

Plug the Battery Into the Charger

Take the charger and plug the rc battery into the charger. You will see the positive and negative sides of the charger.

Take your rc battery, and identify the positive and negative sides of the rc battery.  Look below the negative side with a metal.

Then you will also find the positive side with a metal connector. Plug in the battery's positive side to the charger's positive terminal and the negative side with the negative side of the charger.

Push the battery; no worry, with a little push, it will adjust. You will hear the click sound, confirming that the battery is properly plugged in.

Step 3- Plug the Charger Into the Power Outlet

Plug the Charger Into the Power Outlet

You will need to connect the charger with the power source. Plug in with the power source; it is simple like other appliances.

The red light on the rc charger means charging is low. The red light will start blinking when you plug the charger into the power outlet.

Leave the charger for an hour or less to charge the battery full. Rc car batteries can take 30 to 60 minutes to charge fully.  When you see the light is turned green, it signals the battery is fully charged.

Step 4- Remove the Battery From the Charger

Remove the Battery From the Charger

Take out the charger from the power outlet and then remove the battery from the charger. Locate the button below; you can see the red button. Press that button to unlock the battery.

Step 5- Reinstall the Battery

Reinstall the Battery

Then reinstall the battery in the rc car battery. Place the battery in the cabin and give a little push to adjust its place. Make sure the positive terminals and negative terminals are on the right side to connect.

When you hear the click sound, it means the battery is adjusted correctly. Once the battery is locked in the cabin, put the cover over it and screw the bolts.

Tips to Enhance rc Car Battery Life

Undoubtedly proper care, basic mechanical knowledge about hot wheels’ scale and maintenance extend your RC cars’ lifespan. Let’s know the simple instructions that can make your rc car battery long-lasting.

1. Protect from Too Cold or Hot

Do not store or keep the rc cars at too high or too low temperatures. It will cause corrosion or melting of the chemicals that shorten the rc battery life. 

So, try to maintain a moderate temperature between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius for optimal performance.

2. Do not Overcharge the Battery

Your car battery needs to charge fully but does not need to be overcharged. Once you identify the battery is fully charged, remove the battery from charging. 

If you leave it overcharging for a long time, it will overheat the battery. Ultimately, your battery will damage.

3. Do Not Store It Empty

Do not use it until it is dead; immediately charge it when you feel the rc battery is a little low charge. If the battery is empty, immediately charge it, especially before storing it. Empty storage will damage your rc battery.

4. Use the Right Charger

Try to arrange the recommended charger for whichever type of battery you are using. Never use Lipo charger for NiMH or vice versa.

Final Verdict

Hot Wheels rc cars are equipped with rc batteries. You need proper care and maintenance of the rc batteries for better performance. Arrange for the right chargers and ways to charge the battery.

An affordable rc battery can be a suitable choice. But never get a low-quality battery or charger when performance is your main concern.