How To Teach Toddler To Ride Tricycle? [With Tips To Success]

Peter Simms // Last Updated on October 1, 2023

Believe me; it was more than a million dollars of happiness when I bought the first tricycle for my loving toddler. I was aware that a tricycle would make my preschooler smart and mature enough in addition to being fun and enjoyable for my little darling.

Everything had been going smoothly up until I realized I had to teach my toddler how to ride his tricycle. Fortunately, I was able to successfully teach my child how to ride. Let's know some of my quick tips.

You need to select the right tricycle for your toddlers before teaching them how to ride a tricycle. Then tell them everything about riding a tricycle as part of the preparation. After that, teach your toddlers to pedal and then to navigate the tricycle.

This was only a quick snapshot of the detailed teaching process. Learn how to teach a toddler to ride a tricycle by holding on and following along with us all the way to the end. Do not miss the tips at the end and the mistakes you should avoid.

How Do You Teach A Toddler to Ride A Tricycle?

How Do You Teach A Toddler to Ride A Tricycle

Once your toddler is ready to ride a tricycle, you can start teaching them. You will need to be more careful at the beginning to prevent any accidents.

Did you know when toddlers learn to ride a tricycle? If not, don't worry! You can visit this link for more information.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to teach your toddler to ride a tricycle:

1. Choose The Right Tricycle

First, you must find a tricycle that is right for your toddler. The most important factor is its size.

If your toddler is heavy and tall, then you will need a bigger tricycle, or else you will need a small one.

Make sure your toddler can comfortably sit on the seat and their feet touch the ground. Their knees should bend a little while pushing the pedal.

Besides, a wider base is preferable. It provides more stability and lessens the chance of accidents.

Lastly, the handlebars should not be too far from the seat. It is better if your toddler can comfortably hold the handles without leaning forward too much.

Tip: Ask your toddlers what style of tricycle they prefer. It will encourage them to learn if you buy a tricycle according to their choices.

2. Prepare Your Toddler to Ride the Tricycle

Many toddlers are scared of riding a tricycle. Some become adamant about not riding. That is why it is essential that you prepare your toddler mentally to start learning to ride.

Before you start teaching them how to ride or pedal, put them on the seat and make them comfortable. There is no need to tell them to push the pedal. Instead, ask them to hold the handlebars and sit comfortably.

Try to motivate them to learn by telling them fun things about riding a tricycle. Tell them how amazing it feels to sit on it and push the pedals.

If they feel scared, do not force them. To pique their interest, you can play videos of young children riding tricycles.

In short, make them believe it is fun to ride a tricycle. It will also eliminate their fears and build their confidence.

Tip: If your toddler is younger than two years old, you can give them a balance bike instead of a tricycle. It will help them learn to balance on a tricycle and also boost their confidence level.

3. Teach to Pedal

Teach to Pedal

Most parents' most frequent query is "how to teach a toddler to pedal a tricycle." Many toddlers sit still on the seat, holding the handlebars and refuse to pedal. The main reason is that they are scared.

You need to tell your kid that this is a tricycle and there is no risk of falling. Never shout at your baby, as it makes things worse.

Ask them to push the pedal gently. If your toddler is scared, you can hold them from behind so that they do not lose balance on the seat.

However, ensuring your kid has enough strength to push the pedal is also essential. Once the tricycle moves forward, they will start to enjoy it automatically.

4. Help to Navigate

Once your toddler comfortably pushes the pedal. You need to help them navigate. It is not easy. When I was a kid and learning to ride, it took me a long time to learn to navigate.

When your toddler is learning to push the pedal, their attention will go there, and they may often lose control of the steering wheel or the handlebar. It is normal to find it challenging to focus on both the pedals and handlebars.

In the beginning, hold the handlebars with your toddlers and help them navigate. Then release them and let your children do the navigation. If you see they are losing control, hold the handlebars again.

Try to give them a larger area to practice in so that they do not need to change direction too frequently. Besides, a flat surface is best for practicing riding a tricycle. If the terrain is rough or uneven, your toddler will find it challenging to ride.

5. Build Confidence

Learning to pedal and to navigate are two of the most crucial parts of teaching a toddler to use a tricycle. Once they have learned them, it is time to master the skill.

Always stay close to your child while he is learning to ride. Encourage them with positive words and help them whenever they face trouble.

Learning to ride a tricycle is not tough. But it is crucial to gain enough confidence. Let your toddler ride the tricycle independently; soon, they will build confidence.

Bonus Tips for Teaching Toddlers to Ride a tricycle

Bonus Tips for Teaching Toddlers to Ride a tricycle

The above steps are enough to teach your toddlers to ride a tricycle. But you can make the learning sessions more fun and efficient by following the tips below:

1. Find a Suitable Practice Time

Try to find a time when your toddler is in the best mood to practice. If they are sad and not in the mood to ride, then do not force them to ride the tricycle.

Sometimes they may only want to play with their toys, and you should allow that. However, my personal experience says toddlers are in the mood for learning, usually after breakfast or in the afternoon.

2. Set an End Goal

Try to set an achievable end goal in every practice session. When toddlers achieve their goals, they get motivated to learn more. For example, you can tell them they need to cover a particular distance on their own. When they do that, teach them how to get off the tricycle alone.

In order to motivate them to accomplish their objective, you can also give them rewards. For instance, they can get free chocolate if they can ride for one minute without touching their feet on the ground.

3. Help to Build Physical Strength

Besides teaching them to ride the tricycle, also focus on building the physical ability to ride. Teach them to gain strength to push the pedal. Also, work on their balancing skills to sit tight and hold the handlebars steady.

4. Have Fun

Do not make the learning sessions like a class that nobody likes to attend. Instead, make it a fun session. You can invite other toddlers from the neighborhood to make the sessions more enjoyable.

Mistakes to avoid During Toddler to Pedal a Tricycle

Mistakes to avoid During Toddler to Pedal a Tricycle

Parents often make various mistakes while teaching their kids to ride a tricycle. You should avoid these mistakes. They usually make things worse instead of doing anything good.

Some of the mistakes to avoid while teaching a toddler how to ride a tricycle are:

1. Do not Force Them to Learn

If they are not ready or not in the mood to learn, never force them. Instead, try to encourage them in other ways, such as by telling them about your fun experience learning to ride a tricycle.

2. Do not Set Time-Based Goals

Try avoiding setting time-based goals, such as that your toddler will learn to ride in one week or so. Every kid progresses at a different speed, and you should let them learn naturally.

3. Do not Hold High Expectations

Different toddlers have different abilities. Maybe the kids in your neighborhood learned to ride a tricycle in only one week. But your little star may need one month, and that is normal. That is why you should not have high expectations. You'll feel depressed and disappointed and make mistakes as a result.

4. Do not Lose Patience

Lastly, teaching children anything requires patience. If your little baby is failing to learn fast, do not lose your patience. Help them and give them time.

Safety Precautions While Teaching Toddler to Pedal a Tricycle

Although there is a lesser chance of falling or accidents with trikes due to the three wheels, it’s always best to follow all safety precautions.

Teach your toddlers to wear helmets every time they ride the tricycle. Besides, get them fitted with elbow and knee pads for protection. Soon it will be their habit.

These safety gears will protect them if they fall from their seat due to losing balance. Even if they do not fall, it will build a good habit, which is necessary while riding a bicycle.

Why do Pediatric Physical Therapist Teach Children Tricycles?

Why do Pediatric Physical Therapist Teach Children Tricycles

Pediatric physical therapists teach children to ride tricycles to improve their strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and other core strengths. These are essential for their cognitive and physical development, and learning to ride tricycles helps achieve them.

In other words, riding a tricycle is crucial for your toddler’s development. If they only play with toys and digital devices, it may make them less confident or mentally unstable.

What should I do if My Toddler Seems Afraid of the Tricycle?

If your toddler seems afraid of the tricycle, tell them motivational words such as “riding a tricycle is super easy and fun.” Additionally, you could mention how much fun it was to learn how to ride a tricycle.

How Long does It Usually Take for Toddlers to Learn to Ride a Tricycle?

How long it will take for a toddler to learn to ride a tricycle varies. Some toddlers learn it within a week, while others take more than a month. If your baby has better physical development and is more confident, then he may learn faster.

Should a Three Year Old be Able to Pedal a Tricycle?

Yes, a three-year-old should be able to pedal a tricycle. Many toddlers between the ages of 1.5 and 2 years old can actually do that. However, they frequently cannot move the tricycle a greater distance.


I've included step-by-step instructions and a few extra tips for teaching a toddler to ride a tricycle. While teaching them to ride, also try to teach your toddler about various safety tips, such as why they should not ride faster or about different traffic rules. It will make them better riders and drivers in the future.