What Age Is Tricycle For? [Signs Of Readiness For Tricycle]

Peter Simms // Last Updated on October 2, 2023

When your baby starts growing, you may think of giving them a tricycle. Nevertheless, whether or not they are prepared for it may also worry you. When this happens, you might find yourself wondering, "What age is tricycle for?"

The recommended age limit for tricycles is 2 to 5 years. Younger babies may try some types of tricycles, such as push trikes or three-wheeler balance bikes. Bicycles or power wheels are preferred for older kids.

However, age is just a number here. There are other factors you should consider before giving your baby a tricycle. Learning about these issues will help you ensure maximum safety for your baby.

Factors that Affect a Baby’s Readiness for Tricycles

Factors that Affect a Baby’s Readiness for Tricycles

Physical development plays one of the key roles when your baby can start riding a tricycle. It includes factors such as strength, balance, height, etc.

Here are the main factors that affect the age range for tricycles:

  • Balance: It is essential to have balance to ride a tricycle. That is because the baby will need to sit and pedal the ride. First, the baby learns to sit and then stand and walk.
  • Strength: The baby also needs to have enough strength to get ready for the tricycle. That is because they will need to hold the handlebar well and push the pedal with strength.
  • Navigation: Navigation is also necessary to understand which way to go. If the baby does not know how to navigate, the tricyle may go in the wrong direction and cause accidents.
  • Height: It seems unusual, but height is also a crucial factor in determining the age of using a tricycle. The baby should have enough height so that their feet touch the ground while sitting on the tricycle seat.
  • Coordination: Lastly, developing coordination skills is also necessary to properly pedal and steer simultaneously.

What Age is Tricycle for?

Usually, the minimum age recommendation for riding a tricycle varies between 2 and 3 years. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the baby’s ability to ride at different ages:

6 to 18 Months

When the babies are between 6 and 18 months old, they do not have enough physical development to use a tricycle. During this age range, they learn to sit and walk. Therefore, you can give them stroller trikes.

If the baby is older than a year and can walk independently, you can give them a balance bike to learn balance on bikes or tricycles.

18 Months to 2 Years

When the babies are older than 1.5 years, they develop good motor skills. But they are still not ready to ride tricycles alone. Instead, you may give them a push trike. It will help them develop various skills for riding the tricycle.

Not to mention, many parents also prefer to start training their babies to ride a tricycle at 18 months.  But it is unsafe to leave your baby alone with a tricycle at this age.

However, if your baby has developed enough strength, coordination, or other motor skills, then you may give them tricycles. Then again, you need to watch over them. Do not expect them to ride tricycles independently at this age.

2 Years to 5 Years

tricycle for 2 Years to 5 Years

When the toddlers are 2 years old, you can give them a tricycle and teach them how to ride. They usually have enough physical development by this age to ride tricycles.

However, it can be different for some toddlers. For instance, a strong toddler can ride a tricycle at the age of two, but a slim and short toddler may need to be 3.5 to 4 years old to get ready to start riding a tricycle. In the next section, I will discuss it more.

5 Years+

Safety is the main reason for giving toddlers tricycles. Tricycles are more stable than bicycles. But when the kids are older than 5 years old, they usually do not require extra protection.

Therefore, you can get them a bicycle. If your kid still hasn’t learned to ride the tricycle independently, give them more time. Once they are confident with their tricycles, you can get them a bicycle.

Signs of Readiness for Tricycles

Signs of Readiness for Tricycles

After reading the previous section, a big question should hit your mind. How do you know your baby is ready to ride a tricycle?

Here are common signs of readiness for a tricycle:

1. Physical Development

When the children have enough leg and muscle strength to push the pedal and grip the handle, it is a sign of readiness for riding a tricycle.

2. Balance and Coordination

When the baby can sit somewhere independently and go in different directions independently, they have developed balance and coordination skills. Now, they can sit on the tricycle and steer it in the desired direction.

3. Cognitive Development

If the children can simultaneously do multiple tasks at a time, they are ready for a tricycle. Now, they understand basic cause-and-effect relationships, such as how pedaling the tricycle moves it forward.

4. Interest

A child should show interest in using a tricycle and actively seek opportunities to do so. If they are not interested, do not force them to ride.


Can a Child Start Riding a Tricycle Before the Recommended Age?

Yes, but it is risky. If your baby has developed enough physical strength and other skills, then you might give them the tricycle early. But you must always supervise to ensure safety.

Is There an Upper Age Limit for Riding a Tricycle?

No. Kids of all ages can ride tricycles without any problem. When they are older than five years old, it is preferable to give them bicycles or bikes.

Should I Take Any Safety Precautions when My Child Starts Riding a Tricycle?

Yes. Give them helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads for protection. They will prevent the toddlers from getting hurt, though children rarely fall off tricycles. But always supervise them at an earlier stage of riding.

Who Needs a Tricycle?

Tricycles are the best riding vehicles for toddlers. It is unsafe for them to ride bicycles because of stability issues. Hence, they should ride a tricycle that is more stable.


Instead of asking what age a tricycle is for, you should ask when your children are ready for a tricycle. I have seen many toddlers start riding tricycles at the age of 2 while many others start at 4. So, keep an eye out for the indications of readiness and give your child a tricycle.