How Much Did the Barbie Car Cost To Build?

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Barbie cars are the best item to play with for kids and give them the best option to play and enjoy. Getting the best car can be a costly expense. Barbie cars are available in different price ranges, but you can save some amount if you make your own Barbie car.

But a question arises in mind: does it better for us to make a Barbie car, and may you save money. Let us discuss the cost of building a Barbie car.

What Does It Cost To Build A Barbie Car?

What Does It Cost To Build A Barbie Car

Here we will discuss everything for the Barbie car. Total it all up so you people will be able to know exactly how much money you will spend to build a Barbie car. Let’s come to the episode.

Power Wheel Barbie Car

The first thing that needs to be brought to you is power wheel Barbie car parts for toys. You may get confused because power wheel cars are available in several sizes.

But what is the best size to pick for you? You can take help from the shopkeeper or search on Google to know about the power wheel car size to get the right one according to your required vehicle size.

I chose the pink Mustang power wheels car because all Barbie cars are almost used; the Pink Mustang is ridiculous and is a big part of the Barbie car.

The expected cost that you will pay to buy power wheel Barbie car parts will range between 250 to 300 dollars. If you have older kids, you can allow them to ride 2 seater kids car.


Go kart

The next thing that you will need to buy is the Go-kart. You can buy the Go-kart from the local market or any other person. It is best if you find a used Go-kart. I have found it on Facebook, but it depends on you.

It will be in the range of 250 dollars for me. But if you buy a new one, then it will not cost more than 350 dollars. But when you are picking the second hand, you need to take care and check it properly because it often does not work. So ensure that you have picked in good condition and can work, otherwise choosing the new one is a better option.

You can also use the motorcycle engine, but somehow it is not a perfect and recommended choice. You can place an order for a quality engine from online selling platforms like Amazon or eBay to get the new one of a quality brand.

To get the best quality Engine, you will pay an estimated amount of 500 dollars or more. But it is not the exact estimate that can be 20 or 30 dollars up and down. It is best to find a used engine in good condition, but you should buy a new one instead of the old engine that needs repairing if not available in a better state.

Gold Spray Paint

Gold Spray Paint

Gas tanks need to spray because if you do not spray them properly, they may leak and waste the gas and affect vehicle performance. You also need to paint the wheels, frames, and many other parts of the Barbie car.

You can take any of the branded sprays, but you need to ensure that you take a better quality spray. I have picked a spray that matches with interior parts and also suitable to use for exterior parts.  I spent 20 dollars on two different sprays, one for exterior parts and the other for interior parts.



The bucket is also essential for a different purpose; it is a handy item and will not pay more than 10 dollars for the bucket. I bought the bucket from Wal-Mart for just 5 dollars, and I spent 10 dollars for a pair of buckets. You can get buckets maximum of under ten dollars.

Barbie Car Lights

Barbie Car Lights

The next choice to make your Barbie car more charming and use in the night is to install headlights. You will need three types of lights, headlights, taillights, and under globe lights.

I have spent 10 dollars for headlights, 15 dollars for tail lights, and 30 dollars for under globe lights. But make sure you have picked the lights in different colors. It will make your Barbie car more attractive for the kids to drive at night.

Air Filter

Air Filter

The next thing is an air filter; you can take a used air filter. If you have an old engine, then it will also have an air filter. But if you need a new one it will not cost you more than 15 dollars.  You may have other options like using the muffler, but it is a costly choice and not beneficial. So we recommend you buy the air filter. It would have cost you in a range between 10-15 dollars.

Other Necessary Items

You will also need a brake line, fuel line, fitting, and the stuff associated with that; it may cost you up to 20 dollars. Barbie stickers are also needed to make your Barbie car perfect for little kids. It will not cost you more than 6 dollars from eBay.

You will also need some other stuff you can find in a scrap of a car mechanic shop or from old items. I bought zip ties for five dollars; it was unnecessary, but using them could be a plus for you. We also need a rear axle that would not cost more than 60 dollars, but you can also try the used one but if not possible, then take the new one.



Before going to select the Turbocharge, you have almost covered the 550 dollars cost. If you compare it with other vehicles, it is best to have great fun for just 500 dollars. Because a motorcycle may cost you more than that and having a Barbie car is best for us.

I picked the Turbocharge that costs me up to 160 dollars, which is affordable. You also need an oil cooler that costs me up to 30 dollars. I also bought a scavenge pump that cost me 70 dollars when I ended up working with it.

I also use an oil pump like the plastic transfer pump, and I pay only 25 dollars for that pump. I also bought some other minor things, like oil lines and other attachments, that cost me up to 40 dollars. For oil running, I also take another pipe that costs me ten dollars for the turbo kit. You will pay all such until to make your turbo able to work.

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I have covered almost all the things that you will need to get your Barbie car. If anything else remains it may not cost you more than 20 to 25 dollars. With my experience, you can easily prepare a good quality Power wheels Barbie car for 700 dollars, which is a cheap option, then buying the Barbie car for almost over 1000 dollars.

Final Thoughts

You have gone through all of my content about the estimated cost of a power wheels Barbie car. I have built a good Barbie car that is perfect and can run for years. You can build a power wheels Barbie car for under 700 dollars, and it is an acceptable solution instead of buying a new one that may cost you a minimum of 1000 dollars for average quality Barbie cars.