Research-Based Comparison Between Razor Mx500 vs Mx650

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 28, 2023

If you decide to buy a Razor brand motorcycle for your adventurous Kids, but you’re hesitating about what model would be best, then this article razor mx500 vs mx650 is for you. This is our thorough research to overcome your indecision.

Here, we have tried to reveal an in-depth discussion considering the comparative issues with Razor MX500 and Razor MX650. Hopefully this guide could be your one-stop solution to overcome your confession and choose your dream model.

So, please stay tuned to enjoy the full juice of this comparison guide and choose the most fun gifts for you and your children.

A Quick Comparison Table: Razor mx500 vs Razor mx650

One of the most frequent questions considering razor dirt bikes is the most significant differences between mx650 vs mx500. To get the most straightforward answer, please take a look at the following bike comparison table.


Razor mx500

Razor mx650





Minimum User Age

14 Years Plus

16 Years Plus

Weight Limit

175 lbs

220 lbs

Run time

30 to 40 minutes (Maximum)

0 to 45 minutes (Maximum)

Motor Power

500 watt motor

600 watt motor


Why Choose Razor Dirt Bike?

Why Choose Razor Dirt Bike

In the realm of electric motor bike game, Razor has great fame as a well-known brand for many reasons. You may need to spend thousands of dollars to get faster and better models of dirt bikes from different brands.  

But if you want to buy a quality bike at a reasonable price, you can check out Razor dirt bikes. Besides, you can choose the Razor electric dirt bike due to the following reasons.

  • Razor dirt bikes are easy to operate compared to the gas-powered unit.
  • It needs less maintenance than gas-powered mini dirt bikes.
  • You'll get excellent torque and power. For example, the Razor MX650 is pretty fast.
  • Ideal entry-level bike for the money.
  • Quiet and eco-friendly
  • Hand operated braking system

Let's go ahead and look at our Razor MX500 and Razor MX650 review with features, specifications, pros, cons, differences, and bike comparison table.

A Comparison Review: Razor MX500 vs Razor MX650

Review of Razor MX500 and Razor MX650

1. Razor MX500 Review

If you want more punch than MX350, then the Razor MX500 could be a nice model to consider. With 500 watt motor power, it allows you to ride 15mph. It could be an excellent appeal, especially for younger kids.

Moreover, you'll find it quiet enough with a different speed chain drive system compared to a gas scooter. It is the ideal choice for those neighborhoods who love a quiet gadget.  

According to the users' reviews, the Razor MX500 offers you excellent rides on flat ground and grass areas. Remember, it isn't suitable for riding in muddy waters.

2. Razor MX650 Review

A gasoline-powered motorbike can be troublesome for many parents. According to users' experiences, gasoline-powered motorbikes are too fast, making it risky for young riders.

Also, riding this kind of electric dirt bike is a bit noisy and annoying to your neighbors. And this is why the Razor MX650 could be a perfect alternative to a gasoline-powered unit.

Besides, when it comes to getting an electric motor bike for taller teens and kids, the Razor MX650 could be your ultimate choice. Its yellow sports body is suitable for those older kids who have enough capabilities to control this.

Moreover, it could be an excellent unit for the backyard due to its quiet operation than a gas-powered bike.

But if you compare the razor MX650 with the Razor MX500, you'll find that the MX650 has slightly faster than MX500. Besides, the MX650 has a bigger frame than the MX500.

Main Difference Between Razor MX500 vs Razor MX650

1. Variable Speed

The first feature that every rider wants to know is the speed, and who could blame them not was the first thing you looked up to. According to the razer website, the Razor mx500 is supposed to reach a speed of 15 miles per hour (up to 40 minutes of continual use).

On the other hand, the razor mx650 can go up to 17 to 18 miles per hour. However, depending on the rider's weight, you'll find a difference in the speed range. Even though the speed-range of razor mx 650 vs razor mx500 is pretty comparable, but isn't huge. 

2. Dirt Bike Weigh Limit

Weight limit of Razor MX500 and MX650 dirt bikes

While you will talk about how fast a razor electric dirt bike can go, that will also rely on the dirt bike weigh limit of the rider driving it. So let's talk about the next specification, which is how much weight these can carry.

The MX500 can carry a maximum weight rider of 175 pounds, whereas the mx650 goes all the way up to 220 pounds.

Therefore, again that speed-range might rely on if this is a 220 pounds person compared to 175 pounds person on this, and that's going to play a significant role in how speedily these bikes run.

3. Run Time

Okay, again, the next specification that is really noticeable is the ride time. So on the flat surface, there's no differences in run time in both MX500 and mx650. According to the razer website and users' reviews, the maximum run time of MX500 is 40 minutes on the flat trail.

On the other hand, with new batteries, the mx650 can also give you 40 minutes of run time on flat terrain again, according to the razor website.  Most importantly, if you want to enjoy a one hour of run time with your mx650 dirt bike, using the highest capacity battery pack could be a great solution.

Some users claim that the lead-acid battery used in mx650 dies fast in about 30 to 45 minutes of run time.

N.B: The run time of any razor model electric dirt bike depends on the rider's weight and how fast they ride, and where (grass, concrete) they ride it.

4. Battery Power and Voltage

Now I'm going to talk about the battery and voltage of these ride-on toys. The mx500 is a 36-volt motorcycle bike. It comes with 12 voltage sealed lead-acid battery, which is rechargeable.

The mx650, on the other hand, also comes with a 36-volt electric dirt bike. So it means that it also has three 12V batteries.

When it comes to change the batteries, you can buy them from Razer. But the problem is buying batteries from Razor is fairly expensive. However, from the outside, you may need to spend between $120 to $150 to get a three-pack battery, which will last you a couple of years.

5. Powerful Motor

Talking about the voltage that brings us to motor power. The Razor mx500 is a 500 watt motor bike. Oppositely, hence the name mx650 and of course, it goes without saying that the mx650 is a 650w motor (36-volt). 

6. Tire Size

Here the next specification is tire size.  Both in Razor MX500 and mx650, you'll find the same tire size. The MX500 has a larger 16-inch front tire and a smaller 14-inch rear tire. The Razor mx650 dirt rocket comes with 16 inches front, and 14 inches rear pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power supply.

7. Front And Rear Suspension

Both the mx650 and mx500 come with front and rear suspension, making a big difference on rougher terrain. Besides, the dual suspension technology makes both the vehicles from Razor safer to ride because it keeps that ground contact of the tire to the ground better.  

N.B. The front and rear Suspension technology makes mx650 and mx500 safer to ride even for a 6 years old child.

8. Brakes

Other similarities you will enjoy in these razor models are their brake system. Both the mx650 and mx500 have front and rear disc brakes, which are more like a traditional motorcycle. All the brakes are hand-operated, and there are no foot brakes on either one of these.

9. Seat Height

Dirt bike seat height for MX500 and MX650

A significant feature that I'm gonna talk about is seat height, and there's actually no difference between Razor mx500 vs mx650. This mx500 has 24.5 inches seat height, and the mx650 also comes with 24.5 inches.

However, some websites claim that the seat height of mx500 is 23 inches (from the ground). If so, the difference would be one inch between Razor mx500 vs mx650. Though the difference is one inch, you know distance links can be very deceiving.

Moreover, when you're discussing seat heights, wheelbases and things like that, a little can really make a big difference.

10. Safety Gear

Having a dirt bike with twist-grip changeable speed control and a dual disk brake system could be a safe investment for your child. Both mx500 and mx650 comes with twist-grip changeable speed control and a dual disk brake that makes them safe for your child to ride. 

Razor MX500 vs Razor MX650- Specification Differences


Razor mx500

Razor mx650


24.5 x 34 x 52.5 inches

24.5 x 36 x 56 inches




Model Number



Frame Material



Knobby Tires

Front: Rear =16”:14”

Front: Rear =16”:14”

Brake Style






Item Weight

50802 Grams

44552 Grams


90 days

90 days

Graphics & Geometry

Unique and original dirt bike frame

Unique and original dirt bike frame

Battery charge time

8 hours

8 hours

Ride in a Single Charge

10 miles

10 miles

Approbation (Battery & Charger)

UL approved

UL approved




Foot Pegs

Folding and metal construction

Folding and metal construction

Chain Driven Motor

Quiet enough

Quiet enough


Hand operated

Hand operated


Dirt bike

Dirt bike

The Top-line Features: MX500 vs MX650

Highlighted Features of mx500:

  • Chain driven motor system
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Twist-grip speed control technology
  • Scaled-down dirt bike design
  • Supercross-creative styling
  • Double-suspension
  • Seat height: 24.5 inches
  • 1-2 years of a battery life
  • Assembly time: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features of mx650:

  • Electric motocross bike
  • Unique dirt bike frame geometry
  • Different speed level
  • Rear disc braking system
  • Dual crown fork
  • Included battery charger
  • Assembly time: 30 minutes

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages ?


Advantages Of Having Mx500:

  • This bike is truly fun to ride
  • Robust construction makes it perfect for years of riding
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Cheaper than a gas-powered motorbike
  • Safe and easy to ride
  • Ideal for teens and adults

Disadvantages OF HAVING MX500:

  • Batteries don't stay charge longer than 40 min
  • It is not for the heavyweight child



Advantages of having mx 650

  • Ideal Off-Road excitement
  • Faster ride with less noise
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Perfect for taller and heavyweight older kids
  • Well-worth the money
  • Excellent braking system makes it perfect while stopping
  • High-performance motocross bike
  • Charge time is pretty good

Disadvantages OF of having mx 650:

  • It's a bit heavy unit to handle
  • It needs assembly and set up

Which is the Best Bikes for Kids: Razor MX500 vs Razor MX650

According to the users' review and experience, the Razor MX650 motorbike could be the best option than the MX500 electric motocross bike.

Let's look at the possible reasons why Razor MX650 could be best compared to MX500.

  • The Razor MX650 can carry a lot more weight than the MX500.
  • You'll find the Razor MX650 more powerful than the MX500.
  • When it comes to a dirt motor bike's speed range, the Razor MX650 is the winner comparing MX500.

The truth is that the Razor electric motocross bike MX650 is highly durable, and you never need to be worried when it comes to riding on the non-smooth terrain. With no problem, you can easily ride on daily bike paths.

On flat terrain, the speed can even reach 22 mph, even though the non-smooth ground may be hell on the wheels while the driver presses on the brakes.

Last but not least, Razor MX650 could be perfect to operate even for a 9-year old child. But if your kids are new and young enough to ride, then choosing MX500 could be ideal for them.

How to Assemble: Razor MX500 vs MX650

Assembling Razor MX500 versus MX650

When it comes to assembling the Razor dirt bike (Razor MX650 or Razor MX 500), you'll find the users' manual quite clear and easy to understand. All you need to do is to attach different parts of your Razor dirt bike models. Let's take a look at the parts that you need to attach.

  • Front-wheel
  • Number plate
  • Front fender
  • Handlebars

Also, you need to ensure that the wheels are inflated perfectly. Finally, you should charge your Razor MX650 or MX500 for the next 12 hours. Overall, you wouldn't need to spend more than 30 minutes to assemble the bikes.

Moreover, you don't need to worry about the tools, because the manufacturer provides the necessary equipment for assembly needs.

Where do You Buy the Razor MX650 and MX500 Dirt Bike?

There are plenty of sources to buy Razor electric dirt bikes. On the market, you'll find different retailers that stock electric dirt bikes by Razor. But it would be best to choose a place where you can get your desired item in your budget range.

One of the most popular and reliable platforms to buy Razor MX650 or Razor MX500 would be  It is a giant online platform around the world to meet your needs.


When your child rides MX500 or MX650 electric motocross bike, you should ensure that they are wearing a safety helmet. Whatever ages the young rider is, it is a must-have to ensure a comfortable ride without any risk.

However, it isn't essential to buy a racing-car style helmet; rather, you can choose a scooter helmet for them to protect the most unsafe parts of their head.


There you have an in-depth discussion between Razor mx500 vs mx650. Therefore, according to your Childs' body size, maximum user weight, age and nature, you can choose between Razor MX650 and MX500. Generally, our favorite is to choose Razor MX500 because it is easy to ride and control for a small body if you have a younger child.

 On the other hand, we would recommend you to choose Razor MX650 for your bigger child. Also, it is suitable for those children who love the faster and comfortable ride. Finally, if you used any one of the dirt bikes discussed above, please share your experience. Happy riding.