Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control: Step-by-Step Guide | Easy DIY Instructions

Peter Simms // Last Updated on October 3, 2023

Hello parents and kids, how are you? Welcome to the Guide “how to make a power wheels remote control.” So your tea table is opening to seem like a thrift shop. There are different remote controls spread all over the place. You need to deal with different remotes to operate your cable TV box, turn on the TV, Blu-ray player, and even your child’s battery-powered toy cars?

Well, you will find a way to solve this clutter and use only one single Remote to operate every device you have! In the modern-day, remote control has virtually become an extra wing that we cannot do without.

In World War I, it is used to control airplanes and motorboats that would destroy ships by crashing into them.

However, today we are here to make a bridge between power wheels and remote controls. If you have a battery-powered power wheel toy car, and you want to modify it into remote controls, then you are welcome to this guide. Though power wheels are battery powered, you can convert it into remote controls with a bit of technical knowledge.

So let’s take a look at how to make a power wheels car run by remote control.

A Guide to Converting Power Wheels to Remote Control:

Guide on how to add remote control to ride-on cars

The popularity of battery-powered toy cars is increasing day by day than the manual ride-on toy cars. Besides, you will find a huge demand for vehicles that are remotely controlled or have an option for it.

Today, the remote-controlled power wheels become the number one option for the parents, who love the ride-on toy cars for their child.

But have any easy way to convert power wheels to remote control? Well, converting power wheels to remote control is not a mission of impossible.

You can do that by following some technical steps and procedures. Let’s explore exactly how you can do that, so here is our step by step process.

What is Needed to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Controls?

First and foremost, before starting the project, you must have the necessary tools and equipment. It might be a bit costly to buy the instruments that needed for converting power wheels to remote control, but in the end, it would be well worth your expenditure.

So, let’s take a look at the tools that you need for this project.

Note: The tools you need for this project is not too much costly. The most pricy item from the above list is the large Servo, transmitter, and receiver.

Steps By Steps Procedures: Add Remote Control to Power Wheels

How to add a remote control to Power Wheels step by step

Method 1 - Remove the Parts of Your Power Wheel Toy Car

You should remove some parts when it comes to converting the ride-on toy car into the remote control. Let’s see the steps which help you to control your car remotely.

1. Remove Some Parts Of The Car

  • Firstly, you need to remove the less significant parts that stay in your way.
  • Remove the windshield, back bars, and seats, nearly all the parts that stop you from getting in touch with the hardware.
  • Note: Removing parts on a Power Wheel vehicle will vary significantly, relying on the model of the car, but usually, the system remains the same.

2. Saw Off The Steering Wheel

  • In this step, you need to do is saw off the entire steering wheel.
  • Then remove only the plastic part while you come to the center part of it with the circle in the middle.

3. Turn Over the Car

  • The final step in this method is to turn over the power wheels; thus, you can get access to the pedal tabs.
  • Remove the gas paddle by pressing all four tabs [ensure that the wires leading to it are also removed]
  • Saw off the unnecessary plastic around the pedal

Method 2 - Join the Servo and Move the Parts

Join the Servo and Move the Parts

Throughout this method, You should move some parts and connect the Servo You Purchased.

1. Remove The Battery

  • First and foremost, you should remove the battery by unscrewing the screw that holds the shifter to the power wheels toy car.
  • Get rid of the battery connector from the battery & cut the cables directing from the battery adapter to the power wheel vehicle.
  • Note: You will get space for keeping the battery under the seat to the back part of the car. The cables that you cut before can be found under the dashboard of the vehicle; you will see that they move from the shifter to the pedal.

2. Re-Attach A Cable to The Battery Adapter

  • Now you can reconnect the cable to the battery adapter.
  • Screw the different ones in one of the switches.
  • If needed, use the extra cable to make a smooth connection from the switch to the wire that is detached.
  • Now put the switch under the dashboard for getting easy access.

3. Connecting the Servo

  • After doing so, you need to start connecting the Servo.
  • You need to ensure that the plus-shaped items obtained on both the servos to do that.
  • Now use the screws to join the steering servo. Also, screwing them by the holes and into the side of the steering wheel.

4. Assemble Two Small Items Of Wood & Screw

  • In this step, assemble two (2) small items of screw & wood into the dash.
  • Then ensure that they are aligned thoroughly with the Servo and use two pieces of cable to attach them onto the Servo.

Method 3 - Connecting the Servo with the Receiver

Connecting the Servo with the Receiver

You need to deal with most of the hardware part up to this method; all of which you need to do is to join the receiver; thus, you can use it later as a controller. Let’s see the entire steps of this method.

1. Connecting the Servo to the Receiver

  • Now you need to connect the Servo to the receiver in its first duct.
  • First, you need to turn on the remote before joining the battery pack to the power as it works accurately.
  • Note: If you find that the Servo goes wrong and does not go as desired by the remote controller, then you can review the product instruction or follow the related video guides or discuss it with an expert that shows you the accurate directions.

2. Join a Second Light Switch to the Servo Battery

You can join the second (2nd) light switch to the servo battery if the remote controller works; thus, you can get the advantage of turning off the receiver, but this is not required.

There you have the finish line with all of the hardware parts; you can make the Power Wheels and set back all the plastic parts.

Now the power wheels toy car is ready for remotely controlled.

Different Types of Ride On Cars with Remote Control:

There are different types of ride-on cars with remote control for babies and kids. Let’s take a quick look at these rides on cars with remote control below.

1. Sports Cars:

One of the most significant types of remote ride on vehicles for a child aged 1-year-olds or over is Sports-cars. Sports cars are favorite because kids love the sporty designs that look almost certain sports vehicles.

Note: According to market research, the designs of sports cars are excellent, and the child cannot wait to have these cars. The designs of these toy cars are super exciting, and kids cannot wait to get behind the wheel.

2. Trucks/SUV:

Another top-notch choice that kids have a blast riding with is the Trucks and SUV. Usually, they come with larger wheels and superior suspension technology.

So, they are excellent for those kids who want to have the freedom to discover more places outdoors. These trucks and SUV’s can handle tight areas and allow your child to ride smoothly.

3. Quads:

If you want to have a fun option for your kids to ride on, then you can seamlessly go through a remote ride on four-wheelers.

These cars are useful at keeping them active, so they lower their risk of ruining and rolling it.

Nevertheless, they might need a bit more skill to drive compared to the cars & trucks. Therefore, they are excellent toys for a little older kid to play with.

Benefits of Remotely Controlled Top Ride On Cars for Toddlers Idea:

Benefits of Remotely Controlled Top Ride On Cars for Toddlers Idea

When it comes to converting battery-powered Power Wheels into remote-controlled, you will find plenty of benefits. Let’s take a look at these benefits below.

  • Creative Thinking: Riding the remote-controlled Power Wheels could be a safe and secure way to play and drive for hours on end. Also, it seems to be a significant way to develop the creative thinking process of your child.
  • When it comes to considering more resourceful solutions to complex issues, it can come in useful later on in their life.
  • Safety: One of the most worthy advantages that your kids can experience when riding this toy is that they remain safe.

Parents will feel stress-free by allowing their children to play with these cars as they are given overall control.

Nowadays, the remotes that are obtainable are highly technological and enable you to control the ride-on toy vehicle that your kids sit in. You will find some remotes that have 2.4 GHz frequency, which is useful at lowering any interference.

So, you can keep your eye over your child while riding and protect him from any unwanted danger with enough responsiveness.

1. How to Make a Power Wheels Car Run By Remote Control?

Answer: The remote-controlled power wheels vehicle is one that operated from a distant or remote area. Technically, it can be done with a remote which is physically wired to the power wheels.

Nevertheless, because getting a wire connected to the vehicle is fully restricting in terms of where you can operate it, a more familiar way is for a remote to control the power wheels by the use of radio waves.

2. What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying?

Answer: The remote-controlled power wheel is operated by a so-called brushless motor, which causes an excellent performance with it. Nevertheless, models with a quality drive can also be made. A model with a low output is enough if you are looking for a model for your kids.

A low-performance power wheel is more comfortable to steer, and your child can learn to drive them faster. Therefore the higher the performance, the more difficult it is to guide the car. You need to think about this when buying. Your kids will lose the driving pleasure fast if the power wheels cars overturn.

Note: Basically, remote-controlled power wheels are suggested by manufacturers from a particular age. The safety instruction of the manufacturers should always be read & followed before buying. Furthermore, the power wheels need to be used by the little ones under the direct observation of adults.

3. How Remote Controlled Power Wheels Toy Cars Work?

How Remote Controlled Power Wheels Toy Cars Work

Answer: When the process of how remote Controlled power wheels toy cars can vary significantly between different models, the fundamental law is the same. All remote Controlled power wheels toy cars have four main components:

  • Transmitter: The transmitter can control the ride-on toy cars. It sends signals to the receiver by the attached wire.
  • Receiver: A circuit board and antenna inside the toy car gets signals from the transmitter & turns on motors inside the toy car as ordered by the wire.
  • Motor: The motor helps to turn wheels, handle propellers, steer the vehicle, etc
  • Power source: The receiver gets a control signal from the transmitter, which then operates the motor, causing a particular action to happen.

The motor in a ride-on toy car may cause the wheels to turn, when the motor in a wheel may modify the flaps.

4. What age is Suitable for Riding Remote-Controlled Power Wheels?

Answer: The remote-controlled power wheels are available in different versions. You need to make sure that you choose the right toy car for your small children. According to some studies, remote-controlled power wheels are suited for kids aged between 3 to 6 years.

Another study revealed that kids aged between 36 months to 7 years (with the maximum weight capacity 66 lbs) are suitable for riding remotely controlled power wheels cars. Therefore, ensure that the remote-controlled toy cars are child-friendly.

5. How Fast do Remote-Controlled Power Wheels Go?

Answer: Now it is not hard to find the best power wheels cars for kids. You will find different models of power vehicles with varying levels of speed. According to the user’s experience of ride-on toy cars review, the maximum speed of the remote control power wheels is 3 miles per hour. However, using the remote control, parents can control the speed of this fancy power wheels toy car.

6. Why Convert Power Wheels Toy Car Into a Remote Control?

Answer: You will find plenty of people who attempted and changed their Power Wheels vehicle. According to the parent’s opinion, a Remote controlled power wheel toy car is safe for inexperienced and young kids. Also, it gives parents a safe & peaceful mind. Besides, it would be the best ride-on toy, especially for kids with motor skills or other medical issues.

7. What is the Difference Between Radio Control and Remote Control?

Answer: Remote control refers to control the device from a remote area, generally by a connected wire or cable. On the other hand, Radio control means to control the device remotely, by the use of radio waves. Well, they almost refer to the same meaning.

8. Do Power Wheels Have Remote Control?

Answer: Although most of the power wheel comes with battery powered, but you can install a remote control system. With the help of an expert you can modify the system and make it a remote controlled vehicle. You can purchase a remote control for the power wheel via online.

9. Does Barbie have a Remote Control Car?

Answer: Yes, now you can get a Barbie full-function remote control car with a new style for your little one. It’s indeed an epic adventure for those kids who want to experience the next level of enjoyment.

10. Can You Make Any Power Wheels Remote Control ?

Answer: Yes, some easy hacks let you attach a remote control system to your Power Wheel. For that, you need to manage a set of remote control accessories.


With the development of electricity & electrification, it did not take long for different toys to be featured with this technology. A definitive example in this field is the remote-controlled power wheels toy cars that can move on its own due to control rides on the remote control and delight the loving ones.

Off lately, we as parents are worried about seeing only one thing, i.e., to get a smile on the face of our little ones. In order to make your child happy, the ways “how to make power wheels remote control” is plays a significant role.

We hope by following the ways mentioned above, you can successfully convert power wheels to the remote control. Thanks for staying with us until the end of this article. By all means, we would love to know what your experience is when it comes to make a power wheels remote control. Please, feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below.