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Power Wheels Motor Upgrade: An Effortless Way to Smoothen Your Experience

Power Wheels Motor Upgrade

What’s fun in there to run your power wheels at low speed? A noise-free, smooth, and fast ride with your power wheel might bring back your old memories. But when your power wheel is old and its components are soon to be dead, it hardly runs at more than 2mph. And the battery gets consumed too frequently. So it’s high time for power wheels motor upgrade for better user convenience.

You don’t need to navigate the whole world of the automobile for this little upgrade, it’s no rocket science. Besides, you don’t have to invest a lot in this project too. So to make your ride faster and smoother, replacing the old motor with a new one will not be a loss project. And trust me, it worth every dime.

Things to Consider Before Power Wheels Motor Upgrade

There are many key factors like budget and how much you expect from this power wheel motor upgrade. Besides, the upgrade largely depends on the current condition of your power wheels too. Here in this part of the article, we are going to discuss the factors that need your thoughts on it.

Motor and Battery

First, you need to be sure about what kind of motor and battery is installed in your power wheels by default. There are different kinds of motors for power wheels motor upgrades out there. Such as 12volt 550 case motors which are pretty common these days or 12 volt 570 case motors that are bigger than the usual ones.

Besides, the motors are classified by the RPM too. Mainly RPM of a motor means the velocity. So if you need an upgrade in your motors, you should look for a motor with a higher RPM.

Usually, the motor that is installed in your power wheel by default is 5 or 6volts and runs at more or less 2mph. So with an upgrade, you can easily accelerate to 5 to 6mph. But for that upgrade, you must be sure about the compatibility of the motor and the battery.

If you have a 6volt motor and 12volt battery, it is obvious for your motor to get damaged. Though it might not be essential to match the voltage of the battery and motor. But the motor gets heated up after running for a while if the battery has a higher voltage. And after a short period, the motor gets damaged.

So it is considered to be a wise choice to buy a 12-volt 40000RPM motor to replace your built-in motor. And yes, you have to upgrade your battery to 18 volts too if you have a 12-volt battery or so because the high RPM will consume a lot of battery. Besides, it takes comparatively less time to get fully charged and boosts up the speed too.


If budget is your first concern to upgrade power wheels motor, then you don’t need to worry a bit. Cause this is going to be a budget-friendly project. If you have the right battery of 18 or 12volts, then all you need is a motor. And you can manage a 12volt 40000 RPM battery at just 12 to 15 bucks from Amazon or eBay.

How to Upgrade Power Wheels Motor

How to Upgrade Power Wheels Motor

You may have different models of power wheels from different brands, such as power wheel dune racer or power wheel jeep hurricane. If you find the motor problems of your power wheels models then you may look for a solution for power wheels dune racer motor upgrade or power wheels jeep hurricane motor upgrade.

Here we will show you the easiest way of power wheels motor upgrade which would be applicable for any models. You don’t have to be an expert for this task. If you are a DIY user, you are going to have a lot of fun upgrading this.

Steps To Motor Upgrade For Power Wheels:

Step 1:

Get the wheel off from the power wheel first.

Step 2:

You will notice a hole on the plastic body of the power wheel and a hole in the motor as well. The hole in the motor will go right into the axle of the power wheel. Now put the motor into the hole of the chassis in the power wheel.

Step 3:

Set the tire back to the axle and put its nut back on.

Step 4:

There is a possibility that the motor might not come with a positive or negative sign in it. So it is going to be a mess if you can figure out that. So, here is a tip, connect your battery to the motor and see if the motor is running in the right direction or not. This might be a solution to this issue.

Step 5:

Now if your motor is running in the right direction, it’s time for you to solder the connection. And be sure about the polarity of the motor and the battery.

Step 6:

Now set back everything as it was, the seats other parts that you removed. You are all set.

If you have installed a new 12 volt 550 case 40000rpm motor with an 18-volt battery, you can expect to accelerate up to 6 to 8mph which would be pretty fast.

Top 6 Points that Effects Power Wheel Motor Upgrade:

1. Volts

The manufacturer recommends the voltage in power wheel vehicles. Many of us run the 14 volts motors at 18 volts without any difficulties. I also don’t have any problem with running a775 motors at 24v power wheels motor.

2. Pinion Gears

It seems to be the gear of the power wheel motor. The power wheel motor comes with pinion gears that are not reusable and press-fit. You should buy the pinion gears with the same number of teeth of your existing motor. You will get the information on the page of the motor description.

The 500 to 600 motors are using 3mm pinions. But the power wheels 775 motors are using 5mm pinions. However, it depends totally up to you which motor you want to use. But keep in mind that you are upgrading your power wheel vehicles which reject all warranties.

3. 550 Motor 21 Turn 14 Volts and backward Rotation

550 motor works great in power wheel vehicles as well as other vehicles that have the same gearbox including the motors both facing at a distance. The backward rotation motor goes on the riding side of the vehicle. They are a very low-speed help for both on and off-road use.

4. 550 Size Upgraded Motor

The producer does not express the turns of the motors. They are mostly the speed of the 500 motors 21 turns listed above but provide a little more off-road speed. They are neutrally timed.

5. 550 Motor 23 Turn 14 Volts

550 Motor 23 Turn 14 Volts

The 550 motors will give you the low-end power or an off-road power which helps you to go through up hills, tall grass, hauling trailers, mud and demo debris. This 550 motor with 23 turns at 14 volts will give faster speed than others.

6. 775 Motor 10 Turn 16.8 Volts

The 775 motor is best when you are riding a vehicle at 18 to 24 volts. They are all about speed to keep your power wheel spinning under any situation. You will need 775 mounting screws on power wheels as they are large enough in diameter.


Power wheels motor upgrade is always a fun project when it is so cheap. You can give your children a greater experience of power wheeling while spending only a few bucks. Such an easy and budget-friendly way to bring joy to your little buddy, who doesn’t want that?

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