Tips to Store Hot Wheels Tracks Sets in an Organized Way or AWESOME Hot Wheels Tracks Sets Storing Ideas

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 26, 2023

Storing Hot Wheels tracks is essential to keep them safe from dust and breaking. It ensures a long life of the tracks. But if you don’t know how to store hot wheels tracks properly, can it be effective for you?

The best way to store Hot Wheels tracks is using a trunk organizer bag. You can store the large parts in the main compartment and other parts such as connectors, risers, and manuals in other pockets. You also can follow other methods such as using bins or paper dispensers.

A detailed guideline may help you to understand how to organize the Hot Wheels tracks properly and store them. Besides, I will share several alternative ideas too. Stay tuned with me till the end to learn everything about how to store hot wheels collection.

How to Store Hot Wheels Tracks in A Trunk Organizer

Using a trunk organizer bag is one of the best methods to store your hot wheel tracks. You can purchase the  KNODEL Car Trunk Organizer for storing Hot Wheels tracks.

It has a large space where you can fit Hot Wheels tracks well. Besides, the inside of the box has different divisions to organize your tracks in order.

However, you can go for any other models as well. Ensure that the bag is large enough to store tracks and scale of hot wheels cars

Also, make sure the bag comes with multiple divisions to organize different tracks in separate spaces. Once you have the bag, follow the steps below to store Hot Wheels tracks:

Step 1: Put The Tracks in the Main Compartment

First, separate the tracks or the lines and put them into the main compartment. Keep them standing up so you don’t have to look at the bottom while looking for a specific track.

Step 2: Keep The Connectors in the Front Pockets

The trunk organizer bag comes with pockets in front. Store the Hot Wheels track connectors in the front pockets. You can put different color connectors in separate pockets.

Step 3: Put The Risers In The Right Pocket

Now, use the right pocket to keep the risers and other smaller parts.

Step 4: Put The Manuals in the Left Pocket

All Hot Wheels tracks come with user manuals. It’s necessary to store them because they provide the necessary guidelines to build Hot Wheels tracks. Keep them in the left pocket of the bag.

Step 5: Close The Bag

Finally, drop the cover on top and close the organizer bag. You can use the side handles to carry the bag around the house easily.

Hot Wheels Track Storage Ideas

In my opinion, using the trunk organizer bag is the best method to store Hot Wheels tracks. But if you are looking for alternatives, here are a few:

1. Storage Bins

Storing Hot Wheels tracks in storage bins is also popular. But most tracks don’t fit well in containers, and you may have to keep the lid open. As a consequence, your kid may drop the tracks while pulling the bins.

However, you can try this Van Ness 10-Pound Food Container with Fresh-Tite Seal as a Hot Wheels storage box. It is quite tall and comes with a lid to keep the tracks safe.

2. DIY Hot Wheels Storage Tracks

If you have a cardboard box in your home, you may also try DIY Hot Wheels track storage ideas. Take a large box and place some divider in the middle like the organizer bag.

Then organize all the Hot Wheels tracks inside the box. Try using smaller boxes for storing the smaller parts.

3. IKEA Hot Wheels Storage

You also can use the Ikea VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser. Although it’s a plastic bag dispenser, you can store Hot Wheels tracks in IKEA storage for its 17.7 inches tall size.

You can mount the dispenser on the wall or on the door and store your Hot Wheels tracks. It has no risk of dropping as it will be attached to the wall. I heard from all the people who have used this method, and they all love it.

Best Way to Store Unopened Hot Wheels Tracks

If you have an unopened Hot Wheels track, you can store it in any box you want. The tracks are already packaged, which means that they are not susceptible to dust. Put them in any large box you have at home.

If you do not have a box, you can get this amazing IRIS USA Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container. They have smaller and larger sizes. Hot Wheels tracks will fit comfortably in the larger box.

However, if you don’t want to get new boxes, you may also keep the unopened Hot Wheels tracks in the wardrobe or under the bed. But I think using a storage box is the best way to store unopened Hot Wheels tracks.


There’s a lot of answers to the question of how to store hot wheels tracks. Though using the trunk organizer bag is my favorite, you can use alternative methods as well. Especially, using IKEA storage is the cheapest and easiest way to store Hot Wheels tracks.

Additional Questions

Can you put Hot Wheels tracks together?

Absolutely, you can assemble Hot Wheels tracks! **The Hot Wheels kit includes connectors that can seamlessly combine with other Hot Wheels playsets**. This allows the fun of creating your own epic Hot Wheels route. Keep in mind that additional sets are sold separately, so it’s all about how big you want your tracks to be! And the beauty of it is that the kit comes with a Hot Wheels car, allowing immediate play straight from the box. This is a wonderful way to foster creativity and imagination while providing enjoyable playtime.

Where do you store Hot Wheels?

The storage of Hot Wheels cars and tracks depends on the available space and personal preferences. You could consider the use of storage bins, cabinets, or display shelving units, so they’re out of the way but within reach when it’s time to play. It’s not just about stowing them away; organizing them can also contribute to the decorating aesthetic of a child’s room or play area.

What can you do with Hot Wheels track?

There is a world of possibilities you can explore with a Hot Wheels track. You can create intricate courses with exciting twists, turns, and jumps, conducive for racing or completing daring stunts. Moreover, thanks to the modularity of the track pieces, you can constantly reshape the track, thus reinventing the gaming experience each time. This flexible arrangement not only upholds the fun factor but also acts as a tool to help children understand concepts like cause and effect, gravity, and momentum in a playful way.