How To Fix If Your Power Wheels Shifter Breaks?

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 28, 2023

One of the most fundamental parts of any power wheel vehicle is the shifter, automatic or manual. The power wheel shifter will give you a great riding experience and allows you to select and change the gear ratio at any time.

Even if the power wheel shifter is designed to last for longer, but you may need to replace the shifter in your power wheel sooner more than later. Replacing a quality shifter with a short or quick shifter can help you achieve more from your power wheel vehicle. If you buy a new shifter, you should know how to fix the shifter in your power wheels.

Following are some quick lists of how you should solve power wheel shifter issues.

how you should solve power wheel shifter issues
  • Remove the Existing Shifter
  • Change Parts From the Existing Shifter to the Replacement Shifter
  • Install the Replacement Shifter in the power wheel Vehicle
  • Replacing the Shifter Knob

Stay tuned to learn the step-by-step process. Also, I will discuss some related problems and solutions.

What is a Power Wheel Shifter?

The power wheel shifter allows the driver to shift the gear wheel holding the steering wheel. The driver does not need to move the hand to the gear lever. It does not make the gear shifting easy, but it also makes it fast and safe.

Ways To Fix The Shifter In Your Power Wheels:

Even if you install an upgraded gearbox for power wheels, it doesn’t make sense if the shifter is Broken. If you have a faulty power wheel shifter, then enjoying forward/reverse movement of your power wheel is impossible. In that case, troubleshooting the problem is the best solution. Let’s know the best possible ways to fix the shifter in your power wheels

Ways To Fix The Shifter In Your Power Wheels

1. Replacing the Shifter with Power Wheels:

It is easy to replace the stock shifter in your power wheel vehicle with a short shifter. You just need technical knowledge and confidence that makes the replacement successful.

It takes just half an hour to complete the process. However, it is better to take your power wheel vehicle to a workshop for replacement if you have no technical ideas.

2. What You Need to Replacing the Shifter

The tools that are needed for the replacement of the power wheel shifters vary among models. Let’s see a list as a guideline for the main tools needed to carry out the process.

  • Spanners (size relies on the shifter)
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Cutter

Step-By-Step Process To Replace The Shifter

Step-By-Step Process To Replace The Shifter

Step 1. Remove the Existing Shifter:

First of all, you need to remove the existing shifter. Begin with removing the shifter knob by screwing it anticlockwise. Continue screwing until it comes off.  After that, you must remove any decoration covering the power part of the shifter.

  • Unbolt the shifter
  • Remove any other fixture, like circlips, that hold the shifter to the gearbox.

Now you can remove the shifter easily.

Step 2. Change Parts From the Existing Shifter to the Replacement Shifter

You need to change all the parts from the existing shifter for replacement, including the ball cup and bushings at the base. Use grease to bushings before connecting them to the replacement shifter. Ensure that you are installing the parts in the new shifter to the existing one.

Step 3. Install the Replacement Shifter in the Power Wheel Vehicle

Mounting the replacement shifter is simply a change in the removal process.  Install the ball cup into the gearbox and replace the bolts and other fasteners.

You will find some short shifters that have extra attachments to adjust the position of the shifter.

Mention the installation instruction for the shifter to mount and use these accurately. At last, replaces the trim and screw the shifter knob in place.

Step 4. Replacing the Shifter Knob:

Often just replacing the shifter knob can help you to get a new look. Also, you may get even better control of the transmission of your power wheel throughout this change. Nowadays, there are different types of knobs for power wheel vehicles.

They are designed to provide durability, a better feel, and performance. It is very easy to replace the shifter knob. Let’s see the following process for replacing the shifter knobs.

  • Unscrew the old shifter knob (rotate anti-clockwise) until it comes loose
  • If it exists, remove the cover from the end of the replacement shifter knob
  • Install the cover on the shifter
  • Select the given adapter that matches the shifter
  • Now place it on the shifter
  • Apply the given screws and thread them a little into the holes (at the base of the shifter knob)
  • Align the knob correctly
  • Slide it over the adapter on the shifter
  • Then at the base of the shifter knob, you need to tighten the screws
  • Screw the cover to the end of the shifter knob

Power Wheels Dune Race Shifter Problems

Power Wheels Dune Race Shifter Problems

Power Wheels dune racer shifter works fine, but you may experience different problems over time. Here are a few major Power Wheels race shifter problems you may experience.

  • Loose shifting wires at transmitting can be the reason for the problem
  • Reduced lubrication oil also makes race shifters low performing
  • Faulty shifter cables are also the culprit for problems
  • Worn-out race shifter
  • Poor Chain conditions can make race shifters faulty.
  • Fault in derailleur alignment

Power Wheels Dune Racer Shifter Switch Repair

The following steps can help you fix the dune racer shifter switch quickly and easily.

  • Test the pedals and ensure they get the power or not. Check whether the battery is well hooked up or not.
  • Remove the shifter panel that unscrews the four screws to access the shifter switch. Once the screws are removed, pull up the panel.
  • Unplug the shifter from the power source by removing the plug
  • Remove the switches from the shifter assembly
  • Also, check the other switches by switching on the power wheel to ensure the remaining switches are working fine.
  • Take the shifter switch to the workbench and unscrew its screws to disassemble it.
  • Clean all the parts; you can wash them with water and dish soap to remove the dirt.
  • Check the switches and remove all the bad switches
  • Install the new switches in place of the removed switches
  • Pack the shifter switch and reinstall it in the shifter panel
  • Screw the shifter panel back

Power Wheels 12v F150 Gear Shifter: How To Remove?

Power Wheels 12v F150 Gear Shifter

Removing the 12V F150 gear shifter is very simple. The shifter is connected to the screws so that you can finish the entire job with a simple screwdriver. It will not take more than 5 minutes.

East 7 steps to follow to solve the issues

  • Locate the gear shifter panel; it is located under the steering wheel or in the driver’s foot area.
  • Take the screwdriver and loosen all the screws.
  • Once the screws loosen, you can pull up the gear shifter panel cover
  • After removing the cover, you can see the gear shifter
  • You will further need to unscrew the four screws
  • After unscrewing the screws take out the gear shifter to work with
  • After repair, reinstall the shifter and panel by screwing the screws

Faulty Power Wheels Shifter Solution and Replacement with New One

Power wheel shifter brands have a big rivalry in the market. You may find multiple shifter models and brands. But when it comes to the best, only a few are the choices. Here I have listed the top two performers that will make you happy while using your power wheel.

1. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer Shifter

My first recommendation is the Power Wheels dune racer shifter by the Fisher-Price. It is simple to install, remove and repair. You can improve its broken parts with a bit of know-how. The users have the choices to choose from multiple colors.

It supports your vehicle for both high and low-speed gear shifting. You will find it compatible with a power-wheel toy car and double-seater buggies. You may initially experience a tire spinning issue, but it can be fixed easily.

2. Power Wheels Gear Shifter

Power Wheels Gear Shifter Assembly can be an excellent choice for power wheel shifter replacement. It is compatible with all power wheel models and recommends by experts. Its silver color makes it suitable for any color.

You can quickly assemble and dissemble with simple DIY tools. Most of the customers look satisfied. It works well for front and back gear. Its high-quality material not only makes it an excellent performer but also long-lasting.

Final Verdict:

So replacing the shifter is not too difficult. You need patience and a basic idea of using the tools needed to complete the task. Nevertheless, if you feel you need more confidence in that job, get help from an expert.

Additional Questions

How do you fix a power wheel that won’t move?

If your power wheel is not moving, the solution most frequently involves troubleshooting the battery, the wires, or the motor. The first strategy I would propose is to **double-check your battery**. This is usually where I see the first issues, and it’s pretty easy to detect. If your power wheel is not starting up or moving, the battery could be dead or too low. You might need to replace or charge it.

For the wires, you may need to inspect them to see if there are any disconnections or apparent damage. It's important to ensure that all connections are intact and secure. If the motor is the culprit, there are specific testing steps you can take, but it is often more complicated than the other two. If you cannot find the issue, or if it seems to be beyond your skills, I would suggest taking your power wheel to a professional or contacting the manufacturing company for further instructions.

How do you test a Power Wheels foot pedal switch?

Testing a Power Wheels foot pedal switch might sound complex, but it’s relatively straightforward if you follow the correct steps. It begins with **disconnecting the battery** and removing the foot pedal from the car. This is crucial to ensure safety while testing the pedal. Then, using a multimeter set to continuity mode, you can check the foot pedal switch. Attach one probe to each terminal, then press the pedal. If the meter beeps, the switch is working well.

If there is no beep, it means your switch may be faulty. Power wheels foot pedals can sometimes fail due to frequent use, especially with energetic children at the helm! So don't be surprised if you need to replace the foot pedal switch. Don't worry, though- replacements are quite inexpensive, and it could make a huge difference in getting your Power Wheels running smoothly again.

How do power wheels work?

Power Wheels, those super fun motorized toys, work on some good old-fashioned physics and electrical basics. They utilize a **rechargeable battery to power an electric motor**, which in turn rotates the car’s wheels. These toys are excellent examples of electrical to kinetic (motion) energy transformation.

You control the speed of the car with the gas pedal or buttons on the steering wheel, which adjust the flow of power from the battery to the motors. It's worth noting that, generally, Power Wheels have two speeds – low and high – and possibly a reverse feature. This is achieved by varying voltage to the motor, the higher the voltage, the faster the motor runs.

Understanding how Power Wheels work can be pretty fascinating, and it's the first step to becoming a pro at troubleshooting any problems your child's ride may have.