Have you ever faced problems with the ignition start? If yes, then is it time to replace your power wheel ignition switch? A power wheel ignition switch is found on the boot, bonnet or under the seat. It performs different activities like operating the starter and the ignition system. It also supplies electricity to the different parts of your power wheel, such as the lighting system, radio, door control and music system. Problems with the power wheel ignition switch cause other problems like powerlessness to start, lighting problems and others. So you need to replace your power wheel ignition switch. [ read more...]

A Guide To Replacing The Power Wheel Switch

One of the most fundamental parts of any power wheel vehicle is the shifter, automatic or manual. The power wheel shifter will give you a great riding experience and allows you to select and change the gear ratio at any time. Even if the power wheel shifter is designed to last for longer, but you may need to replace the shifter in your power wheel sooner more than later. Replacing a quality shifter with a short or quick shifter can help you achieve more from your power wheel vehicle. If you buy a new shifter, you should know how [ read more...]

How To Fix If your Power Wheels Shifter Breaks?

How to fix the power wheels Motor? Fixing the power wheels motor is easy if you follow the proper steps. It will help you to repair the motor and get back on the road quickly.Test the motorRemove Motor coverRemove the gearboxDetach the motorRepair the motorTest the motorReassemble the motor and gearboxHowever, to learn the steps in detail, keep reading the below blog. I will teach you how you can fix the power wheels motor without creating a mess.About Power wheel Troubleshoot:When it comes to power wheels motor troubleshooting, you need to make sure that you choose the right motor [ read more...]

This Is An Amazing Guide On How To Fix Power Wheels Motors

A broken or damaged gearbox can make your power wheel riding too dangerous. Sometimes it is tough for a loyal power wheel owner to think there might be something inaccurate with their existing gearbox. Power wheels gearbox repair helps your child to enjoy a safe and reliable riding experience. But the question is, how do I fix the Power wheel's gearbox properly?Fixing the power wheel gearbox is a step-by-step solution. If it needs repair, the following steps can be a great help.Remove the bottom Cover and MotorSeparate the gearbox partsRepair the partsReinstall the gearbox and make a test driveDifferent [ read more...]

How to Fix Power Wheels Gearbox? A To Z Solution Guide

The power-wheel battery doesn’t last forever. If you find less bright in headlights, or it has been 3 to 5 years since you have taken a new battery, or the power wheel vehicle needs a jump-start, it might be time for a replacement. But do you know how to repair the power wheels battery? Replacing a power wheel battery is easy and quick if you have the proper knowledge and tools. let's know the step-by-step processes.  Ensure a safe working zone Detect the battery Point out battery terminals Disconnect the negative and positive terminal Remove the old battery Put [ read more...]

7 Surefire Tips to Replace Power Wheels Battery

Hot wheels are too small compared to their real counters. If you ask me, what would be the easiest way to measure the size of hot wheels vs original cars, then the answer will be the measurement scale. But my question is, do you know what scale are hot wheels?Standard Hot Wheels cars are 1:64 scale. That means the size of Mattel's Hot Wheels cars is around 1/64th of the original vehicle. Engineers at Hot Wheels craft the cars amazingly to scale down the car to such a small size.The specific scale allows Hot Wheels to use its tracks [ read more...]

What Is The Scale Size Of A Hot Wheels Car

Storing Hot Wheels tracks is essential to keep them safe from dust and breaking. It ensures a long life of the tracks. But if you don't know how to store hot wheels tracks properly, can it be effective for you?The best way to store Hot Wheels tracks is using a trunk organizer bag. You can store the large parts in the main compartment and other parts such as connectors, risers, and manuals in other pockets. You also can follow other methods such as using bins or paper dispensers.A detailed guideline may help you to understand how to organize the [ read more...]

Tips to Store Hot Wheels Tracks Sets in an Organized Way or AWESOME Hot Wheels Tracks Sets Storing Ideas

If you have purchased the Hot Wheels Car maker, you must be wondering how to make hot wheels car? Although the manufacturer provided instructions in the manual, it is not well explained. Then, how to make a hot wheels car at home?To make a Hot Wheels car, first, turn on the machine and insert the wax sticks, followed by the mold. The machine will go through the heating and cooling phase. Then set the car on the chassis and customize it with the stickers. You also can follow other DIY methods.That was pretty easy to do. Besides using the [ read more...]

Guides And Tutorials To Make Make A Hot Wheels Car

Want to unleash your creativity by building your unique and amazing hot wheels tracks for endless racing fun? If yes, then you are here at the right place. But if you are a newbie and you don’t know the procedures, then making a hot wheels track will be a bit tough for you. You may find multiple DIY hot wheels track ideas. Among these ideas, I will let you know how to make hot wheels track easily and quickly.Firstly, cut the main track 5 to 6 inches wider. Then add supports from both sides depending on the material you [ read more...]

DIY Hack To Make Hot Wheels Track

Tickling sensation to the kids, and even to the adults for the rush of hot wheels, these tiny racers are ever loved. Selection of model, unboxing, using in multiple ways are most loved when we talk about hot wheels rc cars. When my younger one built up interest, I had to jump into the matter to make it more than just a hobby. The unwrapping led to the very basic question, how to charge the hot wheels rc car?Identify your rc battery type, then arrange the correct charger. Next to that, remove the battery, plug it into the charger [ read more...]

Hot Wheels RC Car Charge Instructions [Step-By-Step Guide]