Tested Methods To Repair Power Wheels Tires [Along With Some Personal Experiences (Proven!)]

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 30, 2023

Believe me, like any other children; my loving kids are also deeply addicted to power-wheel toy cars. I am also very passionate about meeting my children's needs, so I bought him a toy car as a hobby.

But the trouble happened elsewhere; after riding for a few months, the car tire had a problem, and my kid could no longer drive the car.

Since the repair center is far from my home, I did not have time to go there. So I have decided to do the job independently. If yours’ decision matches mine, then the following guide is for you.

You may find plenty of ways to repair power wheel tires, but which method will work best depends on what type of problem your car tires are suffering from. However, the basic steps are the same for any repair method.

  • Arrange the necessary tools
  • Identify the issue on the tire
  • Remove the tire, clean the marked area
  • Take the necessary steps to solve the issue; you can use a patch kit, plastic bonder, epoxy, duct tape, a sealer, glue, etc.
  • Reinstall the tire and let your child enjoy power wheel riding again.

While researching the repairing process, I acquainted myself with many different methods and steps. Also, I will share some of my experiences regarding power wheel repair. You get ready; let’s start.

Why Do Power Wheel Tires Need Repairing Service?

Why do Power Wheel Tires Need Repairing Service

Power Wheel tires can be damaged for several reasons, even without a warning sign. Here I have listed the most common types of power wheel tires issue where you will need repair services.

  • Punctures
  • Cracks
  • Bulges
  • Cuts
  • Impacts
  • Irregular wear

A Guide to Repair Power Wheels Tires

It doesn't matter if you have 2 seater ride-on-cars or remote control powered cars or any models of ride-on-car from different volt operated; commonly, the tires can decay for many reasons.

You can never protect your power wheel tires from wear and tear. They start damaging when exposed to the environment, water, or tough conditions.

Over time it becomes hard to drive with such tires. Surely you need quick fixation or replacement.

It is a good idea to repair the power wheels tires rather than buy new ones. This way, you can upgrade your power wheels tires to a new one.

Continue reading this guide to repair power wheels tires quickly.

Things I need to Repair Power Wheels Tires

  • Flat-edged Screwdriver
  • Large bowl
  • Water
  • Dish Soap
  • Duct tape or Fiberglass kit
  • Plastic Bonder
  • Contaminant-Rich Sealants
  • Putty
  • Sand Paper
  • Heat Gun
  • Epoxy
  • Patch Kit

How To Repair Power Wheels Tires?

How To Repair Power Wheels Tires

You can repair Power Wheels tires in several ways. Here I will share the two most authentic methods to repair the power wheels tires. These methods are flexible and easy to follow.

  • Repairing punctured or broken Power Wheels tire
  • Fixing/repairing cracked power wheels tires

Method 1: Repairing Punctured or Broken Power Wheels Tires

Have your kid's Power Wheels tires broken or punctured? No worry, you can solve it in many ways. Do it independently, save time and money and sharpen your skills.

Ways to repair wear and tear plastic Power Wheels tire (Step by step)

A. Fix plastic Power Wheels tire using Plastic Bonder

Plastic Bonder is one of the most recommended solutions for plastic power wheels tires repair. When it dries becomes black, which matches the color of the tire. It will give you a strong bond because it will not fall off and protect your tires from further cracks.

  • Identify the crack spots on your power wheels tires
  • Clean the tires with cloth; if needed, wash the tires with dish soap and water
  • Once it dries, apply the plastic bonder to the crack
  • Wait for 15 to 20 minutes; plastic bonder will seep into the cracks and become harder
  • Once it dries, ensure it adequately applied over the cracks
  • If everything is okay, leave it for 30 hours for proper bonding of the cracks
  • After 30 hours, power wheels are ready to use

Note: You can try J-B Weld 50133 Plastic Bonder or Loctite Plastic Bonder for repairing plastic Power Wheels tire.

B. Fix plastic Power Wheel tires using Contaminant-Rich Sealants

Contaminant- Rich Sealants can be the best for repairing faulty power wheel tires. The Sealant is a mixable adhesive caulk sealant that gives a strong bond when blended. For power wheels and tire repair with contaminant-Rich Sealants, follow below easy steps.

  • First, take the two putties and put them in a bowl, and mix them together
  • Once mixed, stuff the putties into the gaps, cracks, or holes and press them until it completely seeps into and fill completely
  • Try to manage the putties as much as possible and ensure no gap is left unfilled. But remember, you have a short time to work on it because it will start to harden. Once it is set, you may face trouble in applying.
  • Once the putty is applied, leave it for a few minutes to harden.
  • Sand the putty to give it a perfect match with tires; once it becomes harder.

Some people prefer glue; it may be a good solution for rubber tires, but putty is better than glue for plastic tires.

C. Fix the Power Wheels Tire by Plugging it with a Leather piece
Fix the Power Wheels Tire by Plugging it with a Leather piece

It is one of the quickest and easy ways to fix punctured power wheels tires. You do not need to remove the tire.

  • Take a leather piece; make sure it can cover the punctured area
  • Cover it in rubber adhesive and apply over the punctured area
  • Heat the leather and punctured area with a heat gun. If the gun is unavailable, no worry; when you drive the power wheels, tires will generate heat, turning the leather piece into a hard substance. Once it is hardened, it will stick to the tire.
  • Over time, it will become ingrained with the tire and acts as a permanent seal for hard bonding.
D.   Fix the Power Wheels tire by Patching it with a rubber piece

If your power wheels tire has a wider punctured gap, patching with the rubber piece can be an easy and best solution.

  • You will need to remove the tire, use a flat-head screwdriver and unscrew the nuts to remove the tire. Once the nuts are removed, remove the tire with a jerk.
  • Prepare water and dish soap solution in a bowl and wash the tire to remove the dust and grime.
  • Leave the tire under the sun for a few minutes; it may take 20 to 30 minutes to dry.
  • Once it has dried, locate the puncture and apply the rubber patch from inside.
  • After applying the rubber patch adhesive, reinstall the tires.

When you drive Power Wheels, heat will be generated inside the tire, making rubber adhesive harder. It will prevent the air from rushing out from the tires.

Method 2: Fixing/repairing cracked power wheels tires

You have many ways to fix cracked power wheels tires. Here you will find the 3 best easy but very effective ways to repair cracked power wheels tires.

How to fix cracked power wheels tires (Step by step)

A.   Fix Cracked Power Wheels Tires with Epoxy

Epoxy can be a handy item to fix the cracks in your power wheel tires. Once it is hardened gives a permanent bond to the cracks and protects the tires from further cracks.

Easy 4 steps to follow:

Step 1: Remove the power wheels tire

First, remove the power wheels tire using a screwdriver, remove its nuts and then remove the tires. Watch this video to learn the ways to remove power wheels tires.

Step 2: Identify the cracks

If you see the cracks are not visible, clean the tires with water and dish soap. Let it dry and then check it.

Step 3: Apply The Epoxy To The Cracks

After identifying the cracks, apply the epoxy to the cracks and let it dry for a few minutes.

Step 4: Reinstall the tires

Once it has dried, reinstall the tires, but avoid using them. You may need to leave it for 6 to 8 hours for better bondage.

B. Fix Cracked Power Wheels Tires With A Fiberglass Kit Or Duct Tape

You can try duct tape or a fibreglass kit for fishing the cracked power wheels tires. It is one of the best ways to fix cracked tires.

Step 1: Remove The Power Wheels Tires At A Safe Place

Park your power wheels car at a safe place or workstation and remove the power wheels tires.

Step 2: Clean The Tires And Make Them Dry

Once the tires are removed, it is a must to clean the tiers; otherwise, duct tape will not give a strong bond.

  • First, clean it with a clean and soft cloth; ensure all dirt or soil particles are removed.
  • Next, wash the tires with clean water and dish soap solution.
  • If needed, also use a brush to clean the tires properly.
  • Dry it by leaving it under the sun for 30 minutes.
Step 3: Ensure Enough Traction By Sanding And Applying The Duct Tape
  • Ensure there should be enough traction; if traction is less, you can increase it by sanding the surface.
  • After sanding, let it dry and then apply the duct tape or fiberglass kit.
  • If you are using duct tape, avoid using too many layers of tape over the surface. It will change your tire's shape, which may look tedious, and its balance may also disturb it.

Editors’ Tips: A fiberglass kit is a better option than duct tape; to apply it correctly, read the manufacturer's instructions. For better results, use rubber sealant over the fiberglass kit for a better bond.

Step 4: Reinstall the tires

Leave them for four to five hours to dry and check the surface; if everything is okay, reinstall the tires and enjoy the drive.

C.  Fix Cracked Power Wheels Tires With A Patch Kit

Fix Cracked Power Wheels Tires With A Patch Kit

A patch kit can be an easy solution for cracked power wheels tires. The patch kit is easy to apply and also helps to keep your power wheels tires inflated adequately for a smooth ride.

If you follow my instructions correctly, it will also protect you from additional cracks and maintain stability.

Step 1: Check The Power Wheels Tire

First, check the power wheels tire to ensure that the tire is repairable or not. If the crack is possible to repair, check its width for smaller sizes, a temporary patch kit is fine, but for large cracks, use a permanent patch kit.

Step 2: Remove The Power Wheels Tire And Make It Clean

Remove the tire and arrange for its cleanliness. If needed, you can also wash the tires before applying the patch kit. But ensure that the tire is completely dry while using the patch kit.

Step 3: Apply The Patch Kit Over The Cracked Surface

You should follow the manufacturer's instructions for applying a temporary patch kit. But if using a permanent patch kit, apply the layer of adhesives for better traction.

After layering, let it dry, and then apply the permanent patch kit over the cracked surface. Press the surface down, apply another layer of adhesive over the patch kit, and let it dry.

Step 4: Reinstall The Power Wheels Tire

Inflate the tire and check the cracks; reinstall it on the power wheels if the tire is repaired correctly.

How Do I Repair My Traxxas Monster Truck Tire?

My experience repairing the Traxxas monster truck tire was confusing initially, but finally, I got the best results after fixing it. At first, I thought of replacing the tires with new tires, but it was worse because I was not finding the best tire set I had.

I have also tried to find some old but in good condition tires, but I could not find them. So, I finally decided to repair it.

  • I use Ultra cure super glue that takes a few minutes to fix the tire. I removed the tire and identified the cracked surface.
  • I applied the glue over the cracked surfaces gently and smoothly. But I use it over the small surface; once it dries, then apply it over another surface.
  • It just takes a few seconds to dry. So, within a few minutes, I completely fixed the entire cracks.

My experience is excellent because months have passed, but still, my tires are working fine. I am enjoying a hassle-free ride.

Ways to Install the Tire That Has Been Repaired

Ways to Install the Tire That Has Been Repaired

Once the tires are repaired, the next task is to reinstall the repaired tires. You must ensure that you have reinstalled the tires properly; otherwise, you will be unable to enjoy a smooth ride.

  • First, attach the tires to the power wheels axle and tighten its retained nut, but tighten it before replacing the retainer cap.
  • Check the wobbling; you can test it best by asking your kid to drive the power wheels. When driving, you must check the tire's condition while riding. Inspect the tire and ensure that there is no wobbling issue.
  • If the tire is wobbling, you must remove it and reinstall it until you get perfection.

Types of Power Wheels Tires and Their Differences:

There are two major types of power wheel tires.

  • Power Wheels Rubber Tires
  • Power Wheels Plastic Tires

A) Power Wheels Rubber Tires

Rubber tires are an excellent choice for power wheels, designed for kids of different ages. They will stand with extreme weather and freeze. Rubber tires are long-lasting and perform tremendously on slippery routes.

Rubber material empowers the rubber tires to hold the grip and maintain it throughout the tough and rough routes. Even on wet surfaces, rubber tires ensure a smooth ride.

B) Power Wheels Plastic Tires

Plastic tires are a less expensive choice for power wheels. They are also good performers but become hollow because of the plastic blow mold. Such hollow tires may fill with water on watery or wet routes.

Plastic tire performance also decreases if water seeps into the tires. You may experience low performance and frequent wear and tear with plastic tires on your power wheels.

Rubber Tires vs Plastic Tires (Pros and cons):


Rubber Tires

Plastic Tires





Better resistance

Low resistance


Excellent traction

Good traction

Wear and Tear

Low wear and tear

Wear and tear are common







2 Best Power Wheels Rubber Tire

You may have plenty of power wheels rubber tires out on the market, but only a few of them are cost-effective and provides efficient results. I have found two of the best power wheels rubber tires that will make you happy and are long-lasting.

1. AR-PRO 10-Inch Solid Rubber Tires

AR- PRO 10-inch Solid rubber tire set is manufactured for the best riding experience on power wheels. They are long-lasting and made of high-quality rubber.

Axle boreholes and offset hub systems make them easy to install and remove. You must try them if you are looking for affordable but efficient power wheels rubber tires.

2. Kawasaki Brute Force Rear Tires

Kawasaki Tires by WANDA come in a good size and are made of high-quality hard rubber.  High-quality rubber makes it resistant to environmental changes and long-lasting even on challenging routes.

You will experience low wear and tear. Your power wheels ride will be smoother once you install Kawasaki Brute Force Rear Tires. This power wheels tire set is a very affordable but excellent performer.

Disadvantages of Faulty Power Wheels Tires

Surely, you know how painful it is to drive a vehicle with faulty tires. Your safety is always at risk, and vehicle performance also decreases. Here are the disadvantages of defective power wheels tires.

1. Poor Performance While Riding

Your power wheels' traction is a must for the best performance while riding. Your kids may like an adventure where they ride the power wheels on mud, stones, or rough routes.

Maintaining a smooth ride will be a big problem if you have punctured or cracked power wheels tire. Traction will ultimately lose; your power wheels will be stuck.

2. Weaken Braking System

A powerful and efficient braking system is a must for a safe and easy ride. But faulty tires weaken the braking system.

So, your kids always are at risk when you have defective tires, and their ride also remains worst, especially on challenging routes.

Tire repair? My son's gator has holes in the tires. Is there a fix or replacement for it?

You should replace the tire if you see the tire hole is too wide and useless to repair. But if the hole is not much wider, the repair is a better option than the replacement.

Your new tire will also damage again, and replacement will become costly for you every time. Use duct tape, super glue, or epoxy to fill the hole. You can use a mix to get a better bond if you want a better seal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Time Needs To Repair Power Wheels Tires?

How Much Time Needs To Repair Power Wheels Tires

The time varies depending on the way you are using it. Mostly one hour is enough to get your power wheels to tire repaired. But you must wait for a few hours before riding.

Are the Power Wheels Tires Reusable?

Yes, if you have old power wheels tires in better condition, you can reuse them.

Do Tires Come With Wheels?

You may get them to combine, but they are not in the same packaging. Both are different terms; wheels mean the rims that need separate purchases.

Can You Buy Rubber Tires For Power Wheels?

Yes, you can easily buy rubber tires for power wheels. You can visit Amazon or other trusted online platforms to get the best-matched rubber tire for power wheels.

How Much is it to Repair Power Wheels Tires?

Repairing power wheels tires is very cheap; whatever method you choose, your cost will be under 5$.

My Final Opinion (Is it Worth repairing Power Wheels Tires)

Power wheels tire repair does not take much time and skill. It saves a lot of money, and your kid will never know the difference if you have fixed it properly. Replacement of tires will cost you more than 40$, but it not guarantees you for years.

With a very cheap repair solution, your power wheels tires can easily survive for months or even years. So, it is better to go with repair instead of replacing the tires with a new one until the tires are irreparable.