How to Store Power Wheels In Garage? For Safety And Long-Lasting Use

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 28, 2023

For safety and long-lasting, you should store the power wheels in the right way in the garage. There are risks for the power wheels to damage due to weather effects in winter or summer. Only storing in the storage is not enough; you should store the power wheels properly in the garage.

If you store them properly, like with a wall or overhead garage, it will take less space and look organized. Today I will teach you about how to store power wheels in the garage. Stay here with me to learn the proper ways to store your power wheels.

Store Power Wheels in Garage for Safety and Long-Lasting Use

Store ride on toys in the Garage

There are many ways to store the power wheels, but you should adopt the best way to store power wheels.

Charge the Battery Moderately

Most of us believe that the battery should be fully-charged all the time, and we do not unplug the charger  until it is complete.  But it is an unfair practice, and you should avoid it, especially when storing it in the garage.

Your power wheel batteries are available in several types that may take 12 to 15 hours to charge fully. If your power wheels remain plugged in after such hours, there is a chance to overcharge.

Overcharging of the battery damages the battery and reduces its lifespan. It will also make your batteries hot and may damage.

The battery will swell up by heating, and it will start cracking, and no longer will it be usable. So when storing the battery in the garage, make sure you have charged it enough between 12 to 15 hours.

Never Store Uncharged Battery Power Wheels

It doesn't matter if you have 2 seater power wheels or different models of ride-on toys; if you store them without charging, they will lose their lifespan.  

When it remains unchanged for a longer time, a battery's internal chemicals start drying, which causes problems. Batteries are damaged internally.

So it is better to keep the battery charged when you want to store it in the garage. While storing in the garage, make sure your battery should have at least 50 percent charging.

It will keep the internal chemicals of batteries in proper form and will extend their life.

Ensure Proper Cleanliness

Ensure Proper Cleanliness

Never store your power wheels in the garage until it is properly cleaned. Power wheels become too dirty after riding in the mud, grass, or on rough roads.

If you store it without cleaning, dust, mud, and stains will become more robust, and it will be hard for you to remove later.

Another issue in storing without cleaning is that mud and dirt particles will damage the power wheel's surface. It may cause corrosion, and your power wheels parts may break earlier than their average life.

If you return from a ride, clean the vehicle properly; you can wash the vehicle with soap and water. Ensure you have removed all the dust, debris, and stains from the outside and inside surfaces.  But avoid washing the wiring area.

Do Not Store Power Wheels Wet

You have washed your power wheels to clean up properly. But never store it wet. It may cause corrosion. If you have washed, dry it properly in sunlight and, if not possible, in the open air for one or two hours.

Wet storage can damage your power wheels and will reduce their lifespan. But in winter, you never store it wet.

Store Power Wheels in Garage

If you have a proper garage, you are lucky to store the power wheels in the garage. Having a garage will make it easy for you to store the power wheels properly. When storing the power wheels in the garage following ideas may help you.

1. Hang Power Wheels on the Wall

Hang Power Wheels in your spare room

The best way to store power wheels in the garage is to hang them on the wall. It will not keep your power wheels secure but also will provide extra space for other vehicles' storage.  But for hanging it with the wall, you will need to have strong metal holders.

You have many choices to buy metal holders from Amazon stores or get from a local store. Whatever you choose, make sure your holder is powerful enough and can carry the power wheels.

2. Overhead Storage

Here is another best option for storing the power wheels in the garage is to store them overhead. There is a bundle of options for you to choose heavy-duty power wheels storage racks. You can get storage racks from online stores or can buy from the local store.

You can easily install the overhead storage racks and can place the power wheels on those racks. These storage racks will keep your vehicle correctly stored and will also save from any damage.

3. Store on the Floor

If you do not have storage racks or power wheel holders, no worry; you can also store them on the floor. But it is better before storing the power wheels on the floor in the garage, to make sure the floor is dry and clean.

Most power wheel tires are plastic-made and have no risk of damage. But for safety, you can place plastic sheets on the floor for power wheels.

Storing Power Wheels in Winter

Storing Power Wheels in Winter

The summer season is not crucial as in the winter you can store it in the garage without any worry. If you do not apply lubricants, then there is no big issue.

But make sure you have stored the vehicle properly. We recommend you to cover the power wheels with some cloth or sheet because wind storms are common in summer.

There is more chance that your power wheels become dirty even if stored in the garage. If you store power wheels in the outdoor garage, it is necessary to pack the vehicle in some cover to protect it from dust and dirt. It will keep your power wheels clean and will also reduce the maintenance needed.


If you want a longer life span of your power wheels, you should store them properly in the garage. You need to use some helpful techniques, such as the safety of power batteries and metal parts. We have also mentioned some helpful tips for battery safety and the safety of metal parts.

We have also provided you simple ways to store your power wheels in summer and winter. It will not just protect your vehicle from damage but also reduce maintenance.

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