How to Repair Power Wheels – Step by Step Solution

How to Repair Power Wheels

Staring at your kid who is enjoying his time riding on a power wheel is probably one of the eye-soothing scenes for a parent like you. But what will happen if this kid’s favorite power wheel is faulty? What if your kid falls in an accident for the faulty power wheels? So, as a very essential, you should have ample knowledge on some basics like- How to Repair and Fix Power wheels, how to repair power wheel tires, how to repair power wheel battery, etc.

Have you been worried that you have not much knowledge about it? Leave your tension and be relaxed. I will let you know all about the best power wheels and their repairing procedures. Here I have groaned my best efforts which I gained by huge data analyzing and long research for you to just inform you of the detail and core procedure about How to Repair and Fix Power wheels.

So let’s discuss the step by step process that makes the power wheels repair successful.

How to Repair Power Wheels Step by Step Brilliant Solution

How to Repair Power Wheels Step by Step Process

If you are an owner of an electric power wheel vehicle that needs repair what should you do at first? Well, first of all, you can take it into a well recognized mechanical workshop and ask them to repair it. If they cannot repair them you can ask the manufacturer of the power wheel concerning any familiar workshops where such type of electric vehicles is repaired.

Because selling power wheels is a business from them and it is a great chance that they have strong tie-ups with workshops around the country to repair their power wheels. It may take a week or less time to repair based on the type of repair that needs for your power wheels.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of battery problem, or tires problem, gearbox problem and much more related to the parts of power wheel. Let’s follow the Step by step repairing process of different sections of a power wheel. First of all, I am going to discuss power wheel and its repair.

How to Repair Power Wheels Battery

A battery seems to be the most important parts of power wheels vehicle. When the battery is working properly, your baby can ride his power wheel at its highest speed. But a power wheel is in serious danger if the battery is not working.

In this regard, you should repair the power wheel battery before causing any danger. But how do you understand that your power wheels battery needs repair? Let’s see the possible reasons for power wheel battery repair:

A. Slow Engine Start - When you are going to start your power wheel, you will found that the engine is slow and inactive. If it happens, you need to bring your power wheel to have your battery checked and repaired.

B. Check Engine Light - Most often we ignore this light, but it is essential that you should take an action when you notice this engine light. If there is any problem with the battery, the engine light will come on and indicates that it needs repair.

C. Swollen Battery Case - Sometimes because of overheat, the power wheel battery case can become enlarged which indicates that it needs checkup and repair. The excess heat of battery lowers the battery life and also causes some internal damage to your power wheel as well. So if it happens you need to repair the battery properly and quickly.

D. Corrosion - If you overcharge the power wheel battery it causes corrosion.  Because when you overcharging it release Sulfuric fumes which added with the lead on battery posts and causes corrosion. Corrosion stops the power wheel to start due to its non-conduciveness. So if you found any corrosion on your battery, you should repair it as early as possible.

E. Old Age - A power wheel battery comes with a certain amount of lifespan. So it is better to check the battery life which ensures the longevity of your power wheel battery. If you found your battery old enough you should immediately repair it before the final replacement.

Power Wheel Battery Repair Step by Step Procedure

A battery is the heart of any cars or vehicles as it starts the engine. You can control and activate the electric fittings and installation with the help of battery. A power wheel battery is equipped with 6 cells of heaped negative & positive lead plates, electrolyte, and insulators. The battery lead plates are separated by a sulfuric acid solution and water.

Most often you may have some difficulty with these components. But you can repair these facts easily and quickly than any other electric vehicles. Before you repair the power wheel battery you should research power wheel battery.

If you want to have smooth battery repair, you should have all the necessary equipment including a hydrometer, a screwdriver, hand-held multimeter, distilled water and hand and eye protection tools. To repair your power wheels battery and charger, you may follow the following steps. Here are the step by step process on how to repair power wheel battery and charger.

1. Electrolyte Maintenance: If you want to check the electrolyte level of your power wheel battery, you should remove the battery caps of electrolyte cells. Pour some distilled water, if they are not full. Then you need to measure the sulfuric acid concentration through a hydrometer in each cell. The reading should be 1.215 - 1.28 but the reading below 1.175 indicates sulfation. In this condition, a power wheel battery needs to be repaired immediately.

2. You can check your voltage also if your charger does not work. Your voltage should be higher than that of the battery. As for example, your voltage should be 13.5 if you want to charge a battery of 12 volts. Otherwise, your charger will not work.

3. You can also check your charger wire by a voltmeter. You may repair your charger wire by patching plastic tape around it if there is very small and slight leak in it.

4. Check your charger plugs that whether the source point or escrow is burnt. If burnt replace them immediately.

5. If there is any leak or damage in the outside body of the battery, you can patch tape on the leak point.

6. If the container of the battery is broken, you should buy a new one to keep your battery safe.

7. The acid of the battery works for a specific period. After the expiration of this time period, you have to change the acid.

8. You must have to check your battery on a regular basis to look at whether is there any defect in your battery.

9. You can also follow the following tricks to make your battery more durable:

  • Use pure acid
  • Use battery container

How to repair power wheel battery is not a difficult task. I hope after following these steps you can easily repair the power wheel battery and charger. Anyway if you feel too much difficulty you may get the help of an automotive electrician to completely aware of the power wheel battery repairs that should be done. It seems like pretty tricky that is why it is good to have a backup support of the automotive expert.

Power Wheels Battery Replace

How to Replace Power Wheels Battery

The power wheel battery doesn’t last forever. If you find less bright in headlights, or it has been 3 to 5 years since you have taken a new battery, or the power wheel vehicle needs a jump-start, it might be time to a replacement.

You can get your power wheel vehicle to an expert and trusted an auto expert, or you can do the job done by yourself. Replacing a power wheel battery is an easy and quick job if you have the proper knowledge and tools. Here I will discuss the step by step process on how to replace power wheels battery.

Step 1 - Do You Need A New Battery

A. You need to ensure that your power wheel battery needs to be replaced. It seems like a time and money-wasting if the problem is not related to the battery itself. So let’s discuss with the following three things into thought:

  • Explore the sulfate accumulation in the sort of blue or whitish residue around the outlying. Sometimes removing this can solve the problems with a defective battery. This remains or residue many specify a bad seal around the battery outlying and is leaking the acid out onto outlying. 
  • Never touch this power with your open hand, because it can often have sulfuric acid (dried out) which will start to burn your skin.
  • Justify that the power wheel battery has been provided the possibility to recharge thoroughly by driving continually for 30 minutes (including minimum electrical use including the air conditioner).
  • At last, you need to check the alternator. There are some power wheel vehicles come with a battery meter, with the engine running, the alternator normally keeps up a charge near about 13.8 to 14.2 volts in a perfectly working charging method. You power wheel battery needs to have 12.4 to 12.8 volts with the engine off, and with no extra load.

B. Now you need to purchase a perfect replacement battery. Discover what type of battery you need to replace and get this, according to make, model and engine size of your power wheel vehicle. You can find these tools from a local auto parts store.

It is significant because power wheel batteries differ in electrical capacity and size. So you should buy a battery that matches the size of the battery in your power wheel vehicle.

Step 2 - Before Removing the Battery

1. Set up a Working Zone: You need to establish a safe working zone. Keep your power wheel vehicle on a flat and level surface at a secure zone from traffic, open flames or sparks. After parking your power wheel vehicle put on the brake. Never smoke and ensure any smokers in closeness to the working zone know not to smoke as well.

Keep in mind that as like as electricity batteries seem to be dangerous because they have sulfuric acid electrolyte compound which is greatly corrosive and can burn your skin. This will also create a flammable hydrogen gas as well. So before working put on safety goggles and hand gloves.

2. Take aside the Cigarette Lighter: Take aside the cigarette lighter and plug the memory keeper into the lighter power outlet. A compatible metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) will maintain the settings and PIN codes for navigation and radios methods from getting deleted when you detach the battery.

Ensure that you have all the necessary PINs for your electronic tool before you start when you don’t have a memory keeper. You may want to test your power wheel vehicle manual to understand what devices may be invaded.

3. Open the Hood: Now you need to open the hood of your power wheel vehicle and usage a prop rod to remain your hood open. But be careful that some power wheel vehicles have batteries find anywhere, so you might not need to open the hood at all.

Step 3 - Remove the Old Battery

1. Detect the Battery: The battery must be founded in a reachable section on either side of the power wheel vehicle’s frame. You can find the battery in a rectangular box including two cables connected to it. There is some power wheels battery found under the seat or inside of the wheel.

2. Point out Battery Terminals: You need to find out the positive and negative ends of the old power wheel battery. The positive end will have a plus sign or often red point and the negative end will have a minus sign or black point.

3. Disconnect the Negative Terminal: Use a wrench to lose the negative cable attachment and glide it off of the end. Mark the cables if they remain unmarked to make sure that they don’t get mixed up. It is also significant that you separate the negative end socket before the positive end socket. If not, you may short-circuit the positive end to a grounded section of the power wheel.

4. Disconnect the Positive Terminal: You need to disconnect the positive terminal of your power wheel vehicle. You can use a plus to disconnect the positive terminal.

5. Remove the Car Battery: Open the battery holder and remove the attaches and screws that hold the battery in place. You need to be careful when you remove the battery from the power wheel vehicle. Keep in mind that a battery can weigh up to 30-60 pounds, so if you affected with any back problems, get a helping from another person.

Step 4 - Put in the New Battery

1. Clean the Battery Area: You need to clean the battery tray and the terminal screws or attaches. You can use a wire brush and a baking soda solution. If you find any serious corrosion to the terminal ending or the cables, think about replacement by an automotive expert. If not, let the area dry before going to the next step.

2. Replace the Battery: You can replace the new battery instead of old one, including the positive and negative ends on the accurate sides. Attach all the clamps, screws or bars that can hold the battery in place.

3. Positive & Negative Reconnect: Reconnect the positive end and using a wrench to tighten the clamps. And Reconnect the negative end and using a wrench to tighten the clamp.

4. Use Battery Lithium: Use battery lithium lubricates (grease) and sprays them into the terminals to prevent corrosion.

6. Now shut the hood of your power wheel vehicle strongly and start your vehicle. Taste all the devices are functioning accurately. Take aside any battery memory saver that was placed to protect the radio memory.

Step 5 - Perfectly Adjust the Old Battery

Adjust of the old battery at the service station, recycling centers, and automotive stores. They might be taken low charge for the service. 

battery comes with a sticker which shows you that how long you can use it. No matter how well your power wheel vehicle is functioning, if your battery damages and cannot be recharged, you are helpless in a power wheel that you cannot drive in for service.

So it is important to know how to replace power wheels battery. I hope after following the above-mentioned step by step procedure you can easily and quickly replace your power wheel battery.

How to Repair Power Wheels Tires

How To Repair Power Wheels Tires

If you have a power wheel you are bound to have a problem in tires such as an un-welcomed flat tire. Repairing flat tires on the side of a busy road can be challenging. There are more challenges to consider especially for the power wheel owner including a heavier frame, electrical wiring, and so on.

Knowing How to Repair Power wheels tires can save you lots of time and money. I suggest you keep the tire repair tool with you and get the job done easily and quickly. Here is the step by step process on how repair power wheels flat tire.

1. The Repair Tool

One of the most important considerations is that always you need to be prepared for repairing your power wheel tires. So you should store the entire repair tool in your power wheel as you can find them ready for any emergency case.

2. Checking Your Tire

You should check the tire of your power wheel. Try to find out the reason why it gets punctured. You should check the stem if there are no sharp things or nails attached to the tire that caused a puncture. You might have a damaged valve.

3. Remove any Embedded Object

Use the pliers and get it out if you find any embedded objects in the power wheel tires. Check the tire once again to pick out other objects that may be embedded in the tire. If there is a tubeless tire, you may wish to leave the nail in the tire whilst you are ready to enter the plug. If your tire has a tube you should remove the nail and mark the location so that you can find it later easily.

4. Remove the Tire

You need to remove the tire if your tire has a tube. Now apply the patch to the tube.

5. Finding the Puncture

After removing the tube from the tire fill it with air. Submerge the tube with air in water to get the puncture.

6. Apply a Glue Patch

If you spot out the puncture, you then release the air from the tube. Take a clean cloth and wipe the punctured area. Now apply a glue patch to the punctured area and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Once again fill the tire with the right amount of air. 

7. Clean the Area

You should clean the area of the tubeless tire that needs to be repaired. Use water and cloth to clean the tire from dirt and dust. Throughout the insertion device rough up the punctured area as you can plug sticks thoroughly.

8. Rubber Glue

Use a few rubber glue into the insert device. And then plug the device into the punctured area. Before inserting it into the tire you need to use enough rubber glue on the plug. But the glue should not exude from the plug. Apply the insertion device to the plug into the hole of the tire.

9. Remove the Insertion Device

Now gradually remove the insertion device by picking it out, after you have inserted the plug in the tire.

10. Fill the Tire

You then use an air pump and fill the tire. But try to ensure that you will fill the tire with accurate pressure.

11. Checking the Tire

Submerged the tire in water to check the area is okay that you repaired. If you find that there is no bubble in the area, it means the power wheel tire is alright.

12. Finishing

Before riding your power wheel once again, it is better to check the tires as they are filled with a right amount of air pressure.

If are following the above-mentioned step by step procedure, I hope you can easily repair the power wheel tires by yourself. However, if you find any serious difficulty you should contact with an automotive expert.

How to Replace Power Wheel Tires

How To Replace Power Wheel Tires

Have you ever been faced with a flat tire that stuck on the side of the road? Do you want to replace the tire of your power wheel vehicle without having to ask for help? Luckily, how to upgrade power wheel tires is a pretty easy job. You just need a little preparation and a little effort that will make your power wheel replacing successful. Here is the step by step process:

Steps 1: First of all, you need to find out a safe, stable and flat surface for replacing power wheel tires. Choosing a solid flat surface will restrict your power wheel from rolling. Do not start the process near a par, road, and traffic. Try to stay as far as possible from them and turn on the hazard lights. Do not choose hills and soft place for replacing power wheel tires.

Steps 2: You need to use the parking brake and keep your power wheel vehicle in a parking position. Put your power wheel vehicle in first or back if you have a normal transmission.

Steps 3: Now you need to place heavy objects like concrete, rock, spare tire, etc. Place them in front of the power wheel’s front and back tires.

Steps 4: Remove the jack and the spare tire. Put the jack below the frame close to the tire that you are selecting to replace. Make sure that the jack is in touch with the metal part of your power wheel vehicle’s frame. 

There is some power wheel vehicles have plastic construction on the bottom. Placing the jack in the wrong position will crack the plastic construction when you start lifting. You can follow the manuals of power wheel vehicles to ensure the right position for placing the jack.

Today you will find some power wheels that come with a small mark behind the front wheel or in front of a back wheel for placing the jack.

Steps 5: Lift up the jack until it is supporting the power wheel vehicle. The jack needs to be strongly in place against the bottom of the vehicle. Check to ensure that the jack is straight to the ground.

Steps 6: Take out the hubcap and then loosen the nuts by turning anticlockwise. Never take them all the way off; only break the resistance.  When you first loosen the nuts by keeping the wheel on the surface, you will ensure that you are turning the nuts instead of the wheel.

You can use the wrench that is provided with the power wheel vehicle. The wrench might be various sizes of openings on various ends.  The perfectly sized wrench will easily go through over the nut but will not make noise. 

Try to ready for any unexpected tire replaces by keeping the accurate hole size of your lug nuts and a breaker bar available in the bag. It might take lots of force to break the lug nuts free. You can also use your body weight as well. 

Step 7: Lose the jack to lift the tire off the level. Removing the flat tire needs to lift the jack high enough. After removing the flat tire replace it with a spare one. Ensure that the power wheel vehicle is stable before lifting. If you find any insecurity, lower the jack and solve the problem before lifting the power wheel vehicle.

Step 8: Take out the nuts the rest of the way. Turn them anticlockwise until they are loose. Repeat the process and remove the nuts entirely.

Step 9: Now remove the tire. Place the flat tire underneath the power wheel vehicle so in the case of a jack failure, the car will fall on the old tire, hopefully, save you from injury.  You should not have any problems if the jack is placed on a level and solid base. Due to corrosion, the tire might stick. You can use a rubber mallet for hitting the tire (inside half of the tire) to loosen it. You can also use a spare tire to the outside half of the tire.

Step 10: Set the spare tire in the middle. Look out to position the edge of the spare tire with the bolts, then fix up the lug nuts. You need to ensure that you are installing the spare tire in the correct direction.

Step 11:  Until they are all well arranged tighten the nuts by hand. At first, they should turn easily. Tighten the nuts by using the wrench as much as possible. You need to make sure that the tire is well balanced. Do not tighten the nuts completely at a time. Try to tighten the nuts equally.  Do not use too much force. Once the power wheel vehicle is down you will tighten the lug nuts again and there is no risk of it falling. 

Step 12: Lower the power wheel vehicle without using full weight on the tire. Tighten the nuts as much as you can.

Step 13: After lowering the power wheel vehicle to the level remove the jack. Replace the hubcap and complete tightening the nuts.

Step 14: Now take the old tire in your bag and take it to an automotive expert. Calculate the repairing cost. You can repair the small problem less than $15. Having a flat tire and not knowing how to replace power wheel tires make you feel helpless. Just getting little knowledge and having a few tools will help you to solve the problem by yourself.

Replacing the power wheel tires are easy enough to do and everybody should have a basic knowledge of it.  I hope by following the above-mentioned step by step procedure you can successfully replace the power wheel tires. 

How to Fix Power Wheels Gearbox

Having a broken or damaged gearbox can make your power wheel riding too dangerous. Sometimes it is tough for a loyal power wheel owner to think that there might be something inaccurate with their existing gearbox. Power wheels gearbox repair helps your child to enjoy a safe and reliable riding experience. So it is significant to take time and repair any gearbox problems properly.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Your Gearbox:

Many of us have no idea about the importance of confirming the power wheel gearbox in good working order. Nevertheless, without an expert look on your power wheel, it is hard to know when you might need professional power wheel gearbox repair.

There are some problems are well detected whereas others might be hard to find out. Most often many of us ignore that repairing a power wheel is just an unnecessary expense. They also thought that it is hard to check and repair the broken gearbox as well.

Is it possible to fix power wheel problems? However, today, there are easy and quick solutions to ensure that you never have power wheel gearbox problems once again. So let’s discuss how to fix power wheels gearbox:

How to Repair Gear Box of Your Power Wheels

To repair the gearbox you have to uninstall the left wheel first. After that, you have to open the back door of your car. Then you have to bring out the gearbox from inside the engine.

A gearbox has basically four gear-first or main gear, second gear, third gear and fourth gear. To separate all the gear, you may have to use a drill machine. After that, you have to find out the faulty one and repair. At the time of repairing you have to bear in mind that:

  • At first separates the four gears properly
  • Find out the faulty one and repair it.
  • Clean the gearbox and mix the new graze.
  • Re-install it properly.

If you have a good knowledge you can also repair some small problem like repairing broken plastic inside the consul more quickly and easily. However, it is not a good idea to repair power wheel gearbox by yourself if you have no idea about it.

Because without proper knowledge you can make it even worse than before. Also, you may not find out the necessary replacement parts in normal auto parts stores for your power wheel. It is significant to repair the parts as early as possible, though your power wheel is looking good to ride.

If you do not repair the simple problem in time it may drain your battery or make your power wheel fully damaged. Though it is little hard to go with repair your power wheel, you might not go with a huge problem if take your power wheel properly. Finally, check your power wheel gearbox just in time which will save you from major problems.

How to Replace Power Wheel Gear Box

How To Replace Power Wheel Gearbox

The gearbox is one of the most significant parts of the power wheel engines. It allows your child to change the gear ratio while riding. Over time the gearbox can become worn down through continual friction and stress.

Replacing a power wheel gearbox seems like a little complex job that you can do in your home garage. So you need to have a little planning and preparation on how to replace power wheel gearbox. Let’s see the step by step procedure that you need for the power wheel gearbox replacement.

Step 1- Preparation

Along with automatic work on your power wheel vehicle you need to do your gearbox replace on a flat surface in a dry environment. Separate the power wheel battery and ensure that you have enough light to see around and under your power wheel ride on toy car.  It is recommended to take the support of your friend who can help you in gearbox replacement.

Step 2- Disconnection

At first, turn the peak of the gearstick in order that it comes off. If your power wheel vehicle comes with a console or a shifter trim plate, then it also needs to be removed. Separate any electrical wires that attach to the gearbox and find out the driveshaft bolts. It is recommended that you make a sign on the driveshaft to confirm you to connect the new gearbox in the right place. 

Step 3- Transmission Fluid and Speedo

Now you need to remove the bolts on the output shaft. This will need you to put a holder under the bulk casing to gather the transmission fluid that will leak out during this job. Detach the speedo cable including any other parts that are still connected to the gearbox. You are now mostly prepared for entire removal. 

Step 4- Remove the Gearbox

Generally, a gearbox is little heavy to weight. So it is better to take support from others when you remove the power wheel gearbox. Put a jack under the gearbox which takes the weight and then unscrew the bolts that attach it to the cross member and engine. After disconnecting the gearbox, you can just use the jack to wheel out wheel out the previous box for replacement.

Step 5- Installation

Now you need to install the replacement power wheel gearbox. Put this on the jack when you’ve removed the previous box and gently slide it under your power wheel vehicle. So that it will the right place for reconnection with the engine.  Again attach the bolts that hold the gearbox to the cross member and engine making sure that these are placed well.

Step 6- Reconnection

This is the place where your marking will pay off. Just attach each of the wires in the right place on the gearbox and make sure that the driveshaft is placed the perfect location. You need to be an easy and fast process if you have specified each wire a correct and clear label. When removing the extension housing top up the transmission fluid and receive it from under the power wheel vehicle.

Step 7- Test Drive

Last but not list, when you have accomplished the total process takes your power wheel ride on toy car for a test drive. If the power wheel gearbox is an absolutely new part then look for a little hardness in the replace at first. Ensure that you simply drive in little way which saves you from any problem with the gearbox that causes an accident.

How to Repair a Power Wheels Motor

When it comes to power wheels motor replacement, you need to make sure that you choose the right motor for your power wheel model. And Choosing the right motor for your power wheel depends on two important things:

  • How much voltage you want to put into them
  • What you are looking for more speed for hills, tall grass, and demo derbies.

You will find 550 motors in most of the ride on toys or power wheel vehicles. That mentions the bodily size of the power wheel motor. They are also designed to allow 775 motors as well. The torque or speed of the power wheels brushless motor depends on the number of turns.

This mentions the copper wire which is wrapped around the rotating coil inside the motor. The top speed of the motor depends on the fewer turns. You can go through steep heels, grass just using a low turn of the motor.

The ride-on toys or power wheel vehicles have never expressed the number of turns of the motor. But we assume that it is around 27. The number of turns of a 775 motor is different from the number of turns of a 550 motor. Some motors come with the “opposite rotation” associate option.

It doesn’t imply that the motor spins backward when power is given. It mentions the timing of the motor. It can be times and go with speed just in one way then the other. Power wheel vehicle comes with one motor spinning forward as well as one spinning backward.

That is why having one motor with forwarding spins and one with reverse spin brings a little advantage in power wheel vehicles.

How To Replacement Power Wheel Switch

How To Replace A Power Wheel Switch

Have you ever facing problems with ignition start? If yes, then it is time to replace your power wheel ignition switch? A power wheel ignition switch is found on the steering column or the dashboard of your power wheel vehicle. It performs different activities like operating the starter and the ignition system.

It also supplies the electricity to the different parts of your power wheel such as lighting system, radio, door control and music system. Problems in power wheel ignition switch cause other problems like powerless to start, lighting problems and others. So you need to replace your power wheel ignition switch. Let’s know how to replace a power wheel Switch?

1. Remove The Steering Column

  • First of all, you need to detach the battery wire from the battery side.
  • Then disconnect the steering column and taking out the screws.
  • Remove and pry the fasteners.

The total process you can be easily done by a socket wrench or a screwdriver.

2. Disconnect The Wiring

  • Remove the wiring equipment that attaches itself to the ignition switch (It is situated on top of the steering column)
  • Detach the horn wire
  • Then remove the connecting washers and nuts
  • Disconnect the wiper off the windshield
  • And then turn off the signal switches
  • Finally, disconnect the wiring

3. Test The Switch

Now test the ignition switch with the help of a test light. When the key is in start position the test light glows. The test light should not glow if the key is in off position. You can understand the performance of the ignition switch throughout this test light.

4. Install The New Switch

Separate the screws or nuts which hold the ignition switch and steering column. You can use a socket wrench or a screwdriver for completing this job. Remove the defective old switch. And the replace it with a new one.

Now turn off the ignition switch and put in your key in the switch. Free the cylinder by activating the holding pin.  Get the key once again to the lock point. Make sure that all the holes are lined up accurately. Because if you have any difficulty, in that case, you cannot install the new switch properly. 

5. Secure the New Switch

  • Use a fastener to screw and bolt the new switch to the steering column
  • Connect the wiring and the steering column back to its standard location
  • Replace and restore the covering with fasteners again
  • Make sure that the cylinder and installation are completely aligned
  • Reattach the different switches and the mounting screws

However, it is not easy to replace the power wheel ignition switch. You need to have the right tools for replacing the switch successfully. So ensure that you have all the necessary tools for completing the replacement. 

How to Fix Power Wheels Shifter?

One of the most fundamental parts of any power wheel vehicle is the shifter in automatic or manual. The power wheel shifter will give you a great riding experience and allows you to select and change the gear ratio at any time.

Even if the power wheel shifter is designed to lasts for longer, but you may need to replace the shifter in your power wheel sooner more than later. Replacing a quality shifter with short or quick shifter can help you to get more achievement from your power wheel vehicle. If you buy a new shifter, you should know how to fix shifter in your power wheels.

1. Replacing the Shifter with Power Wheels:

It is an easy task to replace the stock shifter in your power wheel vehicle with a short shifter. You just need a certain amount of technical knowledge and confidence that makes the replacement successful.

It takes just half an hour to complete the process. However, it is better to take your power wheel vehicle in a workshop for the replacement if you have any doubts.

2. What You Need for Replacing the Shifter

The tools that are needed for the replacement of power wheel shifter vary among models. Let’s see a list as a guideline for the main tools needed to carry out the process.

  • Spanners (size relies on the shifter)
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Cutter

3. Remove the Existing Shifter:

First of all, you need to remove the existing shifter. Begin with removing shifter knob by screwing it anticlockwise. Continue to screwing until it comes off.  After that, you need to remove any decoration that covering the power part of the shifter. 

  • Unbolt the shifter
  • Remove any other fixture, like circlips that hold the shifter to the gearbox

Now you can remove the shifter easily.

4. Change Parts From the Existing Shifter to the Replacement Shifter

You need to change all the parts from the existing shifter to the replacement shifter including the ball cup, bushings at the base of the shifter. Use grease to bushings before connecting them to the replacement shifter. Make sure that you are installing the parts in the new shifter in order to the existing shifter.

5. Install the Replacement Shifter in the power wheel Vehicle

Mounting the replacement shifter is simply a changing of the removal process.  Install the ball cup into the gearbox and replace the bolts and other fasteners. You will find some short shifters that have extra attachments to adjust the position of the shifter.

Mention the installation instruction of the shifter to mount and use these accurately. At last, replaces the trim and screw the shifter knob in place. 

6. Replacing the Shifter Knob:

Often just replacing the shifter knob can help you to get a new look. Also, you may get even better control of the transmission of your power wheel throughout this changing. Nowadays, there are different types of knobs for power wheel vehicles.

They are designed to provide durability, better feel, and performance. It is very easy to replace the shifter knob. Let’s see the following process for replacing the shifter knobs.

  • Unscrew the old shifter knob (rotate anti-clockwise) until it comes loose
  • If it exists to remove the cover from the end of the replacement shifter knob
  • Install the cover on the shifter
  • Select the given adapter that matches the shifter
  • Now place it on the shifter
  • Apply the given screws and thread them a little into the holes (at the base of the shifter knob)
  • Align the knob correctly
  • Slide it over the adapter on the shifter
  • Then at the base of the shifter knob, you need to tighten the screws
  • Screw the cover to the end of the shifter knob

So replacing the shifter is not too difficult. You need a little patience and a basic idea of how to use the tools that are needed to complete the task. Nevertheless, if you feel less confident in that job, get help from an expert.

How to Replace Power Wheels Seat Belts?

How To Replace Power Wheels Seat Belts

When it comes to the safety of your child, seat belts known as the most important consideration while riding power wheel. They are designed to provide safety from any kind of unwanted accidents. If the power wheel seat belt is old or worn, then you need to replace it immediately. Here is an easy guide (step by step procedure) that will teach you how to replace power wheels seat belts.

What you need:

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • New seat belts

Step 1: First of all, get the bolts that fixed your worn seat belt. You will find a plastic top over the bolts. You can pry the top with a screwdriver or with your hands. The bolts might be on the side panel, floor or side of the seat based on the make and model of your power wheel. However, there are some seat belts are secured by one, two or three bolts.

Step 2: Once you find out the bolts, use a wrench and unbolt them. You need to unbolt the shoulder strap, buckle and lap belt if your power wheel vehicle has three-point. You need to unbolt the belt and buckle if your power wheel vehicle has a lap belt.

Step 3: Unbolted the old retractor and set the new retractor to the holes. Now use a wrench and bolt it into the place. For connecting the 3 point seat belt you need to attach the lap belt and shoulder.

Step 4: After having the new buckle, bolt it accurately by using a wrench. Put on the tongue of the seatbelt into the buckle, once the buckle is in place.

Step 5: Now check the seat belt by pulling it several times and make sure that the seat belt is properly installed. Once you find the belt locked, and then you need to install the seat belt perfectly.  Ensure that all bolts are tightened and secured if it doesn’t stay locked. Repeat the overall process and replace the worn seat belts.

Power Wheel Replacement Seat

Power wheel replacement seat is important to every power wheel owner. You need to replace the worn-out seat with a new one as early as possible. Replacing a power wheel seat ensure that your child will have a comfortable feel while riding.

However, having a good seat is a must-have for the rider with integrative comfortable support from the neck, head, waist, back, shoulder, thigh, and hip. Thereby, superior material and user-friendly design are must for the power wheel seat.

Durable high-density injection molded foam, strong bracket, and rigid backrest should be adjusted to hold the body of your child comfortably, tightly and safely.

How to Repair Power wheels Alternator

How to Repair and Fix Power wheels Alternator
 If you find the jack lifting at an angle, lower and adjust the position again as it can lift straight up. It is better to keep a small jack as a backup during tire replacement. Using both the normal and small jack will help you to stay in safe in the case of jack failure. 

Another most significant mechanism of your power wheel is the alternator. The power wheel alternator produces electricity which is used to store battery storage charges. It also helps to operate the whole electrical process including ignition to engine power systems.

The power wheel alternator is driven by the engine and makes alternating electricity which is transformed to 12 volts. However, power wheel alternator cannot produce continuous electricity. You should run it through on/off regarding power goes up and down.

You should charge an electrical power wheel alternator not more than half of the time which makes it durable and effective. So if there is any difficulty in power wheel alternator, you should have the basic knowledge on how to repair power wheel alternator. You should check out all circuits first and repair it by solving the problem.

You may also get the assistance of an automotive expert to completely deal with different facts regarding power wheel alternator and its repair.


Power wheels are known as the most popular and best electric ride on toys for kids out on the market. They are excellent toys made for kids. One of the most beneficial parts of this vehicle is that kids are enjoying lots of fun to play with.

Aside from lots of fun kids will also enjoy an independent play, which improves eye coordination, make confidence, and spark creativity. But when the power wheels get damaged it will restrict your child from enjoying funs and other related benefits.

Only repairing the power wheel just in time will be the right solution that can balance the importance of riding. This will also save your time and money as well. However, you need to have the proper knowledge on how to repair power wheels timely and accurately.

We hope after reading this article you will get the overall knowledge to repair your power wheels successfully.  Thank you for reviewing this article. Don’t be hesitate and feel free if you have any questions. Just let me know the queries and We will try to answer all of the questions here.

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