Power Wheels Foot Switch Wiring: An Incredibly Simple Method

Peter Simms // Last Updated on September 27, 2023

A defective power wheel foot pedal can ruin the fun and enjoyment of your loving child. If you find such a foot pedal in your power wheel that is stuck and stops working, then definitely you need to fix it in any way. But the question is, how to fix power wheels foot pedal?

Well, to fix power wheel pedals, first, diagnose the problem. In most cases, there is something wrong with the wiring. Conducting power wheels foot switch wiring could be the best solution here. Check the wiring with a volt multimeter and then fix or replace the wires.

However, rewiring the power wheel pedal switch can be tricky. And there can be other reasons why the foot pedal is not working. Throughout this article, I will explain every problem related to toy car pedal and their solutions.

Why is the Foot Pedal not Working in My Power Wheel?

You first need to find out what is wrong with the power wheels’ gas pedal switch. Why did it suddenly stop working? Multiple problems can occur.

Some of the reasons why your power wheels jeep pedal is not working are:

  • Battery damage
  • Motor overheating or damage
  • Defective controller
  • Faulty wiring
  • Damaged connectors
  • Pedal switch malfunction
  • Electric shorts
  • Broken pedal

These are some of the common problems you may face with your power wheels truck or jeep. Continue reading to find the solutions to all the problems.

How to Fix Power Wheels Foot Pedal? 

You can start working on your parent control power wheels once the tools are ready. Collect the replacement parts after you have found out the problem.

Things You Need to Fix Your Power Wheels Car:

  • A volt multimeter
  • A screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Electric tape
  • Replacement parts (if any part is damaged)

Problem and Solution Guide: Fixing a Power Wheel Pedal

Following is a step by step guide on fixing a power wheel pedal or other damage:

Step 1: Check for Battery Damage

Power wheels battery damage is one of the most common reasons the power wheels pedal does not work. That’s why you should check this part first. You can check the battery quickly with the volt multimeter.

The multimeter should show a slightly higher volt when the battery charge is complete. That means if it is a 12V battery, the meter will show 13V.

But if the result is below the actual power wheels battery voltage or close to zero, then the battery has been damaged. It can happen to the electric ride after years of usage.  So, how do you solve the power wheels battery problem?

Solution 1: 

The only solution is to get a new replacement battery. You’ll get plenty of options in the market that offer superior performance. Buy any of them that fits the voltage of your battery-powered ride-on toys and replace them to get your kid to ride again.

Problem 2: Check the Power Wheel Motor

When you press the power wheel’s foot pedal switch, the motor will get power and move forward or backward.  If the motor isn’t responding to the pedal footswitch, maybe the problem isn’t with the pedal but with the motor.

Diagnose the wiring if the connection is in good condition. If the wiring and the connector are fine, possibly the motor has been damaged. It also can cause motor overheating.

Solution 2:

There is no way to repair a damaged motor. Hence, you will need to buy a new one. Check the specifications of your power wheel’s motor and order online. The manufacturer may sell the original power wheels motor. You can replace the motor yourself or call a mechanic. Modified power wheels also perform excellently.

Problem 3: Check if the Controller is Okay

Damage to the controller can also lead to the power wheel foot pedal switch not working. Turn on the throttle to check if anything is wrong with the controller. If you hear any clicking sound, the controller is not okay.

Solution 3:

A defective controller usually means that the component is not repairable. Therefore, the only way here is to get replacement parts. You can check your nearby store or purchase the controller online. Replacing parts of an electric ride is easy.

Problem 4: Inspect Wirings

Sometimes, faulty wiring can also cause problems. Check the wiring underneath the power wheels pedal switch. 

Something is wrong if the engine is working but not the pedal foot switch. Check the power and try to identify whether the power is passing through or not. Also, see if the wires are connected well on both sides.

Solution 4:

The solution is quite simple and easy. Often only disconnecting and reconnecting the wires will fix it. If there is dust, clean the wire with a dry cloth first. And then reconnect the wires to set the power wheels foot switch.

Problem 5: Check Connectors

What if the wires are okay, but the switch cannot pass electricity to the car pedal power wheels? This can happen due to damaged connectors.

Damaged connectors of the power wheels will prevent the power from passing through. Hence, the power wheels’ gas pedal foot switch may not function well.

Various reasons can damage the connectors of your pedal power wheels. 

Dust and corrosion are two of the major causes. If you do not use the vehicle regularly, such incidents may occur. Invasion of water can also cause rust.

Solution 5:

The first solution is to clean the connectors. Use a screwdriver and pliers to disconnect them. You can clean dust easily with a dry towel.

Rust or corrosion is also pretty easy to clean. Various rust cleaners are available in the market. But if you do not need much of them, purchasing them can result in unnecessary expenses.

The best solution here is to use white vinegar. Let the connectors soak in the white vinegar overnight. Then clean them with steel wool or wire brush. All the rust should go away.

But if the connectors have been broken or damaged completely, cleaning may not solve your problem. You will need to replace the connectors. You can request the original power wheels replacement parts if there is a warranty. Or else you will have to buy them. They do not cost much.

Problem 6: Check for Foot Pedal Switch Malfunction

If you are pressing the foot pedal switch but not working, maybe the switch is inoperative. It would be best if you troubleshoot to find out the problem.

Solution 6:

How do you test the foot pedal switch of your kids’ ride-on toy?

  • First, ensure the battery is okay.
  • Then unscrew the switch from the power wheel.
  • Remove the wire and check with a voltmeter for the pedal switch wiring problem.

Are the wires transferring current? If yes, then the switch is damaged. You do not need to worry about this situation. The foot pedal switch for the power wheels jeep is cheap and readily available. 

Get one and replace it with the damaged one. You also can fix the power wheel wiring if the problem is in the wire.

Problem 7: Check if any Electric Shorts occur

Is the ride-on car pedal not working? If the engine starts and then this happens, the possible reason is the electric short.

Current may pass through the wrong wire in this situation. Or maybe the wire is completely damaged or frayed. The pedal switch for the power wheels will not function well in this condition.

Solution 7: 

You will need to use the multimeter to be sure. Check both the wires and the connectors. If you are not comfortable working with wires, call a friend.

You can quickly fix electric shorts with rewiring. But how do you rewire a power wheel?

  • First, you need to buy replacement wires.
  • Check which wires your power wheels have used, and then purchase.
  • Then, remove the damaged wire first.
  • And then carefully replace it with the new wires. Use duct tape where necessary.

Problem 8: Check if the Foot Pedal is Broken or Stuck

The power wheel foot pedal can also break, which can happen due to low-quality material or rough usage.

Solution 8:

You can request the manufacturer for a replacement pedal for your kid’s power wheels jeep model. The pedal is also available in online shops.

Often the pedal can also get stuck in an odd position. Gently push the pedal repeatedly until it works fine. Don’t be rough, or you may break the pedal.

How Much Does a Pedal Repair Cost?

A power wheel pedal repair can cost between $5-$20, depending on the problem. You can replace the switch, pedal, or connectors within this budget.

However, the cost can be higher if you do not have the necessary tools or if other parts are also damaged.  Following is the average price of some of the items you may need for fixing the problem:

Tools or PartsAverage Price (per piece)
Volt multimeter$10-$100
Wires$1-$5 (per foot)

How can I Make My Power Wheels More Powerful?

The best way to make a power wheel more powerful is to upgrade the battery voltage. Most power wheels run on 12v batteries. But they have a higher capacity. So, you can add an additional battery if there is extra room available. Or else you can replace it with an 18v or 24v battery.

Upgrading the battery can dramatically improve the power of your kid’s ride-on toy car. The modified power wheels will increase the speed greatly.

Before you replace the battery, check the manual to know if your original power wheels can handle the higher voltage.

Is There a Power Switch on Power Wheels?

Yes, power wheels do have a power switch. You need to turn it on to run the vehicle. Most power wheels have a power switch on the dashboard or the control panel.

Why Does My Power Wheel Keep Shutting Off?

Your power wheels keep shutting off because maybe the battery is faulty or the wire connections are not okay. Check the battery first to see if it is in good condition. If that is fine, check the connectors.

A power wheel has multiple connections traveling between different parts. The problem here is most probably due to a faulty connection to the battery. So, check if the connectors in the battery are working well or not.

Depending on the problem you find, you can repair power wheels. Apply the solution we have discussed in this article.

Do I Need Power Wheels Replacement?

When your power wheel is not working well, you may think you need a replacement.  No, you do not need to replace the whole vehicle. You need to find the faulty component, and then you should replace that part.

We have explained all the possible things that can go wrong with your power wheels power. Diagnose your toy car with the above instructions. And then buy any power wheels replacement parts you need.

However, if it is a dead power wheel, it is better to get a new one.


Power wheels foot switch wiring is an easy process if you know how to. Here we have explained everything related to diagnosing and fixing power wheels malfunction. Follow the instructions properly to fix the vehicle and let your kid enjoy a smooth driving experience.

Additional Questions

How can you test a Power Wheels foot pedal switch?

Unfortunately, no answer was provided for this question. In order to test a Power Wheels foot pedal switch, you would typically use a multimeter, also known as a volt-ohm meter. This device can test your Power Wheels for voltage, resistance and continuity, which can help you troubleshoot any problems.

How do you make a 12v Power Wheels toy move faster?

By upgrading the toy vehicle’s battery from a 12v to an 18v model, you can easily increase the top speed by up to 50%. Moreover, if you want to make your Power Wheels toy even quicker, simply install a 24v battery, which will double the speed of your vehicle.

Is it possible to put 2 batteries in a Power Wheels toy?

Yes, it’s possible to connect two batteries in series to enhance a Power Wheels toy’s speed and performance. Essentially, this method keeps the capacity rating the same, but it doubles the vehicle’s voltage. Therefore, your Power Wheels toy, a scooter, or any other battery-operated device could work even better with two batteries connected together. To connect the batteries, you could use a jumper wire linking the negative terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal of the second battery.

How can I charge a Power Wheels battery with a car charger?

Sadly, we don’t have an answer for this question at the moment. However, it’s generally recommended to use a specific charger to charge a Power Wheels battery. Use the one that was included by the manufacturer or one that’s specifically designed for a Power Wheels battery. In most cases, using a car charger may damage or overheat the Power Wheels battery which may lead to serious issues.